Heavy Metal: The Movie (1981) Trailer

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HolyReality : why cheesing? because its fon to due

Player_ Man2K : Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time? Like should've been born earlier. When the music was... Real. Like the 70's Earlier. Like... The early 70's

Kyle Montigny : I watched this movie high and it was absolutely amazing

Ladonna Partridge : who else came here because the episode of south park where they are huffing cat piss?

MaxRideWizardLord : In the days when art was real...

Mutt Blood : "Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time? Like when music was real?" "What? You mean like the 70's?" "Nah, earlier... Like, the early 70's."

Krrrimmi : My childhood boner. :3

jhummel003 : I was born in the late 90's so this was before my time but the first episode of South Park I ever watched is a spoof of this so I kinda have to watch it

Antonio Mantilla : 35th Anniversary. 1981-2016

Dany Béland : Best film in the universe, probably

akanathan : a cartoon directed by the 1970's itself.

Luis Mendoza : This is the kind of movie that My "Dungeons & Dragons" or "World of Warcraft" club in high school would have made if they have the budget.... I know I'm being condescending and that this is a cult classic, but the dialogue, the women.. is all too... almost immature. I'm not criticizing the stories, those are very good because they were written by very god storytellers like Dan O'bannon, but the artwork and the way it's told... I mean, come on!! The best example is the second story, where the geek is teleported to another world where he is muscular and gets laid all the time with beautiful woman, this alone represents the people that behind this movie...

Breed Master : i hate remakes but, done right this could be so awesome and politically incorrect on a mssive scale, I LOVE IT.

Dorukhan Okçu : Ellen Musk Scene 00:07 :) his dream came true

Antoine Brossault : Am I the only one who thinks about a south park episode ? (When kenny is stoned)

HEAVYMETALmovie1981 : I fell in love with this movie few years back and it truly *Rocked My World* Awesome movie ❤❤❤ Excellent soundtrack, too \m/ \m/

AdamThe1Builder : I worked in a video store in 1996 called Video View in Palm Harbor, Fl. When this came out on VHS I played it in the store and freaked some families out!

violetshamrock : SAW THIS AT a DRIVE IN movie theater - Wheeling Illinois. 1981!!  loved it. Now its so dated. (duh), But i never realized John Candy, Eugene Levy and Joe Flarity did the voices.

Raven Simmons : I just watched this movie and it was amazing!!!

Stephen E. Whitney Jr. Loc-nar AKA Starchild : I miss the eighties.

Ryan Cox : My all time favorite movie by far.

Emin Kaya : Turkler?

Wolfblood92 : Metal, Noise, Blood, and Fire!

JazziopeiaGirl : The best movie ever f*cking made!

Wwe : Elon mask ?

Steven Dimitropoulos : Literally one of the greatest adult animated films ever... right up alongside Ralph Bakshi's movies

daddygville vlogs : loved this movie grow up.

Tobey Starburst : Best movie of all times.

philaman1972 : I remember watching this on the old pay TV service WHT back in the early 80s as a pre-teen. WOW!

Theshark15z : This movie kinda reminds me of Wizards (1977)

NavyZero : It´s A Fucking MasterPiece!

jack bauer : id like to see a scene for scene live action remakr


Genkia87 : in my opinion Heavy metal 2000 is crap! Heavy metal is far superior

shelbydawkins : This movie had the capability to draw you over to the darkside. This movie is not unlike a vampire. It is my favorite movie of all time.

ConranBlack : You say that like knowing anime is a good thing. Do not associate something this good with something that faggy. Quite literally the definition of mongoloid. Now get the fuck out, let some of us enjoy the amazingness of Heavy Metal.

SaltySangster : Star Wars on acid maybe.

nights1515 : how did Devo get in the soundtrack lol.

Richard Nelson : Yes!!! that was crazy! I still got it on grandpa tape and many more from that era.I'm a big anime fan but there is little good anime film these days.

Richard Nelson : I seen HM when it first came on HBO 1982 or 83?. I also have Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival and others. Sad to know some American distributor of anime went under.luckily I have a full box of the anime of the 80's and 90's. Today generation are more open to change and adapt,we in the other hand live the experiences of the imagination.

Richard Nelson : The 80's was the 2d animation golden era..

Stefan Marinac : Music from video 0:40

Mani Fest : southpark.

BlayzedBlue : I remember looking for this for Heavy Metal for months before getting a copy at a convention for $75. Then like two months later it got officially released. lol

Samantha Roach : Should I be worried that this lady (48) is friends with me , and her favorite movie at fourteen was this, or was that typical for the 80s? lol

VJ Rei : When the rock music had no effects, the sound was raw and mono. No reverb, no stereo, Just compressor and eq and distortion. Damn, I hate that sound. If they ever used a reverb it was mono.

faffaflunkie : This was the genius of Ivan Reitman. The problem was that he brought a movie entitled "Heavy Metal"- Before anyone heard of "Heavy Metal".

Douglas Martineli : So is from this animation that reference that south park did on that episode of legalization of the cats kkkk fucking cool \m/


ShyPoke : Ah. Now I've got the South Park reference haha.