Alaskan malamutes and a kitten? Are you crazy! Check out our daily battles! YouTube exclusive

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Deepa Lall : Cat is treating the dog like sibling.That's how cats playfight with their littermates.

zachary romeo : 2 1/2 Malamutes !

Texas Jack : Every kitten needs a malamute.

grytlappar : What dog _doesn't_ have a 'hunting instinct'? Dogs are predators, as a species for god's sakes. (As are cats, btw.) Tell me a dog who isn't interested in squirrels. But that doesn't mean they're going to hunt anything in sight, or that they can't be taught not to. As these malamutes' mom says: it depends on the individual dog how much prey drive they have, if they're just a little 'too' interested of a cat, etc. Also, in a lot of cat-dog households the cat seems to be the boss! They can be quite bossy, haha. But that's the internet possee for you; everyone has not only an opinion, but they're experts! Especially when they get a chance to condemn someone. It always cracks me up to see a kitten have a good go at a very large dog. 😺 A malamute weighs, what, some 40 kgs? Against a kitten's 1 kg. Just 40x bigger, nothing to see here! Except it's as if I decided to have a go at an animal weighing 2200 kgs. That's a rhino. A _male_ rhino. Good grief... 4:03

Mr.Stranger : Milo thinks he is a malamute.

Paige Leigh : Awww, this is absolutely beautiful. On 6th December, I lost my dog aged 17 and he was my whole world. Your videos are the only with dogs that I can actually watch and I would like to thank you for that.

Melissa R : Love your gorgeous boys. They are beautiful together, what a bond. What breed of cat is Milo😍😍😍

Mosanso : Phil and Niko wouldn't hurt anything or anyone!

King Xerocole : "Milomute" stawp

Brittany Dorrington : I love how Niko and Milo have such a strong bond. Who said cats and dogs didn't like each other!? ❤️❤️

HellBilly Austin : Milo seems to be a fiesty little bugger!, i love a cat with attitude!. Ive found mali's are good with other animals, My friend has 2, i could watch them play all day, mad furry beasts!.All the best.

Rose King : Too much cuteness... must resist 😍😍

Rob C : That kitten is a bully!

Martin Montano : I totally agree with u, you folks did make the right decision, they look so beautiful together 😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😊😊😊😊😊

Hilton Gray : Its not about whether the dog has the hunting instinct. It's about who is the leader of the pack. If the human is the undisputed leader of the pack, then there will be no issue. But the instant that the dogs feel the human is weak and not offering the leadership required - that's the point at which you will start to have problems.

philip russell : One big happy furry family !!

ruth warrick : Cleanest ears in the world

Jenny-Sue : Adorable! Milo has an ear fetish! It is very relaxing watching Milo groom Niko. Loved it.

Celia Huggins : I think it's true love. The baby kitten thinks it's a Malamute

cwtabbs1 : Milomute. 😂 Phil and Niko seem so happy with their new brofur. They've welcomed him with open arms and it's sweet to see.

Heikki Moilanen : Phil is King of the house

Nappinnai Nallan Chakravarthy : Your pet family is so infectious that I already watched the video twice!

16BreaBrea : Thank you for this video!!! I can’t stand how people stereotype breeds. It’s all how you raise them!!! ❤️

ALY ALL FLAGS : I only see a mini Malamute 😜

Janfon Lee : I watched your video with envy , your pets brings me happiness when watched. thank you.

Riley Bell : You should get another kitten so he has someone his size to play with. We had to do that our dog (the male) eventually got really annoyed and eventually wanted nothing to do with the cat growling and barking whenever he came close. We got another cat and they all got along really well

HEY GABBY : That kat needs. Boundary’s he too ruff w the dogs

Ankur Chhabra : 5:42 "Can I copy your homework?" "Sure, but don't make it look exactly the same." Name a better duo than Milo and Niko, I'll wait.

bacchus808 : Milo is the first Cat-amute

memonk11 : It’s the height of irresponsibility to allow a pet possible injury from attacks by that savage beast. That poor dog!

Nionivek : My dog and cat didn't get along very well... In the sense that they didn't really interact with eachother and kept their distance. It should be said, however, that while the Cat was sick the dog, for some reason, would leave extra food in its bowl.

Gilda Gasperian : As one who has been following you for just a few months, I loved hearing your intro & the background of how Milo came in to your family .... and has become the boss! :)

Michelle Wilson : It’s absolutely clear these animals LOVE each other! Kudos to you for following your instincts!!! This video is pure happiness and joy!!

Paul Michel : What business is it of anybody else what kind of pet you have? Something I have thought of that is not related to this: perhaps if you and Shane left a cache of dog toys and various other lovies for Niko with your scent, she would not be as destructive. Dogs find comfort from things that remind them of their owners and so she may not feel so insecure while you're gone. Just a suggestion and I understand you may have this already.

Gaelin Wade : Looks like you've gotten a Maine Coon. They think they're dogs anyway. AT only 18 months, Milo still has lots of growing to do.

androtaz01 : So much fur!

Shayne Ashley : Cats also have a natural hunting instinct!? You shouldnt have to answer for your choices that you feel are right for u. ☺ Although I do love them all together ❤❤❤ And anyway, the cat is terrorising the dogs! 😃 It is clear the dogs are the gentle ones here. I find it funny that its hard to see the cat if hes close to one of the dogs. They all have similar fur and kinda blend together.

Captain Price : Niko and Milo are best buddies

AR O : I have to punch a wall to get my manliness back. They are so fluffy-cute!

Diane Maminski : I've always had cats and dogs grow up together I still have Brandy a beautiful half rotweiler and husky and a cat named Buddy. I lost Bailey in January she was sixteen half husky half lab and Rocky female cat a while back still miss them sooo much.🐶🐱

Nancy nancy : Very cute dog

WELLBRAN : I'm called Phil..and I am more dangerous than Phil the dog....and probably more anti my family tell me

H O : Milo is as good as a cat can be, but I'm still gonna cheer for Phil :D PHIL PHIL PHIL

Patrick McCrann : People are so condescending sometimes. Every dog is different of course, but I was raised in a home with multiple dogs/cats and we never had issues between our pets. They all got along fine. I currently have a Pomeranian (my daughters really) with 3 cats in the house and she thinks she is a cat. Plays and roughouses with them all the time. You can tell that your dogs were concerned about hurting Milo; they really were very gentle with him even when he was being a little monster. They are 3 best buddies who enjoy each other. Ignore the idiotic comments and enjoy your 3 lovelies.

Karin A : They are all super cute. Thanks Emma for sharing again

Rouge Dions : Now milo is an alpha. Haha. He pretty much bullies phil or niko sometimes.

Dolphin Dream : This poor dog is in great danger!! Such a vicious beast, Milo, please take it easy on those little doggies. Seriously, they are all gorgeous and I wish I had some like them, I probably wouldn't do much else except watch them play & love on them. A house without great pets is just less of a home, imo. Blessings on your household, 2-leggeds & 4-leggeds alike. Thank you for sharing this, makes me happy!

baronvg : I have never heard of a hunting instinct with Malamutes. I’ve always been under the impression (from the many dog shows and videos I’ve watched over the years) that Malamutes, like Huskies, were bred to be working dogs, hence why they’re used for sledding. Also, they’re bred to be social dogs and have a strong pack mentality so introducing a new member to the family actually makes sense. Again, never heard of them having a hunting drive. I expect that from other types, like hounds and retrievers.

Shruti Narula : Milo is very naughty

dashing3ify : 🐺So kitties playing with bears🐻