RIP doggo

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VNKRALFS : Its so funny at the same time its sad

Gabe Jones : Every year, an estimated 3 gazillion doggos have a fall. 1 like = 1 prayer for doggo

TheBckWrdsHntr101 : #icrievrytim :'(

Constipated Production : Leik if u cri evytim

This Boi : Am I the only one who feels bad but can not stop laughing

Dr. Pepper : Imagine this video was in reverse That's how doggo goes upstairs

다꽃잎 : *me trying to get a grip on my life*

Christina Moi : I think....the dog is not dead! But SOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE.!!!! I hope it is well!!!!

Anime Crack : :,( 1Like = Doggo can become MLG and climba again!

Cat Filmz : Cry if u liek everytim

Godot : Was he reenacting Mufasa's death? :(

InfernoGaming : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths: This Video

lamb_sauce.exe : lik if u cri evertim

Kityaaang : I actually cried

Bløssøm : Me trying to achieve my life goals be like.

TR BLITZ : Legend says he's still falling right now

ShadowTheTherian : * definitely going to hell for laughing at this*

Kids101 : ghost dog of past mistakes watches in the background

Martin Gamer pro clash royale y mas : Pobre perro y su mamá mirándolo como WTF

Magic roll : *_liek if u cri evryteim_*

Morgan Lemons : Aw :'(

Nothing : *long live the king*

Lisa Brooks : I’m crying

Samantha Valencia : Category: *gaming*

Elvis Sundvall : I both cry and laugh to this video

a human being : If you look closely at the glass, it has the mother's reflection (well another doggo) Imagine that....seeing your child die....

Catt Lov Army :u : Lo triste es que nos reímos c""": Y... Que vergas? ;_; y ese perro grande que se ve al lado? ;____;

Cat_ owner : Rip Cute doggo Died by falling down the stairs Funeral attended by: EVERYONE Last words: "Woof" Rip doggo, you will be missed dearly...Lets remember the moment doggo took his/her first and last steps, this truly is a tragic event, lets us remember doggo for thousands of years to come....

Amanda B : RIP PUPPER (he's probably fine, but lol the Shiba inu just stood there like, "more Bepis for me")

Kitty Kat gay cat hi hi : It's funny And sad 😂😂😂 XD

Jessica : I know lil pupper is fine but this made me upset

Smile dog : This is why you must loves huskies or this happens 😿😿😿😟😟

Phantom Mangle SFM : Guys.... Please read the description.....

Ν Ξ Χ U S : I laughed at this, does this mean that I’m a bad person?

Dat weird chicc ?? : Me falling for someone who will never love me back

UnPhayzable : Top 10 Anime Tragedies

Pastel x Gecko : I have come to tell you that no dogs were harmed in the making of this video!

BloodCat Studios Official : Stairs: Long live the king Doggo:NOOOO Berd: DOGGOOOOOO

Ocean Man : Rest in pepperonis

spring trap : 1 like= 1 prayer for doggo

Spirit : When I attempt anything in my life. #RipPupper

Bleach Was Called : I’m depressed now 😭 Wait play it at 2x’s speed it sounds happy 😊

Pastel x Gecko : You lived a happy life goggo....sad to say YOUR GONE!!😭😭😭😭

*Aryan Solorzano* : ;-; I Like = A Doggo Being Saved From Scary Staircases

Two Zorillas : WASTED.... This is literally me when someone ask me to practice my writing.

Halyalos : Don’t stand there with the damn camera, GO HELP THE DOG!!!

Chucky fan 9000 : Nooooooo why he need to be alive

Felix Titus Is over 9000 : At least the dog did some 2x backflips!!


percy mercy : no dogs were harmed in the making of this