BOLTR: Le Clapper

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Brian Garrow : Pretty sure I worked with that fellow when I was in construction. He had a woman in every town with a pulp/paper mill, power plant, or refinery. Referred to his gal friends as his trap line. Trapping, clapping, it's all the same...

inonehand : My dad had one of these connected to the TV in my parents bed room. Every night the TV would turn on in the middle of the night, eventually my parents figured out that the Clapper would turn on the TV in the middle of the night because my dad would fart in his sleep and one of them would register as a clap. Hopefully the technology has improved in the 20+ years since then.

Kwaksalwer Kwaker-naak : Endless Loop Warning!!...don't use ze Clapper on ye old PopCorn Machine.

Evan Ortiz : Finally some industrial equipment

Gary Hardman : Clive buys a clapped-out Bridgeport in retaliation...

John Ratko : Gonorrhea is nothing to clapper about.

Kwaksalwer Kwaker-naak : "I won't get AIDS , I took a shower afterwards" - President Jacob Zuma (South-Africa) ...his answer when asked about raping an HIV positive girl at a Presidential House Party.

The Spaniel Inquisition : What happens if you use it to turn on a record player which then plays Queen's We Will Rock You

MoLottes : *Tries two things... "Yup, theres no false positives on that"

The Devil In The Circuit : AvE loves the Clapper because It obeys pixie-wranglin' laws You can cheer, you can shout, And perhaps dance about, But kindly hold your applause

6061. com : I remember when I was a kid, yelling/screaming at it really loud for a few seconds straight would turn it on and off. Give that a try.

Amateur Redneck Workshop : That is what I get for being 8 hours late to the video. Comment 478. ARFGHH and I had so many clever things to say.

Andy Reynolds : I'm sure Big Clive lives on Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Cheers

sacasanova : My Cuban mother in law is so loud she triggers these when she talks.

Freedomquest08 : So now that AvE's got a Clapper...If his neighbors see his lights are flickering off and on like a strobe light, then they will all know he's watching porn.

Luke Patrick Dunwell : wire the bridgeport through it. workpiece binds, motor off

sasco smit : I still have ptsd from trying to build one of these years ago. The thing had a mind if its own and for the life in me I couldn't sweet talk it into working. Even a hammer couldn't convince it to listen.

Hard Knocks Forge : Ghonnaherpasyphalaids? Is that worse than herpaghonnasyphawarts positive?

M H : I love the sound of innocent children's laughter. AvE came close, you could tell the sheer joy he was experiencing. Kind of Clappy clap clap video both in the story at the beginning and the product.

Jason Green : AvE - Le Clapper may not actually be using that watt your Killawatt shows. I've been told that those tools aren't very accurate at the very low end of the scale because the burden resistance is too.... large to get an accurate reading? My memory escapes me on the specifics. I don't have a Killawatt to test, just a chinesium clone but suffice to say that, if true, its probably over-reporting on watt-fractional loads. I suppose a guy could test it by hooking up a known load and seeing what it shows. Anyway, that was cool. I didn't know they even still sold those.

Powerslayer : Clapper more skookum than most tools at home depot.

Robert Orr : My sister used to turn our granny's clapper on and off by screaming "Bobby Brown" at the top of her lungs.

Machine Geek : I have no idea what you are saying but I'm entertained.

AliasUndercover : Who'd a thunk THE CLAPPER would be something you approve of. I guess that explains why they've been selling the damn things since God was a boy...

rhkips : Only good for 200 watts? I'm pretty sure in the commercials from the 70s/80s, they showed this thing turning on and off a CRT television. Where in the everloving fark did they find a CRT television that draws less than 200 watts?

Eddie Van Horn : My neighbor had one of those. Her cat had a seizure and fell from a cst tree and the light went off. She thought for a second that the power went off and her cat was psychic. True story. Cant make that shit up.

stephan mantler : Probably listens to a sharp edge rise / impulse so a cough or similar won’t do. Wonder if working with a hammer might trigger it, or sharp foot taps.

justanothercanuck : Me n the o'lady would send the dog into a seizure if we had oneofdem in the ole slumber chamber

David Kenny : If your "vice" is loose-women, then I finally understand your catch phrase.

