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Remy Fate : My life in 96 seconds

Neo McDoom : I just realized that this would be a really funny stand up act if you actually did it.

askej1 : Just watched all 12 cartoons and I've gotta say that they are very well made!

I don't really even like anime tbh : this one's my favorite

YouTube Account : these are all amazing wtf

The fattest shit : He's living an empty vessel.

Jackson Slade : He comes back... they ARE connected

SomewhatUnderstandable : When your dad tells you that you will never become a "let's-player"

Ryan Heiss : Hoo good routine

Zang : I'm just like Mark.Iwish I was happy adn not alone :( :( :(((

Hayden Bryant : This is amazing

Xork : my favourite one

GlitchMaster2 : Hey everybody, BAZINGA

Lawson Take : it maketh me ssad

Ameen Aydan : 10/10 comedian I would recommend

Random Assault Podcast : This happened to me too but I was sitting in my underwear in the basement

elronman : His dad is more into samass.