Dumb dog gets to choose between $100 or 1 chicken nugget

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Ken Vincent : I'd say that the pug was actually a genius picking the money... if it wasn't LITERALLY EATING THE $100 BILL lol

James H : But now she can buy $100 worth of chicken nuggets. You playing checkers while she playing chess.

Daaiid : Top 10 Anime Plot Twists

ORCA : "as we all know, pugs are really dumb" possibly loses $100 to the dog

MrTheonlyDOUGHBOY : reported this video at 0:14 you can clearly see something hidden in the folded $100 this was bribery, she could have enjoyed that single chicken nugget now shes stuck with $100 she will never be able to use.

danermanerkider : 0:04 when you nut but she keeps the succ

Fwimmygoat : oh my god thats awesome

AstonMartin7337 : PUGS AINT DUMB BOI

BIGxBOB1212 : This guy looks like he's about to go super saiyan.

Commandersand Turtle : what happened to the music

murk : Comical Genius

LaKillingFrenzy : I'm subscriber 117. Please don't try to sell me shit constantly in 2 years.

Josh Lovett : that moment you're the 999th like, SO CLOSE

Ty : Subscriber 197, let me buy stock when you're famous

Etan : what did you coat the bill with? Just curious because she started licking the plate under the bill before going for it. Also pugs are smart as fuck, they could have smelled a nug from 200 miles away source: i have a pug

Laura Shepherd : Hey there! Laura here from UNILAD! I have sent you a personal message! Alternatively you could fire me an email over to laura.shepherd@unilad.co.uk Thanks so much!

LilyfurXD : HAHAHA

Duz111 : 20 dollars can buy many peanuts.

Stevo Canuck : clearly hid something in between that bill... nice try.

Lostjoy IX : Has anyone ever said that you look like Jake Gyllenhaal?

Wolfy Wolfy : Rude.

Stephan Guinn : SUB 208!!!

iHeisenburger : i’m subscriber number 107, i have a good feeling this channel will be huge

DragonInferno99 Ω : That pug is smart. He has $100 worth of chicken nuggets now. :D

Bill Bingham : Dog for sale. Only $100!

PikolUploader : Ted pls

Jimmy Walker : Nice hair lol what are you 15 years old?

MGS V : smart dog she picked the one that was laced with coke. 🤣

JohnnyReiTV : Must eat some greens to balance unhealthy meal.

Saša Šimunović : Dumb Freddy gives smart dog a bribe hidden in 100$.

A : They put some kind of tasty liquid on the money

Gary McCaffrey : It's so dumb it thought the chicken nugget smell was coming from the money.

Cory Max : lol hahaha

Coda Mission : So how did you do it? Peanut butter in the bill?

Carters Retro Reviews : Does your dog shit out change?

333puggles333 : hmmmm idk how i feel about your statement about all pugs being dumb... -Pug

Nikholai Huffstead : haha was not expecting that

Kevin The Dork Caller : Dork