suprise its your son mike not a waiter

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Rian Nicole : guys, in this video my uncle pretended to be a waitor to suprise my grandma, she never knew it was her son. she even looked at him and still n still thought it was a waitor!! this happened for 10 minutes!! we were laughing so hard cuz she still didnt recognize her son!!! my uncle disguised his voice btw.

Rian Nicole : all the waitors and employees were laughing hystercially also

Cliff Casey : Comedy gold

Manipur Brightway technical : this video should go for a viral...

John Richardson : can't write this stuff......

michael zapin : @Jay : it's both hysterical and insulting in a funny sort of way.. lol

tootsie girl : Awwww, sweet grandma. Can I have her?

Jay Fleischman : Michael, what a terrific surprise for your mother. The fact that she didn't recognize you is hysterical!

John Perrigo : way to embarrass your grandma. geeze.

: revoke their drivers license

David Gregson : Sorry Grandma is blind!  LOL

Rickard Rakkoon : the grandma is so dismissive she can't even look a "waiter" in the eye when talking to him. funny video thou

mutalix : aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww

Nikolaiwww : #clueless :O

amaru5235 : That was the cutest thing I had seen in a while! Nothing like family. 😀😀😀😀

Jootje Vries : Great!!!!!! 😂😂😂

chili24137 : Honestly that's quite concerning , I think she's on the way out.

InternetExplorers : That is just so adorable

carforumwanker : she must be a advisor for Trump

lachnblach : always turn your phone sideways when you record. always.

Sexual Chocolate Robbie : Alzheimer should be taken seriously.

TheMusikdoctor : lame making fun of disabled person so much lame go shame urself putting this online

Interlaken Como : Epic!

kreemkrackered : Moms are awesome - treasure them while you can everyone

Hey Seuss : They don't recognise him because he'll be a 4 yr old baby boy in their mind forever.

Miss Amazon : Apart from the sea-sickness....that was very cute!!

Andrew Epstein : Definitely a classic!

Giuliana Levin : Lovely

OrigamiGirl95 : Wooooow! That took forever! XD

kbamm69 : jewish much?

Jeff Baker : Grandma has Alzheimer's.

Jeff Baker : Jeez they could be sisters.

freedoms2010 : This... this is one in a million situation that is total gold comedy bits. Nice prank.

anon678 : hey whatever shes smoking i want in!

SilkSatin Paradise : It must be weird to be a waiter that's an aspiring actor that's playing a waiter as an extra. Almost doing your real job while almost doing your dream job.

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we please post to our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

Max Mustermaeenn : would be so much better if we could see both reactions at the same time but how could we do that... oh yeah right don't film vertically -_-

Chance H : To funny...

Paul Muwadeeb : Ah man this melted my heart, that's something my mum would do. Fantastic, brilliant, love it. Beautiful people.

Paul M : they lifted this from arrested development

Mezmerized4Life Jay : So oblivious 😂💙

Paul M : Love it.

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Dominique Pilon : my grand mother has dementia so my dad go visite her every sunday she sometimes doesn’t reconize him she’s like who are you he says mom i’m your eldest son but sometime in her good days she can reconize him god bless Grandmothers

Margret Wangari : Prity cute mum

John Pullum : So funny! Thanks for posting it. If the lawyer gig doesn't work out, he'd make a great waiter.

SamIAm : the omg girl ruined it for me

Johnny Campana : I could not watch it anymore cause to hear that kid say oh my god one more time i would have flipped out.

Beeah Mel : I know I know it was all in good spirits but it's just to show you people with money look down on people who are Waiters that's the sad part they didn't even have the decency enough to turn around to look the guy in his face and it turned out to be her own son

Pennsylvania Patti : Wow, priceless!!!!!!!!!