Smash Mouth - All Star but there's no music

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Considering All Star and 'music-less music videos' are I thought someone would've definitely gone viral with this idea already. But I guess not, so here ya go Twitter: Shonky Music: Shonky Games: Patreon: Discord server: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Vimeo (for videos that I can't put on Youtube):

Comments from Youtube

StickMaster500 : Why wasn’t this song included in Smash Ultimate?

iheartkiecats : Omg the accents of those ladies “Me fockin’ dog!” 😂

Cassie : Me fooken dog

Captain Lebowski : I seriously hope this blows up

Potatoez Minez : Nostalgia from when I used to jump on cars and rescue dogs from houses on fire while singing with musicians on gardens.

Party Quackaz : Wanna play Super Smash Mouth Ultimate?

SimGunther : 1:04 Please don't give me Vietnam flashbacks when there were "WOAH" memes.

Lord of Keks : But there is music Shonky, it's shitty music, but music none the less Basically, shonkywonkydonkey is a fraud

Percy / RL : All Star - Behind The Scenes

Mocha Latte gaming : Underrated channel right here lads

Alpha : When your celebrating a party and the power goes out

Krypo1290 : the end is like a highschool bands first recital

Danominator : Realistic Music Videos™

Linker Link [GD_RTisBack] : Spiciness has been increased as always

Megan O : This is art

Nayuki : Smash Mouth Shreds

Anirudh Khanna : This is music to me

minidew : still better than youtube rewind 2018


MrRiggyRiggs : This jams!

awkward silence : Expectations vs reality

Captain Lebowski : I posted this onto r/musiccirclejerk r/shrek r/dolandark just so the views would increase

Headless : hey look a gmod production

A Random Guy : Here before this blows up

Jon Rawlinson : this is the best thing on the internet, EVER. the end.

Mawson : Here before 73K views

loutiscrive : made my day

AdrianMC2002 : It got claimed for the song lmao

Louis Samuel Cooper : Please do sommin a bit more original. Thanks bye

Brad Lauk : "me fooken dog!"

Lizzie :3 : Top ten vocaloid songs

Specules Music : the ShonkyWonkyDonkey and Magik Mike collab we were all waiting for

Rimmy - Downunder Gaming : I honestly liked the engines just drowning everything out. It helped.

Dr. Faust : get your game on!

locus wed : OMG THIS IS VERY FUNNY!! OMG thanks xd

BDKatsumaru : Wait. Do I comment here or on Facebook?

FinnaNut😤👌💦 : hEeEh ThE fooKiN dOg

Adlin Ling : All-Star by Smash Mouth is about the how Earth is going to be uninhabitable due to global warming.

Stako 1 : This is true art..

Chase Gleason : Please god bless this video with views

Dominik Pagórek : You cured My cancer. Thx bro

Captain Lebowski : this has been done but it's not as good and it only has 200 views

Данила Беликов : Do more of these

themelonalwaysbegone : when donkey forgets how to make waffles

JustinJKJ : *STAAAaaah*

PADOIN : 0:57 Hey now, you're a ROCK

Gustavo Gama : This is godlike

bg0004009 : This was beautiful.