Dumb dog gets to choose between $100 or 1 chicken nugget

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Random Guy : I'd say that the pug was actually a genius picking the money... if it wasn't LITERALLY EATING THE $100 BILL lol

James H : But now she can buy $100 worth of chicken nuggets. You playing checkers while she playing chess.

ORCA : "as we all know, pugs are really dumb" possibly loses $100 to the dog

Daaiid : Top 10 Anime Plot Twists

when i pee it hurts : catch lucy trading that 100$ for a brick of illicit belly rubs

EmptyChair : I love this so much

MrTheonlyDOUGHBOY : reported this video at 0:14 you can clearly see something hidden in the folded $100 this was bribery, she could have enjoyed that single chicken nugget now shes stuck with $100 she will never be able to use.

Lostjoy IX : Has anyone ever said that you look like Jake Gyllenhaal?

danermanerkider : 0:04 when you nut but she keeps the succ

Blank Blank : *Oh god dammit Lucy*

Lauren Brown : Best 21 seconds of my life

CenTz : thats a smart move

Naminé 17 : I'm crying 😂

BIGxBOB1212 : This guy looks like he's about to go super saiyan.

N Shoge : Funniest video ever

Nachin Cuello : Comn man comeback

Tiffany Banks : Hey do not call them dumb!!!!!!!!!

ShadowWhelp : 20 dollars can buy many peanuts.

Commandersand Turtle : what happened to the music

Gigi The Pug : This channel is underrated.

Laura Shepherd : Hey there! Laura here from UNILAD! I have sent you a personal message! Alternatively you could fire me an email over to laura.shepherd@unilad.co.uk Thanks so much!

The Notorious Y.C.R. : PUGS AINT DUMB BOI

discostew : Comical Genius

Fwimmygoat : oh my god thats awesome

Wolfy Wolfy : Rude.

Stevo Canuck : clearly hid something in between that bill... nice try.

LilyfurXD : HAHAHA

Josh Lovett : that moment you're the 999th like, SO CLOSE

Neelan Joachimpillai : You realise that dogs can understand human language, although they cannot speak it? My dogs could. You might have provoked her.

Rooky X : Hahahahah

Dutch Plays Games : why wipe ur bite when you can eat and then let it clean itself.

Jorge Regula : Dog wins.

MGS V : smart dog she picked the one that was laced with coke. 🤣

Bill Bingham : Dog for sale. Only $100!

Jimmy Walker : Nice hair lol what are you 15 years old?

JohnnyReiTV : Must eat some greens to balance unhealthy meal.

Gary McCaffrey : It's so dumb it thought the chicken nugget smell was coming from the money.

A : They put some kind of tasty liquid on the money

Coda Mission : So how did you do it? Peanut butter in the bill?

Anon : haha was not expecting that

Cory Max : lol hahaha

iHeisenburger : i’m subscriber number 107, i have a good feeling this channel will be huge

Kevin : Dork

Stephan Guinn : SUB 208!!!

Saša Šimunović : Dumb Freddy gives smart dog a bribe hidden in 100$.