The Deadly Attempt to Assassinate Qin Shi Huang

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Tristan Busch : and then he ingested mercury, believing it would make him immortal. it did not

MagicMachineGun : amazing swordsmanship, the assasin didn't even bleed at all

Kevin Johnson : I love Chinese history. History in general is more fascinating than fiction.

Neil LeFrancis : This is the guy who thought eating mercury would cure death. Knowledge is power people. Knowledge is power.

Ed Zehoo : By the hairs of my Qinny qin qin....

Kymmze J : I knew I saw his name before... this bastard is in Civ6.

M S : He chinned them out

Skywalker Alan : Here's what actually happened, according to an old article in China:  When Jing Ke pulled out the dagger, Qin Shi Huang was surprised but evaded the strike, then he tried to pull out the sword but sword is stuck in the scabbard, so he took cover around a pole while Jing Ke was chasing him. Nobody in the palace except the emperor himself was allowed to carry weapons so reinforcements can't arrive in time.  All the ministers were trying to escape except the imperial medic Xia Wu Ju, who throwed the med pack at Jing Ke and delayed his movement. During that moment Qing Shi Huang was able to pull out his sword and chopped down Jing Ke's left leg. Jing Ke tried to throw the dagger at him but missed only to hit the pole. After this failed last attempt Qing Shi Huang stroke him 8 times. Then the bodyguard finally came and killed Jing Ke.  Jing Ke's claimed that his failure was because he wanted to capture Qing Shi Huang alive so they can negotiate a new treaty, just before he died.

GregoryTheGr8ster : I LOVE how his crown has decorative strings of beads hanging from it. Very, very stylish!

House M.D : I kinda figured an assassination would be deadly....

PG _YT80 : *plays happy music and ending says it’s brighter here*

Blue Pearl : It's so cringey on how foreigners pronounce Chinese words, maybe Smithsonian should hire Chinese speaking people without accents

Mohd. Moazzam : Make similar videos on Indian History.

Alex Shuysky : I'm surprised how the actors were Chinese and not a mixture of African were found.

anh da đen : *outplayed*

Aaron Finch : wtf theres no blood

Oscar : ICE CREAM! 😍😍😍

Arseniy Suslov : You know what might look better than an assassination of an emperor? MY BALLS ON HIS QIN!

Qufox : *You had one job*

Gabrielavila Bolanos : What a badass

Joshua Xiong : 1:52 So, where’s the cut and blood?

Cryo 329 : Rekt

Tommy Wiseau : Nihao ma

El Patron : Read manga kingdom!"

Wallace Yu : There is a movie about this historical event, "The Emperor and the Assassin" 1998. You can find the assassination scene in this movie.

HX Huang : 过程拍的也太简单了吧。。。。满朝文武呢?“王负剑”呢?扔药囊呢?荆轲箕踞倚柱呢?

Catherine Cao : He said that he wanted Yan flattened😨

Patrick Samuel : Cool video but could you do a video on who Genghis Khans succesor is today like his direct line?

WAVEDUP : Great video!

pop5678eye : Also a basis for the movie 'Hero.' (2002)

Benson Fang : what a badass

Fortified Mentality : Why the Hell do you make some videos unavailable in certain countries?

Kayan : His dream became a reality but none of his sons really ruled, his dynasty ended.

yudong zei蔡 : Come on man,the assassin and Qin Shi Huang have a very assassination story,not just simple the assassin stab and Qin Shi Huang missed then stab back!There is a taklble story there!

DerangedCuckooClock : These guys have to find better actors, that king barely speaks mandarin properly

Kiyoshi Kirishima : Not very realistic. The assassin's body didn't explode afterwards.

j elle : TLDR: the assassin came bearing gifts (namely an enemy’s head and a map declaring territory surrender), inside the map was hidden a poison dagger. He failed. C’est ca.

TS Xtina : The guy playing Shi Haung is fine AF!

朕。 : in 2000ago,china can built a big castle Ps This castle is bigger and bigger than forbidden city many times

Klaus S : Nice, but too short!

LeckMichImArsch : It was the saddest day ever in Chinese history. The assassin should have succeeded.

pram 03 : is the assasin cao cao from movie redcliff?

andrewroxs : Who receives enemy diplomats or anyone for that matter as king without a guard or two in tow.

Alex Ho : Dont worry, he'll do it himself.

Panda lover : I cringed so much because of the western pronunciation of Chinese words.

yeastori : Yan Envoy: I am here to give you dead...I mean give you head

Channel8Bit : Me thinks he embelished this story a bit.

Aaron Smith : If the emperor was hit with that blade I wonder how things will played but in all sorry to say he had every right to attack that sec

Mrgameybean 7 : Wait where is his cut 1:56

Beatrice Neniute : Wow! This emperor totally "qin"ned them out for good. XD