The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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RINGS Fortnite : Wow u posted :):)

AntsDaMan C : Wait one second...oil is near the island you say? Knock knock it’s the United States!

VashWolfwood1 : fun fact: when one of the British ships sank, the crew in the life boats, while waiting for help, broke into song "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Monty Python's The Life of Brian.

United States : Did somebody say the Falklands had OIL?! Falklands has communist spies on it and needs to be liberated in the name of justice and freedom for all.

Alberto Doodoo : I am actually from the Falkland Islands and I own the Settlement Port Louis which is mentioned at the beginning of the video, with this I know quite a lot about the history of the Falklands war and before that and all of this was true, a very well done video and it is very interesting to see people doing videos on my home country no matter how small.

Black Hole : I waited for this video for 6 months. It was worth it.

Tincho Sabala : Ok, I’m Argentinian, and let me tell you, that this war was the stupidest thing Argentina ever did, they didn’t even send professional soldiers, but 15-18 year old citizens! And if you are asking my opinion on who should have them, well I don’t care, because those islands gave too many problems between Argentina, Spain, France, United States and Great Britain

Sofía : Also most of the men fighting for Malvinas were barely 18 years old, had no training whatsoever and some didn't even know how to carry a gun. Some weren't even given guns. They were sent there knowing they wouldn't come back, that they had no way of winning, food, or even water. One of the argentinian soldiers spoke in my school one day and told us about when he was captured. He said that the british were expecting highly trained soldiers and pilots, but when they saw they were young, starving boys, they all felt bad, and even gave them food and comfort. He said that he hadn't had water or food in days, and tried to drink water from a puddle on the floor. One of the british soldiers ran to him and gave him water from his own flask. I feel like we often forget this wasn't Argentina vs. Britain, it was politicians versus politicians making the soldiers and civilians pay.

KINGatLIFE : You didn't mention how neither side declared war

Adam White : British not England

Gipsy Danger : Do a video on the Korean war.

Eric M. : The islands belong to the residents. And the residents get to decide which country they belong to. Period.

James Lynch : Falklands are British

Theo : You forgot to mention how our allies the French sold missiles and fighter jets to the Argentinians because they thought if it would sink a British ship it would sell better, thanks France...

Professor Oz : Lots of argentine comments saying that the islands are Argentinian. Which, as an argentine person myself, is a claim I do not agree with. It has to be stated that the Falklands or Malvinas are rightfully from the British, both due to the referndum, the fact that they found it first and that they won the war, simple as that. I just want to say that the war was carried out by a stupid dictator, from a ruthless military dictatorship, that enlisted young impressionable men that recieved incredibly poor, rushed training and old equipment and pit them against a superior enemy in every way, added to the mercenaries that the British hired that utterly terrified the unprepared Argentinian soldiers. And even worse for them, the civilians back home were not allowed to send most supplies to the forces there even when the Royal Navy hadn't cut off the access due to the next it of info. Added to this, Chile and Argentina never got along, and seeing the opportunity they threatened war with our nation while the British task force was arriving, one of the reasons our navy backed off. Many supplies and even military personnel were diverted in case of a possible war with our neighbors. Don't forget the fact that Chile also supplied British forces with intel and more..... I'm not blaming the Chileans (it was a low blow and wrong, but hey we did similar things to them on other ocassions so it's understandable) or the British, just want to say that we used to be good friends once, back at the start of the 1900's. We should go back to it again, this war should not stop that. To quote a guy in the comments, "At the end of the day, it was a pointless war that fucked over a lot of kids that were forced into this by a drunken dictator."

UnPhayzable : Penguini on my Linguini

CANZUK : War of the Roses (English civil war) please :)

Fatmandoobius : I remember once seeing an interview with an Argentinian soldier who defended one of the mountains and his opinion on the British he fought. Loosely he put it., They truly were terrifying, They screamed en mass non stop like a crowd of football fans out for blood coming up the mountain. No matter how much we shot at them they kept coming and wouldn't stop, none of us expected them to charge in close with bayonets but they did. Shortly after that we chose to surrender as they were either very brave or mad. I think they were a little surprised the British had a bit more enthusiasm to fight then them but I suppose that's the difference between hard trained troops and disinterested conscripts.