Burlats de Montaigne : "She's got the jack". nice tribute to the late Malcolm Young.

Azamyth : and unlike google home it doesn't record everything your saying and store it online

PanzarMetal : Try not get a seizure from the blinking lights while having a bit too loud of a special time with the missus.

Mike Holt : "I don't know why this wee little thing makes me laugh so much." Words I've heard on many occasions.

FishFind3000 : So if your balls are clapping on your lady your gonna have a rave?

AuMechanic : Should automatically turn off if it detects the sound of a human screaming in pain.

jj coolj : i had one, and every time the dog was barking it would it would chooch

microbuilder : 6:12 Its the little things in life! knowing the only clap youve got, is the one that your hands make.

Spacerichard : "AvE: Le Clapper" LE CLAPPER, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Brian Garrow : Can we upgrade that to 3 phase?

riflessss : That's a two and three clap one. Two claps is the top plug and three is the bottom. Also we have the same one and coughing sets it off all the time. Pretty funny. Also dogs playing and body slamming each other does too. Fun stuff lol

Steve Johnson : In the late 1970's, I met the guy who invented the Clapper - primarily a sales / marketing guy, but had a good feel for what was in the air at the moment. He also merchandised those fiber-optic lamps, and a bunch of other stuff as well. Some friends and I were making remote-controlled robots, and were driving one around at the Chicago Consumer Electronics Show. He commissioned one from us on the spot, and was really pleasant to deal with. He had an office on Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, and a huge house, a converted fire station, across the river in Weekauken, New Jersey. Nice guy (Almost as nice as AvE)!

Luke Rediger : Neutral goes straight to the plug cause you never switch neutral, it in theory, should always be at 0 potential voltage to earth. You switch the hot cause that's where the potential is. Otherwise, If the light burns out, with the switch off, you'd still have the hot energizing the fixture, which is dangerous because when you screw in the new bulb, the current will pass through the center contact, filament, and exit from the screw base into you. Switching the hot ensures, in theory, there is no potential in the fixture when it's switched off, and in theory, safe to change the bulb. IE the potential voltage is stopped behind the switch, before it gets to the light. If you switch the neutral, the potential is stopped after it goes through the fixture at the other side of the switch. Meaning it looks safe cause the device is off, but the whole thing is live and ready to bite you. In theory, Switching hot means the circuit on the fixture side of the switch is at 0 potential volts, switching neutral means the circuit is primed and ready to go, it just needs a drain which, if you aren't careful will be the person working on what looks like a dead circuit. I say in theory, cause I've yet to be in a house that doesn't have at least one funky circuit. So it's a best practice that solves 99% of the problem, but don't bet your life on it.

Smudge Codes : I used to have this for my TV, but every time I watched Friends, it would turn my TV off

edstirling : my parents told me that someone in my brother's high school class hooked one of these up to trigger the stage lights for the superlatives presentation so everytime somebody got recognized for being most likely to be incarcerated in a foreign country or what have you the lights would go off and on and off and on etc.

Jan-Roar Bernhardsen : Always when i look at your videos i learn something new. You teach in a great way, and to listen to your knowledge is great. To see your interest and your passion for what you work with is inspiring. All children should have a teacher like you. To explain and show is one of the best way of learning. I belive a lot of children would bring more knowledge in their growing up, if teacher had your way of explaining things. Even i can sit and listen true long videos, that i never belive i would look at, but because you make it interesting the time just go: And after i have a knowledge that i did not have before your video. Have a great week

Adam Christensen : OH! A new AvE video... OH! And the word CLAP in the title! I bet there will be lots of STD jokes... Was not disappointed!

Lance : I use to have one of these on my lamp and had to take it off cause everytime the dog would bark twice it would turn my light off...funny story, not influential at all.

wouldntyaliktono : Hooked one of these things up to the lights over my roommate's bed in college. His girl came over for a little slap and tickle action and the whole goddamn room looked like a pinball arcade. 11/10 would recommend.

Yew Tube Yoda : The noise from the drill caused a slight interference when you clapped so it was a slight delay. Those clappers are not good in loud situations or if you only have 1 arm.

Vega : You should use your "clapper" to provide actuation for your hi touch mi magic wand. the wife will love it