Curb Your Wendy

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Mahir Cave : That's how you get kids growing up without a father ...

Bazuzeus : Maybe he should trick her and give her the morning-after pill without telling her... Clap if you agree :D

Xavier Smith : Hey fellas, clap if you think he should push her down the stairs.

Matchek Broski : get off my planet

OK3 : How do people watch and like this show?

Hydra Jamm : Well we know who isnt getting laid anymore

KeyeGamer : Hope this video proves useful for the dad in court when they're getting that divorce.

Tommy Lee Jones : Guuurl you should definitely trick him into a lifelong commitment

TheKindredblades : holy shit. they are completly mad. having a kid is not about a woman's right to her body, it's a couple's decision. it's not negotiable.

MrEnklave : I hope this is staged...otherwise how can we get rid of those people?

England : sure, trick him if you’re willing to pay that child support

shortbuspimp : I would divorce that woman on the spot if I found out she did such a thing.

Nerte : Isn't that literally a crime?

ooDirtyMickoo : can you imagine if a guy said hed trick a woman and intentionally not pull out. can you imagine the feminist hysteria. a show that said that would be canceled in a heartbeat.

Lex Python : If this were a guy trying to trick his GF into getting pregnant, do you think it would have the same responses from the audience?

Annie1962 : WRONG. Never trick a man into becoming a father. NO NO NO.. he will leave.

Ben Sharp : And yet they cry, moan and period when men leave them on their own with the unwanted child

Ducc : Imagine telling that story to the child

Rocco Ravioli : Apparently Wendy Williams is saying once a person consents to something they can never revoke that consent.

Spunkmire : Facts: It's considered rape if one sabotages birth control. Technically its a verbal contract that you came to terms with each other before sex. That would qualify as a breach in contract. This is legitimate because woman have used this defense against situations where the condom was compromised. If men cannot get vasectomies without permission from spouse after married, Same should be with tubs tied in women. This is just dumb feminism at its best.

John Dunn : So torn. Thumbs down because I want to rage about the content or her comments, but thumbs up for the video's intent and the guy at the end.


Kenny C : Reason 20,954 why I am single.

Xed : None of the dudes are clapping

DROIDZ Gaming : *Proud to be single*

Luc Martineau : im in charge of my vasectomy and im not telling my future girlfriend. MGTOW !!!!!

Dandog Zbutt : "men arent in control of our bodies" yes, thats true, you dont have to take your birth control, but you should tell YOUR HUSBAND if you do. Then he could choose what he does with his body.

jostail : Empowered women in a nutshell

UnknownUzer : If i were her man, I would return the favor by surprising her with the "day after" pill in her morning latte'.

SnowTheMan : LOL but not funny

LyndonFPS : bruh

TheUltraPingu : So Wendy is saying that as a guy, if I wanted a kid and my gf didn't, it's ok into tricking her? I can poke a hole in the condom and just be like "Whoops, accident".

Elias Andersson : Funnier than expected lol

povang : Reverse the genders and the internet would get triggered until year 3000.

Screencapped and Emailed to my lawyer : Ah yes. What a wonderful idea to force a child into the world, while ensuring the absence of a father, be it in a literal sense or emotionally. Good idea.

Anthony Howard : Disturbing...I'd love to see a talk show where a male host suggested poking holes in a condom to get his wife pregnant because she doesn't want another outrage from feminazis would occur.

Mojo Mojo : Let this be a lesson to all men seeing the vast majority of these skanks saying it is ok to trap your man. This is modern feminist american women for you

Thomas van de graaf : Good evidence to bring up so you dont have to pay any alemony

MountainRain : Haha yeah let’s all trick our husbands into something they aren’t comfortable with because it’s our bodies. Even though, you know, they’ll do half the work. I can’t image doing something like that to my husband.

skulled one : 3 out of 4 men in this video dont approve of this lol

GoodSteve123 : What a disgusting person.

X X : This scares me so much

MynJack : The Man: But honey, we can't support two kids with our income! The Woman: BUT YOU PROMISED!

Luke Caro : "She promised me she would have sex, then she changed her mind, but she promised right?:

Hugh Jundys : Marriage, not even once

Pete Zahut : Thats felony sexual assault lol

Mista Burns : Women have control over their bodies when it comes to birth, but I have control over where they're living and whether or not they're married to me

j : Every day that I wake up thinking "maybe I should give women a chance again" a video like this pops up to remind me of just how stupid that is

alliseearedemons : That's disgusting

SANDSCORCHER : Looks like the host and all the parasites in the audience can pick up the bill for raising another unwanted and superfluous child then.