suprise its your son mike not a waiter

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Manipur Brightway technical : this video should go for a viral...

Rian Nicole : all the waitors and employees were laughing hystercially also

Jay Fleischman : Michael, what a terrific surprise for your mother. The fact that she didn't recognize you is hysterical!

blu3 cuber : aiyo...kinda annoys me they didnt notice

John Richardson : can't write this stuff......

Cliff Casey : Comedy gold

SamIAm : the omg girl ruined it for me

Rickard Rakkoon : the grandma is so dismissive she can't even look a "waiter" in the eye when talking to him. funny video thou

Rian Nicole : guys, in this video my uncle pretended to be a waitor to suprise my grandma, she never knew it was her son. she even looked at him and still n still thought it was a waitor!! this happened for 10 minutes!! we were laughing so hard cuz she still didnt recognize her son!!! my uncle disguised his voice btw.

L D. : maybe Grandma needs new glasses! May not be as funny as you all think.Early Alzheimers ? Get her checked!

: revoke their drivers license

tootsie girl : Awwww, sweet grandma. Can I have her?

Mezmerized4Life Jay : So oblivious 😂💙

michael zapin : @Jay : it's both hysterical and insulting in a funny sort of way.. lol

kreemkrackered : Moms are awesome - treasure them while you can everyone

chili24137 : Honestly that's quite concerning , I think she's on the way out.

eatsyouup123 : If I had to hear another exasperated OMG! again I would shove the steak knives in my ears and eat a wine glass

bleak213 : I love that the kid behind the camera just can't believe it! lol! Awesome!

David Gregson : Sorry Grandma is blind!  LOL

Nicsmovies : On one hand this is really adorable but on the other hand its fucking scary knowing this broad is probably out there driving a car and voting

Kitty plays🐱 : That was the cutest thing I had seen in a while! Nothing like family. 😀😀😀😀

Nikolaiwww : #clueless :O

Andrea Kae : Sheesh, who ignores a waiter that much?

Odisha Odisha : God bless your lovely family

Shana Peterson : Are you serious? Too funny,

Jootje Vries : Great!!!!!! 😂😂😂

Lori Moore : OMG that's something my SON would pull off on me as well and he is a Michael as well. Too funny Michael. Your belly hurts from giggling so hard. You could have kept it still going soooo cute!!!!!!♡ GOD BLESS YOUR family AND YOUR SERVICE ♡ FOR OUR COUNTRY, THANK YOU!♡

michael zapin : love the laugh track. :)

Marcus Ratcliff : Your next stop should be her family doctor?

mee lee : This is soo pathetically sad to not recognize your son

Diane Ferre' : Video completelt RUINED by little girl shouting: "OH MY GAWD!" over & over again... Couldnt watch it

mutalix : aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww

InternetExplorers : That is just so adorable

Zubair Ahmed : Jump straight to 4:13... Thank me later.

Sharon Horsfall : your grandma is so cute!

Joshua Fart : Idgaf what anyone had to say, this is hands down the best video on YouTube #blackpower

P. Mac Dermott : My point exactly. This is a family video and should be kept private. As a YouTube video it is pure rubbish.

PLO 8 : Mom gives a Fk about Lost Son, she just wanna eat :D

Needs More Flash!!! : The video is fun but its also sad that these guys would talk to a waiter and never look at them. Thats rude.

Pennsylvania Patti : Wow, priceless!!!!!!!!!

Fendy Pradana Saputra : This Video Kind Of Weird, When Grandma Uses Her Eye Glasses She Didn't Knew It Was Her Son. But When Grandma DIDN'T Use Her Eye Glasses, She Could See Her Son.

Compulsive Liar : Sorry to hear that your mother died shortly after, my heart goes out to you

AvengingToast : Sweet

Anthony Ricci : Took awhile. 😂

carforumwanker : she must be a advisor for Trump

P. Mac Dermott : Video destroyed by silly girl shouting " Oh My God every minute. .Very boring.

MrFlandango : omg ...omg ...omg every.two.bloody.seconds. ruined the video #shhhhhhhhh

lachnblach : always turn your phone sideways when you record. always.

Sexual Chocolate Robbie : Alzheimer should be taken seriously.

manano06 : That was AMAZING! Very hilarious!😂😂😂