The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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TheDotGamer GD : FINALLY ANOTHER VIDEO!!! <3 <3 <3

Chinchulín : Do japanese occupation in Korea and China

Lucas Johnson : Reagan: Could you maybe just give them the islands? Thatcher: No. Reagan: ...okay. Here's some weapons. LMBO!!

Chris Bennett : "they found it to be cold, wet, and miserable. JUST LIKE HOME!" If only that was just a joke.

Pommit : So basically the Argentinian claim that they were there first is totally wrong: It was the French, followed by the British. French didn't want it, so that means the island is rightfully British

ဪ 뛟䨻龘㠨滚 : "cold, wet, and miserable, just like home"

MAD MINT Entertainment : " ma'am the Argentinians have invaded the falklands! It's a small island though so there is really no point in retaliatio-" Thatcher: " I'm sorry... clearly they have forgotten who in the FUCK they are dealing with "

ODS_ : Oil was just found near the island. usa: WHERE

Harryhas26 : Great video but it's Britain not just England...

European Robin : I waited for this video for 6 months. It was worth it.

TheDubstePigeon : This is why Argentina ruined the Patagonia special.

Lord Rasorius : "Oil was just found near the islands" USA: The Falklands need democracy!

KMFLocustBuster : *Argentinians invade the island* This enraged Margaret Thatcher, who punished them severely.

Eye Am Always Watching - CKA : They found it to be cold wet and miserable *just like home!*

Parker Milz : Yes! Another video!

FunnYfucker Aintyou : Insert salty argie comment below :-(

The Science Biome : 666K views

tok716 : I remember reading that the Gurkhas were a big reason the larger Argentine forces gave up easily as they had heard stories about them and were terrified. The Gurkhas had a ferocious reputation that was apparently well deserved.

M. Sinclair : The moral of the story. Don't mess with the British 🇬🇧

Ellis Davis : Please make more of these

United States : Did somebody say the Falklands had OIL?! Falklands has communist spies on it and needs to be liberated in the name of justice and freedom for all.

ExplodingHearts : I love your videos! I’m excited for videos about the ww2 and race to the moon!

Professor Ozpin : Lots of argentine comments saying that the islands are Argentinian. Which, as an argentine person myself, is a claim I do not agree with. It has to be stated that the Falklands or Malvinas are rightfully from the British, both due to the referndum, the fact that they found it first and that they won the war, simple as that. I just want to say that the war was carried out by a stupid dictator, from a ruthless military dictatorship, that enlisted young impressionable men that recieved incredibly poor, rushed training and old equipment and pit them against a superior enemy in every way, added to the mercenaries that the British hired that utterly terrified the unprepared Argentinian soldiers. And even worse for them, the civilians back home were not allowed to send most supplies to the forces there even when the Royal Navy hadn't cut off the access due to the next it of info. Added to this, Chile and Argentina never got along, and seeing the opportunity they threatened war with our nation while the British task force was arriving, one of the reasons our navy backed off. Many supplies and even military personnel were diverted in case of a possible war with our neighbors. Don't forget the fact that Chile also supplied British forces with intel and more..... I'm not blaming the Chileans (it was a low blow and wrong, but hey we did similar things to them on other ocassions so it's understandable) or the British, just want to say that we used to be good friends once, back at the start of the 1900's. We should go back to it again, this war should not stop that. To quote a guy in the comments, "At the end of the day, it was a pointless war that fucked over a lot of kids that were forced into this by a drunken dictator."

Adam White : British not England

Yusuf Emre Büyükpolat : Heh, finally he remembered the password of his channel :D

Pitch Black : War of the Roses (English civil war) please :)

The Union Jack : That’s right argentinia the old British lion still has claws

RUDIMI PERUDIN : Hmmm.. Yeah Let's but Xbox Minecraft! Phone iPad! 👉📱:)

Arda ile Bilim : OMG! Those gestures again... (gets me everytime)

Gavin Luhezz : 6 Months for a 7 Minute Video No regrets.

Josh 19105 : Do a wwii or French Revolution vid

E. A. Deasar : Fun fact, war was never actually declared. Which was kinda weird. Also, boo hiss, you didn't mention the Black Buck raids. Whilst being of questionable effectiveness, they were a true triumph of logistics. A round trip in excess of 12.5 thousand kilometers, requiring 11 tanker aircraft for two Vulcans. A distance not surpassed until the Gulf War and the Stratofortress raids that used forward positioned tankers.


Salad Ass : very cool video, never knew this war was ever fought. I cant wait for oversimplified WW2.

Robbie Coombes : As a British Argentine I AM VERY VERY CONFUSED

Darren Graves : It's not about oil it's about the people's will which needs to be respected

sreagin88 : you've got really good pacing when you narrate compared to a lot of history themed channels on YouTube

Netsaurus : Argentina should have got some nukes before entering in to the war.

Urigella : Love her or hate her, Thatcher was the last prime minister the uk had who had some metaphorical balls. The ones ever since have turned the place into a lefty, bend-over to terrorism, snowflake filled, bellend haven. About as much use as a tic tac in a jock strap.

Agustin fenix gamer : someone at least bothered to investigate this story from the point of view of Argentina?

lewis31m : Two fun facts about the Belgrano, it's still the only ship to have ever been sunk by a nuclear submarine, and was previously owned by the United States, and was at the attack on Pearl Harbour.

João Pedro Vuelma : Actually, Argentina was out of question in the referendum. The options were: remain British or become independent.

Lukes z : 1. You're insane 2. You're fired

VashWolfwood1 : fun fact: when one of the British ships sank, the crew in the life boats, while waiting for help, broke into song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python's The Life of Brian.

Teamspeedyplayz : I really love your video! But, I’m not trying to be mean. I have a question... What is taking so long for your videos... due to the fact to calm my inner self to not blame yourself...

Senpai Donald : That’s quite a huge ship

alejandro V : well i liked 2002 olympic ceremony acts. Must be the very first time England spent gun power whitout invading a country. And why the islands are considerated colonial territory in the UN? Why England disobey the resolutions 1514 and 2065 and refuses to talk although more than 130 countries incites them. The Islands belong to Argentina. Accept it.


Deltapowerftw : This was a really nice Video, please do more ! x)

Dicitencello Voyais : gauchos are not american version spanish cowboys, gauchos were farmers and soldiers of cavalry on the fronts of Platine Wars, fought on both sides of the war, as much by the Republican Argentines-Uruguayans as on the side of the Brazilian monarchists. Music Country from Americans Cowboys does not have similar to Music Gaucha too