Curb Your Wendy

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Goobers : This is why instead of pulling out I wait till the drugs kick in and cum in her mouth.

Mind Over Manter : Jesus fucking christ. These people exist.

Tuna sandwich : Wow... That's really fucking scary.

Matchek Broski : get off my planet

Emperor Botz : This fucking shocked me.


nisi bonum : What, what the fuck

ooDirtyMickoo : can you imagine if a guy said hed trick a woman and intentionally not pull out. can you imagine the feminist hysteria. a show that said that would be canceled in a heartbeat.

OK3 : How do people watch and like this show?

Tommy Lee Jones : Guuurl you should definitely trick him into a lifelong commitment

Luc Martineau : im in charge of my vasectomy and im not telling my future girlfriend. MGTOW !!!!!

Miguel Medina : Wow this is so one sided. Maybe he's looking for the best interest in the entire family and calculated that their budget can only properly handle one child for health insurance, education, food, etc. "Men have never been in control of our bodies" so you fucking tell the lady to trick him into getting pregnant? This is extremely selfish. Fuck this lady.

Spunkmire : Facts: It's considered rape if one sabotages birth control. Technically its a verbal contract that you came to terms with each other before sex. That would qualify as a breach in contract. This is legitimate because woman have used this defense against situations where the condom was compromised. If men cannot get vasectomies without permission from spouse after married, Same should be with tubs tied in women. This is just dumb feminism at its best.

Steve Buscemi : How the fuck is this lady married? She is a psychotic cunt

mynameis bob : This is fucking disgusting. Women may have control of their bodies, but I also have the choice of whether I have a kid or not.

MrEnklave : I hope this is staged...otherwise how can we get rid of those people?

Ryan Sneddon : So Wendy advocates rape. Good to know. Gonna keep that one tucked in the back pocket.

SnowTheMan : LOL but not funny

S O U R P A T C H Yamaha PSR-3 : This is why you should just fuck men

KeyeGamer : Hope this video proves useful for the dad in court when they're getting that divorce.

Elias Andersson : Funnier than expected lol

Derrick Johnson : That's some crazy self-centered, selfish, crazy bullshit! The guy changed his mind, he didn't lie. Maybe he thought it was a good idea until the child was born and realized he didn't want another. To trick a guy into something as serious as bringing another life into this world is just plan sick and the guy should leave that crazy bitch and head for the hills!

Xed : None of the dudes are clapping

John Dunn : So torn. Thumbs down because I want to rage about the content or her comments, but thumbs up for the video's intent and the guy at the end.


Annie1962 : WRONG. Never trick a man into becoming a father. NO NO NO.. he will leave.

iRecruit Fish : Wow that's fucked up!

TheKindredblades : holy shit. they are completly mad. having a kid is not about a woman's right to her body, it's a couple's decision. it's not negotiable.

The Governor : Wendy looks like a fucking ape

Sheeshore : What the fuck.

Cooky Comps : Apparently Wendy Williams is saying once a person consents to something they can never revoke that consent.

Quarter Nipp : that's fucking disgusting.

alliseearedemons : That's disgusting

c0ber : this couldn't cause any issues atol

Matthew : There were a few women in the audience who didnt clap and some even shook their heads, respect for not being a fucking sheep and having half a brain.

jostail : Empowered women in a nutshell

Lex Python : If this were a guy trying to trick his GF into getting pregnant, do you think it would have the same responses from the audience?

Black Comedy : I think you should by your husband this one - I can bet he would insist to have 100 kids..

Nerte : Isn't that literally a crime?

Heather Dexter : Hope her husband doesnt see this... X_x

GoodSteve123 : What a disgusting person.

UnknownUzer : If i were her man, I would return the favor by surprising her with the "day after" pill in her morning latte'.

s a m p l e t e x t : This lady is a fucking tumor.

Mojo Mojo : Let this be a lesson to all men seeing the vast majority of these skanks saying it is ok to trap your man. This is modern feminist american women for you

Dale C : absolutely disgusting.

tshepp89 : Plot twist, my nigga gets the snip.

mer meh : just pull out

Hugh Jundys : Marriage, not even once

TheUltraPingu : So Wendy is saying that as a guy, if I wanted a kid and my gf didn't, it's ok into tricking her? I can poke a hole in the condom and just be like "Whoops, accident".

Tolga Gökçe : AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS !! 🇹 🇷 🇹 🇷 🇹 🇷