The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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Nripesh Chaudhari : I love your videos! So simple yet effective!

El Maestro : Do japanese occupation in Korea and China

Lord Rasorius : "Oil was just found near the islands" USA: The Falklands need democracy!

Harryhas26 : Great video but it's Britain not just England...

Daddy Daddy : “Could you maybe just give them the islands” “No” “Okay here have some weapons”

RINGS - GAMING : Wow u posted :):)

terrorista31 : The British were professional soldiers The Argentinian were young guys that were put there by a lottery number, your number showed up = go to fight :(

GamerOfCringe : Those 3 votes were probably trolls

Yippie37 : I'm Argentinian, this was a great explanation. I also want to add that we were also in a potential war with Chile due to territory reasons. The fact that we now consider the Chilean 'traitors' for helping the English is nonsense. Not only were they under Pinochet's control, but also if we won the Falklands War, we were going to attack them next.

Natacha Castor : Argentina:*sniffles* its still our island. Everyone nope read the plaque😢

Matt Kid : Do a video on the Korean war.

Dillion Damron : “Hey OverSimplified! We want WW2 simplified!” Oversimplified: “Hold my beer.”

SS-Marshall : the people on the island want to remain British case closed.

George : So basically the Argentinian claim that they were there first is totally wrong: It was the French, followed by the British. French didn't want it, so that means the island is rightfully British

oskar palin : British had all rights to attack im Finnish and my Finnish friends say same

UnPhayzable : Penguini on my Linguini

bringmemybow : Surely there is no argument any more. The islands have as much right to these lands as the argentinians do to theirs or the americans do to any of their lands in general. Argentina should drop the claim and focus their energies elsewhere. Britain should never give up (nor should any nation) on the right to self determination and defence of sovereignty. Britain even allowed Scotland to have a referendum, no war would have been fought had the Scottish decided to leave the protection of London.

Yolo Swaggins : how could any Argentinean actually think the islands are theirs? They have pretty much no claim at all. They invaded the island and lost...simple as that.

Mateo : Maybe just maybe 99,8% voted in favor of the uk because they r British ¿?

A. Tee : 1765 - "England" - map of Britain... I give up trying to teach Americans what England is. I'm going to start calling the U.S.A. Texas.

Daddy Donald : Hey, that’s pretty good

Starbucks Yeah : So everyone in the comment section is like, “The Falklands Are Argentina’s!” It’s not. The British got there BEFORE Argentina made a claim on it, and they beat the Argentinan army. FINAL ANSWER- It’s British.

p!N : Pleade do ww2 oversimplified

Brandon Salinas : The Falklands Islands are British. End of Story Good Video

George Shaw : 3 votes lel

TheDotGamer GD : FINALLY ANOTHER VIDEO!!! <3 <3 <3

CaptainCore993 : So the Argentinian claim over the islands is because they’re closer to Argentina? That’s a pretty shallow argument. If the people of the island want to be part of Britain then it’s rightful British territory. The people voted to remain British and thus they’re British.

Lucas Johnson : Reagan: Could you maybe just give them the islands? Thatcher: No. Reagan: ...okay. Here's some weapons. LMBO!!

Zack -Anglerfish- Garcia : YOUR FIRED

cosmic gamer : Rule britannia

InfernoSlayer : Do a video about the 6 days war. I love your content!

Jochem Witteveen : Why didn't you talk about the bloodg and awfull massacare that happend on the Falkland islands... The extinction of the falkland island wolf :(

NuncaSeMeOcurreUnNik : This is bullshit. The Dutch were the first who sight Australia, but Australia is not Dutch by right. When Port Egmont was built, the French were already in the islands, les Iles Malouines. The Brits acted like pirates taking property of others. Is also bullshit the part about the UK claiming rights on an island they left for 50 years. The Brits knew they were pirateing the islands when they returned in the XIXth Century. And Argentina made claims for the islands since 1833, not since the the 1970. There are lot of maps, declarations and stuff that shows Argentina had always made a claim on the Malvinas.

Ahmad Shah : As they say, no one beats the British on the sea

WhiteWalkerPepe : I waited for this video for 6 months. It was worth it.

Blazing arca9 : oil huh? US troops will be rolling in pretty soon to provide freedom.

WhirlVerse : See you guys next year!!

Graphythe : a thing that you missed, the Avro Vulcan


Parker Milz : Yes! Another video!

shmander : i remember having a talk with an Argentinian girl while i was backpacking and the first thing she said to me the moment shout found out i was English was that the falklands belonged to her people, in response i looked her dead in the eye and said "you should probably tell that the the people living on it who speak English and have my queens face on their money that". I all my years i have never seen a face as sour as the one she made at me

NADster36 : Now I have to listen to "Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms"!

Hugo T-H : my dad fought in that war on HMS glamorgan

TheDubstePigeon : This is why Argentina ruined the Patagonia special.

Jev : This angered his father, who punished him severely.

Birgilios Marmaroglou : So Argentinians were closer, had air, naval, land superiority and lost...

Hugo Cardenas Ulloa : You forgot to mention Chilean betrayal, please redo this video. It was a decisive factor.

KaKasher : Your content is amazing!

pablodz81 : good video , and yes that is the truth! flaklanders are not enemys, they are argentine ppl they live in argentina

[psyceo] : I laugh at every Argentinian that still wants their country to own the falklands.