The Falklands - MiniWars #1

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Gipsy Danger : Do a video on the Korean war.

Nathan Gaming : USA: i will not join the war Britain: they have oil *USA OFFICIALLY JOINED THE WAR*

Jamie : -Start completely unjustified war. -Get absolutely destroyed. -Say the other side were the aggressors. -99% of population wants to stay British. -Still complain, and say you should have the islands. 🇦🇷

nico gerlero : I am argentinian and I didn't want to watch the video because of all the wrong things related to this subget that are out there. But this video was on point, no pro british and no pro argentinian. Just the reality, nice work. Sry for bad english.

thisguy1 : US: Oil you say sounds like some people need some freedom 🦅🇺🇸🇺🇸

Average Unscores : "Oil was just found near the islands" USA: The Falklands need democracy!

Brandon Min : Reagan: Could you maybe just let them have the islands? Thatcher: No Regan: Ok. Here have some weapons. -Classic US moment.. (I've seen this before. Thinks back.... ohhhh yyeeaaa) (Previously) Churchill: Can you join the war? Roosevelt: No can do Winston, But ya know what. Here have some weapons.

Palider : "They found it to be cold, wet and miserable. Just like home!" That part isn't 100% accurate. While the islands indeed are as wet as England, when it comes to the "cold and miserable" part, they're like England on steroids.

Bartolomé Terrizzano : I'm argentinian and feel like a lot of foreigners talking about this topic aren't aware of what a shitty time this was for Argentina as a country; nobody really wanted the islands back, we were under a military dictatorship that sent a group of unwilling teenagers with only a year of training, little to no food and outdated weapons to fight for them. Now I see comments calling us an 'Evil imperialist empire' or 'Cowards' when we're only a third-world country that could have been great but went thru bad goverment after bad goverment, and only works as a food supply for powerful countrys. That being said, if the people living in Las Malvinas want to stay british, there's nothing we can do.

Surprised Chicken : The time Britain dabbed on Argentina.

Daddy Donald : Hey, that’s pretty good

Jesper John Del Mundo : USA: Can you maybe just let them have the Islands?? British: No Moment of silence USA: Okay here have some weapons.

maximaldinotrap : Oil was found near the islands Here comes Murica lol. I am American. I am making fun of myself.

Joey zucchini : this shouldn't have happened, the British had a plack

Brian : Sad fact: Argentine still has a poor economy

Black Hole : I waited for this video for 6 months. It was worth it.

Adam Ross : Calling the UK “England” is like calling someone from Texas “Californian”. England isn’t the whole UK, it wouldnt be Britain without Scotland.

Emiliano Gitto : God, those comments of "Falklands are Argentinian" are just... cringe... PD: I'm from Argentina and I'm very embarassed from them

Avery Lopez-Baines : I wonder what would've happened if Argentina won the war....


Daddy Daddy : “Could you maybe just give them the islands” “No” “Okay here have some weapons”

Shi Tun Yu : Only a moron tests Her Majesty's Royal Navy.

gyapn from nepal : In falkland war nepalese gurkha too fought bravely for british

Death's Horseman : "There is some oil on the islands" America: Knock, knock, can I interest you in some freedom m8?

Юнес Шаккур : falklands are either British or Spanish or French, so it is clearly doesn't belong to new ass state called argentina. Moreover, Spain and France don't claim the islands. Therefore sovereignty obviously goes to UK , simple as that

loveitloads : I disagree with certain points you made ... you said that Argentina did not give up the right to the islands, but you did not mention that in 1850 Argentina signed the Arana-Southern peace treaty whereby they acknowledged that they 'no longer had ANY outstanding differences with Britain. and following that the next time Argentina officially mentioned the Falkland Isles was 1941, over 90 years later. Under international law, sovereignty protests are usually considered defunct if there is a gap of 50 years or more between protests.

keith mitchell : I think you mean the British not the English? Basics...

Scarlett Fox : You refer to them as "English" when really it was the "British". The British empire is Scotland, Wales and England. All 3 countries were complicit in everything they did as a collective known as the British. Scotland joined forces with England when Scottish King James became King of England. Which was handy because Scotland had bankrupted themselves trying to colonise North America. Interestingly Scotland made the most money out of the slave trade, more than the other two countries in Britain. And they owned the most slaves per capita. But people like to believe it was the English why did everything while poor Scotland and Wales had to go a long with it reluctantly. Which is simply not true. Scotland was never conquered or colonised by the English

Bibek L : Dont you forget, the Brave Gurkhas who continuosly fought for British to control the Island.

United States : Did somebody say the Falklands had OIL?! Falklands has communist spies on it and needs to be liberated in the name of justice and freedom for all.

Yeener : I'm not saying any of this is wrong, I loved the video, but I think you should have mentioned that most of the argentinian soldiers where around 17 to 25 years old and had almost no combat training, of course they were gonna get killed... Poor kids... That's just so horrific and unfair.....

Niska Magnusson : looool 3 votes for Argentina to have the islands, safe to say they will always be British, i have heard the silly argument that it's wrong that the population there was established by settlers... but there WAS no native population, Argentina would have done the exact same thing as they had no population there either... moron's logic.

Ewoks_On_Drugs : That's why you don't piss us off.

AlmostKentish : Everyone knows that if you want to win a war, you don't let the BRITISH establish a beachhead.

Noviam Mapping : "Can you just maybe let them have the islands?" - USA "No" - UK "Ok here have some weapons" - USA Lawl

SystemChirron : As a proud Argentinian this is embarassing

O No : So I finally understand why Argentina was so 😡 at Jeremy Clarkson and kicked the Top Gear crew out. Thanks for the knowledge!

Sypherz Hyperzx : Gotta love the SAS

The Real Bleach : My dad fought in the Falklands War (1981)

Nicolas Ciccarello : I'm from Argentina and you explained this war better than my history teachers

dixievfd55 : "Hey, there's that plaque we left."

bushcraft junky : Oh that little bulldog nation who never back down from a fight won't do anything.... lol

Oakley Foster : Britain wiped the floor with them like if you agree☕☕☕☕󾓪󾓪󾓪󾓪󾓪󾓪󾓪

Amanda Franks : Britain truly is GREAT!

shmander : i remember having a talk with an Argentinian girl while i was backpacking and the first thing she said to me the moment shout found out i was English was that the falklands belonged to her people, in response i looked her dead in the eye and said "you should probably tell that the the people living on it who speak English and have my queens face on their money that". I all my years i have never seen a face as sour as the one she made at me

Thylacine88 Gemini : Should have ended with the fact that defeat of Argentina also led to the overthrow of the military junta in Buenos Aires and the move towards democracy. So starting a war to distract everyone from the state of the economy only works if you win that war. Also, it enabled Thatcher to win her second general election in UK.

dmt Handmade : This was great. The only objection I have is refering to the Islands as being occupied by the Brits. As you rightly pointed out, the referendum shows how the people of the islands feel. There was never an oppressed Spanish speaking population living under foreign occupation. Apart from that minor quibble, great job.

rpatto92 : Laughs in English

Twilleh : If there is one thing the British are good at it's war

Claystead : Fun fact: Life of Brian had recently come out in Britain when this war happened, and after the sinking of the Sheffield, the surviving sailors in the water sang Always Look On The Bright Side of Life while waiting for rescue.