Guile's Theme Goes with Everything (world's most epic handshake)

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Vegetto42 : They handshaked... FOR MURICA!

Steven McBrien : My profile pic didn't have a beard until I watched this.

Crichjo32 : The handshake was so manly that even mother nature got an explosive orgasm, that destroyed half the world.

414MrMilwaukee : This is why I love humans

Sirspookyface15 : A necessary sacrifice for something so masculine and epic. *grows beard instantly*

Tsundere Shark : I got pregnant watching this, and I'm a guy

CidGuerreiro1234 : We should put this in a time capsule and throw it into space so aliens can find it.

Fantomas612 : I love how they laugh at the end, even though they just killed like 3 billions people

S u b u r b a n R a p s : When two admins enter the server

geodeme24 : Arnold Scharzenneger > Chuck Norris

L-1011 Widebody : This is why Chuck Norris never shakes hands, he just waves.

NewGamingOrder : omg this is awesome hahahahahaha

Joey B. : Legend states that if Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger were to shake hands at the exact same time as Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee on the EXACT opposite ends of the Earth, a rip in space and time appears over the Bermuda Triangle. Thank Goodness Bruce transcended his human form, because us mortals couldn't handle it. People think he died, but he's actually left Earth to teach God Jeet Kune Do.

Bailey Gamble : Directed by Michel bay

Andres Morales : Directed by Micheal Bay.

NiBia : Best video. Best theme song. Best actors. Best muscle. Best explosion.

John Snow : I heard gay men watching this video become straight after.

Ash : HOLY Shetr O.O Dat handshake destroyed America for America!

ac1d : This video is awesome, after it ended. I could fly.

TheBaconatorKing : And that's the story of how Chuck Norris Was Born

Tito Martinez : omg this always put a smile on face and o swear it keeps me stuck with a stupid smile for the whole video

Dante Trevisan : The most american way of destroy America.

morganstedmanms : held my breath, head held back as the epicness flowed through my body

Tyrannosaurus Rex : I love this video so much , I can't describe it.

Fantomas612 : The mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012 by an unfortunate event. None had thought it would be by a mere handshake.

Felix Lake : i love my new beard

Juan Juarez : Apolo Creed handshakes the Terminator. Epicness ensuess.

Holden Turner : I wish I hadn't shown this video to my girlfriend.  It made her grow chest hair.

vriendv4 - the madstion : This is the Fallout 4 trailer

majk wasd : now we know how the dinosaurs got extinct

AzureSymbiote : Seriously, Arnold Schwarzegger should have played Guile.

Axl Kss : Apolo and Terminator

Whuzyadaddi : when you and your gym partner meet up outside of the weight room

Dito : It's not an atomic explosion it's a *Sonic Boom*

Isaac sussman : My ferret is now a honey badger because of this.

smurd20 : How to conquer Youtube: Step 1: Do an epic handshake Step 2: Add Gullie's theme Step 3: Repeat Step 1

L'indie Gamer : That's probably the best use of Guile's theme.

alberto gonzales : my cat watched this, now he is a dragon

This Is Closed : this video is so alpha, that chuck norris faps to it on a daily basis.

Abaddon : this video refuses to load lmao

JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? : this video is so manly i feel like my balls growing a mustache

Justus Warner : Yeah this is awesome

JXYTC : I grew a beard watching this...

Swarfly : They ended the world, FOR AMERICA!

Rhea Merrell : One of the best youtube videos. ever.


Jackw00pw00p2 : My pet kitten was in the room when I watched this, it's now a fully grown lion.

TeleBlur - Great Heaven Renpa : In that instant moment, the world was created and at the same time, it was destroyed.

james raymond : Whens the last time they made such a manly movie? Movies today have gone too soft

Alberto MZCS : I remember that day. I grew biceps on my eyeballs. Pretty sure it wasn't due to radiation.