Mokka 111 : Argentina surrenders quicker than france

BR LNER 7220 : Please don’t use England and Britain interchangeably

TheDotGamer GD : FINALLY ANOTHER VIDEO!!! <3 <3 <3

Keith's tech : The FALklands war I am going to wait and see if anyone gets that pun.

Jack Richmond : Basically Argentina have no legitimate claim other than butthurt over 1982

Kody Walker : I'm American but dude will I support my British brethren until the end🙂🙂

facusanx : fueron, son, y serán argentinas.

Chotenque : Do japanese occupation in Korea and China

Dicitencello Voyais : gauchos are not american version spanish cowboys, gauchos were farmers and soldiers of cavalry on the fronts of Platine Wars, fought on both sides of the war, as much by the Republican Argentines-Uruguayans as on the side of the Brazilian monarchists. Music Country from Americans Cowboys does not have similar to Music Gaucha too

Tyrone : Oiiiiiiiillllllll

Henderz : England is not another name for the UK, so please do not use the UK flag and call it England.

João Pedro Vuelma : Actually, Argentina was out of question in the referendum. The options were: remain British or become independent.

Daddy Donald : Hey, that’s pretty good

LucasoDelta : Falklands is uruguayan territori

Alberto Doodoo : The fact that Argentina claim the Falklands is because we are close to them, but we are 400 miles away and if they think that is close then that’s like saying France should belong to England or vice versa because they are close (20 miles approx)

Jeremías Agostinelli : Tenemos la Patagonia que es como la Siberia de Sudamérica, y no la usamos para nada. Si tuviéramos las islas estarían inhabitadas, y si por alguna razón estuvieran habitadas estaría lleno de villas. Muchachos dejemonos de joder.

Leo Bladini : as an Argentinian, i do agree england was better to have the island. but the colors are confusing. the red v blue. argentina doesn't have the red to represent them. red is not immediately a color for bad guys.

Q_Scope_Long Horn : The 6 months wait was worth it


TheRealCommand : Oopsy poopsy

Kevin Gallo : Las Malvinas Son Argentinas

O No : So I finally understand why Argentina was so 😡 at Jeremy Clarkson and kicked the Top Gear crew out. Thanks for the knowledge!

lI_Toasty_Il : "Could you maybe, just let them have the islands?" "No." "Okay, here's some weapons." This is way funnier than it should've been.

M Moore : poor Argentina, the islands are yours.

FearlessEgg : I made a nice greasy fry up this morning with lots of oil... Eggs, bacon, sausage... You get the picture... Anyway, an American in a black suit knocked on my door and just took the plate out my hands... Edit: Love you really yanks :)

Fernando Enzagaray : The referendum was held on a population implanted by England. "Hello sir, descendant of English, who speaks English, and hangs the English flag in his room, wanna be English or Argentine?" Hmm ... English? Result: 1513 - 3

Mickeyislowd : These comments are all the Butt Hurt

Squip : WE NEED WW2

Logan Macdonald : Do u mean the UK and not England

George Tapp : Stop calling us the English when we’re the British

Dion Collins : H982 FKL

jonathan lee : I was 18 years old when the Argentine invaded. Back then I watched enthralled & appalled as this drama unfolded. I've studied both sides competing claims. The battles , The heroic efforts (& the political grandstanding) while young men died. I wish you could have emphasised Falkland Islands are a self governing Independent Territory (Crown Dependancy, if you wish to google). Dependant only on the U.K. for defence (from you know who), but you did highlight the referendum . A superb presentation of facts As a post script yes there is oil and there was a bilateral agreement for the Falkland Islands & the Argentine to share the resources equally, alas shredded by Nestor De Kirchner