RIP doggo

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Morgan Lemons : Aw :'(

Tamara tv Pajdo in Blu : OH NO IS HE OK 😦😦 :(

Christina Moi : I think....the dog is not dead! But SOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE.!!!! I hope it is well!!!!

Mikhail Tan : Leik if u cry evytime

Gabe Jones : Every year, an estimated 3 gazillion doggos have a fall. 1 like = 1 prayer for doggo

Godot : Was he reenacting Mufasa's death? :(

Maltus Gaming : Am i crying or laughing?

Darcy Ordaz : LMFAO

This Boi : Am I the only one who feels bad but can not stop laughing

다꽃잎 : *me trying to get a grip on my life*

Mauricio Carranza : Imagine this video was in reverse That's how doggo goes upstairs

Martin Gamer pro clash royale y mas : Pobre perro y su mamá mirándolo como WTF

The Dani Videos : I hate it when something or someone gets hurt, but you laugh

Antonietta Mazzini Henríquez : Cada like que me des = una vida más para el cachorro :'(

Catt Lov Army :u : Lo triste es que nos reímos c""": Y... Que vergas? ;_; y ese perro grande que se ve al lado? ;____;

WSSMC games : When I attempt anything in my life. #RipPupper

kb gaming comics : Whyyyyy

Do Thi Thao Ha : NOOOOOOOO!!

JOVEX anything : WASTED

call me little : U okie doggo?

Aly Smoothiepup : THAT POOR DOGGO!! 😱

Antonietta Mazzini Henríquez : 0:06 animal abuse ;_;

oskar 140 : *[*]*

Balthy649 gamer :v : Xdxd

Kityaaang : I actually cried

UnPhayzable : Top 10 Anime Tragedies

Yash Gaikwad : catn't

Paper Co. : Nooooooo!!!!😭😭😭😭😢

Soff Dark : Wat a strange berd O-o

Twoja Stara Sra do gara A twoj stary to wpier**** : dobrze mu tak

Jessica : I know lil pupper is fine but this made me upset

Alpha Freerunner : rip

The LEGO dreporsorg Channel 2 Dc,HTF&TLH : No entiendo porque se burlan del pobre perrito .

FNaF Lover53 : T^T

Ellie Gamer! : What's The Song xD or Sound...

Rock GamingTV : Legend says he's still falling right now

Kiarix X : Murió de verdad?

Catbun OwO : Sorry that was funny xD That mother did not help xD


Patricia Barot : Long live the king

La 'Baguette' : If you look closely at the glass, it has the mother's reflection (well another doggo) Imagine that....seeing your child die....

Caps Locke : ahhhhhhhhhh! is the doggo okay? 😱

Jennfer Chavarria : Noooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooome baaaaaack!!!!!! >^<

Bromalagate6271 : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths: This Video

The Stranger : (╯︵╰,)

OtakuBKツ : F

Ocean Man : Rest in pepperonis

vdsantamaria : Poor girl

Liza the wolf : Guys.... Please read the description.....

Kin3tic tubeman 123 : When you set your dog to tumble dry