The Cannabis Complex | Episode 1

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On October 17th, 2018, Canada will become the first developed country to ever legalize cannabis nationwide, bringing an end to 95 years of prohibition. But the impacts of legalization won't be felt in Canada alone. With governments, businesses and NGO's around the world keenly tuned into this massive social experiment, Canada's legalization has global implications. If it goes right, it could provide the impetus for nations across the globe to finally decriminalize and legalize cannabis. And if it goes right, Canada will become the undisputed global leader in cannabis, with cannabis becoming as Canadian of an export as maple syrup. However, success for the new industry isn’t guaranteed as it faces stiff competition from Canada's long standing black market. Although heavily funded giants like Canopy and Aurora are sure to succeed, there's an enormous segment of legal companies that don't have the same resources as the top tier companies. With billions up for grabs, can the heavily regulated legal industry succeed under against black market businesses that operate under no rules at all. With the end of prohibition around the corner, we wanted to look at the current cannabis marketplace to find out how it works now and how legalization is supposed to change the landscape. Welcome to the Cannabis Complex. --------------------------------------------------------- Site coming soon - Follow us on Instagram and IGTV - More from us on Facebook -


James Page : 4:36 when you're high and someone asks you a question

Primo 420 : Good vid, hopefully USA will follow Canada’s smart decision soon.. I live in IL. I’m a legal medical patient, and our state is supposed to pass recreational soon.. this year. Good vid ! I subbed n liked 👍🏾👍🏾

Art Guedes : Subtitles in Portuguese, please :)

genuiNEWitty : Who's paying for these videos? Seems to be a long-term project film long before it was released.

The Revolting Pleb : I'm in Canada, smoking weed legally as I watch this. Nearly everyone I know now has smoked it, it's very casual now. I was watching a Canadian news channel talking about old people smoking cannabis in records number. That television channel was playing while I was in the ER waiting for free meds. I love Canada. You're not perfect, but I'm proud of you. 🍁

Samwise Galenorn : I'm always happy to see Canada embrace intelligent reform.


O M G - ORTIZ MEDIA GROUP : The black market will never go away. Why would a grower grow pot for a paycheck to support a company versus growing for cash to support himself and his family?

parkourhovey : hey this was filmed in Hamilton

GBabyGencher94 : LIT

diggs : @3:50 Canadians (non medical use) are only allowed to grow "inside their home" not outside "in their yard"

Daniel González M : Me gustaría trabajar ahí !🍁❤💀

Dexter Speights II : Hail Trudeau! for creation of a new industry which will create millions of jobs for Canadians!

Jason : Trudeau said he was going to do something and he did it. Gets my vote again

KustomGraphics206 : Its all about tax money. nothing else

Tom gayle : most of those in the black market would not get a licence to go down this road , its the big boys jumping in and killing it for the back door grower . . happy days ....i don't think so..

Nardath : i found this on reddit and when i clicked on the video, the sub count was 420 lol subbed.

3Fatboy33 : The first developed country ever to legalise canabis. Sure. Ups - They are the first... my bad.

Beierex : subtitles in spanish?

JRB : Ole Red has the worst case of “uptalk” I’ve ever heard


Ernest Pierce : Great! Now Canadians are even more Friendly. No, I don't want a hug and a thank you!

Daryl Quesnel : ya im canadian,lp weed sucks,craft cannabis is way way better,gov weed is taking over,its all about money,not quality ,gov has made it so only they reap benefit of weed sales,and destroy anyone whos not, black market is thriving in canada,and we can grow our own legally fuck lp/gov weed

Vlad G : The legal cannabis companies are charging outrageous amounts. No thanks. You want to charge black market prices even though it's been legalized? It's just greedy. Now you're going to be like the taxi drivers and whine about black market dealers the same way taxi drivers whine about uber. Bunch of greedy whiners. I personally can't wait for the dispensaries to fail. No serious smokers will shop there.

Alvaro aka Tico : Black markets around the States have thrived with the pill epidemics, and I have a feeling cannabis is heading in that direction. Canada is the guinea pig here, we shall see. It has to work.

Kevin Davis : Green day for stocks in USA.

Nature Lover : Marijuana is the only safe & healthy thing to do. Even more than legal prescription pills. The only side effects are happy hungry sleepy(not always in that order tho). It can help with depression, bi polar, insomnia, anxiety & panic attacks, seizures, epilepsy, & many types of physical pain, not to mention the positive feedback on recent studies with types of cancer & leukemia too. & technically marijuana is not a drug..drugs are manmade chemicals, marijuana is a plant. But if some really do consider it a drug..alright, but its not a dangerous one & its not a gateway to shit if you're smart about it. It can be mentally addictive like a lot of shit thats legal, but not if you're smart about it. A lot of shit thats legal can be a gateway drug. Alcohol is as bad as crack/cocaine & meth & heroine is, & tobacco/nicotine is bad for health too people die from all that shit in one way or another every day. It really is just a plant yet its still mostly illegal, while shit you CAN die from is still legal..thats fucked up. Personally im not against smoking weed for medical purposes, as long as its not near kids, & the smoker is at least 18 or 21..i think thats reasonable enough. I hope its legalized, or at least very DEcriminalized soon.☮💚

RR PLAN C : I am already pissed off with seeing the promotion of high CBD garbage by people who are only in it for the money. Legalisation was a bad move.. Should have just been de-criminalised.

WhatJustHappend : All these people are making street weed dangerous

Ronny Sterling : For so long we smoked brick from wherever, in Detroilet Mexicans prolly bring it from Mexihole. Lame weed, now dispensaries provide sensi, some good some not. Quality control in Michigan is tragic, amature hour, with know nothings in charge. If we decriminalize in Michigan, hopefully quality control will become just that, quality control. OR grow yer own. Canada actually did something right in it’s legalization nationwide. Trump will probably executive order weed into legalization and that will crush the retard commie dembocraps.