suprise its your son mike not a waiter

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Manipur Brightway technical : this video should go for a viral...

Rian Nicole : all the waitors and employees were laughing hystercially also

Jay Fleischman : Michael, what a terrific surprise for your mother. The fact that she didn't recognize you is hysterical!

John Richardson : can't write this stuff......

Rian Nicole : guys, in this video my uncle pretended to be a waitor to suprise my grandma, she never knew it was her son. she even looked at him and still n still thought it was a waitor!! this happened for 10 minutes!! we were laughing so hard cuz she still didnt recognize her son!!! my uncle disguised his voice btw.

Cliff Casey : Comedy gold

SamIAm : the omg girl ruined it for me

Rickard Rakkoon : the grandma is so dismissive she can't even look a "waiter" in the eye when talking to him. funny video thou

tootsie girl : Awwww, sweet grandma. Can I have her?

eden hazard : aiyo...kinda annoys me they didnt notice

: revoke their drivers license

L D. : maybe Grandma needs new glasses! May not be as funny as you all think.Early Alzheimers ? Get her checked!

chili24137 : Honestly that's quite concerning , I think she's on the way out.

michael zapin : @Jay : it's both hysterical and insulting in a funny sort of way.. lol

kreemkrackered : Moms are awesome - treasure them while you can everyone

Diane Ferre' : Video completelt RUINED by little girl shouting: "OH MY GAWD!" over & over again... Couldnt watch it

eatsyouup123 : If I had to hear another exasperated OMG! again I would shove the steak knives in my ears and eat a wine glass

bleak213 : I love that the kid behind the camera just can't believe it! lol! Awesome!

Kitty plays🐱 : That was the cutest thing I had seen in a while! Nothing like family. 😀😀😀😀

David Gregson : Sorry Grandma is blind!  LOL

Nikolaiwww : #clueless :O

Jootje Vries : Great!!!!!! 😂😂😂

Odisha Odisha : God bless your lovely family

Shana Peterson : Are you serious? Too funny,

michael zapin : love the laugh track. :)

Nicsmovies : On one hand this is really adorable but on the other hand its fucking scary knowing this broad is probably out there driving a car and voting

mee lee : This is soo pathetically sad to not recognize your son

Marcus Ratcliff : Your next stop should be her family doctor?

mutalix : aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww

InternetExplorers : That is just so adorable

Andrea Kae : Sheesh, who ignores a waiter that much?

P. Mac Dermott : My point exactly. This is a family video and should be kept private. As a YouTube video it is pure rubbish.

Zubair Mirza : Jump straight to 4:13... Thank me later.

Sharon Horsfall : your grandma is so cute!

Joshua Hart : Idgaf what anyone had to say, this is hands down the best video on YouTube #blackpower

PLO 8 : Mom gives a Fk about Lost Son, she just wanna eat :D

Pennsylvania Patti : Wow, priceless!!!!!!!!!

AvengingToast : Sweet

Anthony Ricci : Took awhile. 😂

P. Mac Dermott : Video destroyed by silly girl shouting " Oh My God every minute. .Very boring.

carforumwanker : she must be a advisor for Trump

MrFlandango : omg ...omg ...omg every.two.bloody.seconds. ruined the video #shhhhhhhhh

lachnblach : always turn your phone sideways when you record. always.

Sexual Chocolate Robbie : Alzheimer should be taken seriously.

manano06 : That was AMAZING! Very hilarious!😂😂😂

Miss Amazon : Apart from the sea-sickness....that was very cute!!

P. Mac Dermott : Simple video for simple minds. Whatever.

P. Mac Dermott : I have very high standards.

Mezmerized4Life Jay : So oblivious 😂💙

ally wolf : This made my day!!