Pong's True Narrative

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Outlaw made a video about pong's story, I had to show my knowledge as a true pong intellectual. Outlaw's Pong Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5c-Rq7oSOY This is an attempt to make a VideoGameDunkey-style video. I may or may not have succeeded, I honestly can't tell.

Comments from Youtube

Magos : Pong Legends lore for life.

StaySkeptic : This is the real Pong: The next level.

DrunkenNINJA98 : :')

ChrisKritik : Pong almost sounds like gun so this makes sense.

Alex Seibel : thanks

Madcircle Throughell : a nameless guy sent me here

Infinite Outlaw 2 : I grant you the star of Lenin. You are a true hero of the United Soviet Socialist Republics! Long live communism! Long live the Motherland Comrade!