RIP doggo

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THE DOG WAS NOT HARMED. is the original video

Comments from Youtube

Andrew Curtin : Gotta give him points for that sweet backflip

Kids101 : ghost dog of past mistakes watches in the background

Nothing : *long live the king*

Cat Filmz : Cry if u liek everytim

Dr. Pepper : Imagine this video was in reverse That's how doggo goes upstairs

TheBckWrdsHntr101 : #icrievrytim :'(

Lemon Froggy : 0:12 sir we have lift off

lamb_sauce.exe : lik if u cri evertim

Janeth Diaz : w0ah- did the dog just do a triple 360 down the stairs now thats some talent

Laci_n_Rocket 04 : Liek if u cri evry tiem

James Tucker : When I go to heaven I want to see Stan Lee petting that doggo

Gordon Langell : 10/10 dat backflip tho

Bløssøm : Me trying to achieve my life goals be like.

XxBlue StarxX : *hearing final fantasy* SMASHES LIKE BUTTON

Gabe Jones : Every year, an estimated 3 gazillion doggos have a fall. 1 like = 1 prayer for doggo

Flower Shibe : Ghost doggo in background?!!!!1!

Androkon : This is so sad... Okay Google, play Africa by Toto.

TheGamingBot YT : Feels sorry for doggo But it's funny too

HowlmoonEllie : I feel really bad for laughing and I can't stop. This reminds me to much of my life (pfft what life)

t4ng : top 10 saddest anime deaths

A Random Potato : It's a pupper, you uncultured swine

Kyaeo Berry : WASTED.... This is literally me when someone ask me to practice my writing.

Lisa Brooks : I’m crying


VNKRALFS : Its so funny at the same time its sad

Gabriel Fernandez-Feo : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

Harshil Agarwal : We ll never forget your flips RIP

[ŸÜRÏ] : Same feeling as playing "get over it"

That one guy : Top ten saddest anime deaths

Pastel x Gecko : You lived a happy life goggo....sad to say YOUR GONE!!😭😭😭😭

Im smoked as f#uck : 0:12 rip doggo now really :(

Senpai Chan : Awww *;-; one liek = one doggo saved*

Felix Titus Is over 9000 : At least the dog did some 2x backflips!!

Godot : Was he reenacting Mufasa's death? :(

SunsetFurry : WHYYY 1 like = 1 prayer for the doggo

Oliver Svoboda : That was a sad moment 😔

Blurry : Put speed on 2x

Give me a suga kookie With tae : Top 10 saddest anime deaths #1:

the goofy nigga : lik if u cri evrytiem

SNintendo Freak : I was thinking: 'Pshh all you need is decent editing skills, and you can score mad views' Then I saw Berd made it *NANI?!*

Jacmine N : This is the content I subscribed for. 26/10 would recommend

kyle lano : *ghost father doggo watches his only son die*

_ManasH_ : That hearts

stinky : That is a PUPPER, not a doggo.

Bawan Naseh : What I'm wondering is why they let the doggo fall without doing anything but recording

Akira Barnett : Rip doggo ??? Through ???

Crystal Pup : That dog can do back paw springs flawlessly. A+

Police Officer : The dog on the right looks like a ghost that haunts the stairs Spoopy

Morgan Lemons : Aw :'(