The Deadly Attempt to Assassinate Qin Shi Huang

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KEBAB DESTROYER : He chinned them out

Kymmze J : I knew I saw his name before... this bastard is in Civ6.

FIRST IRONCLAD Minecraft, Stop Motion, anf Bigfoot : I wish my channel got 70 views in like 5 minutes.

HX Huang : 过程拍的也太简单了吧。。。。满朝文武呢?“王负剑”呢?扔药囊呢?荆轲箕踞倚柱呢?

Cryo 329 : Rekt

Dani : ICE CREAM! 😍😍😍

Rivera リベラパオ Yue : Thats nasty.

Mohd. Moazzam : Make similar videos on Indian History.

WAVEDUP : Great video!

M1cha3l 0 : Clickbait!! I thought this was a character in mortal Kombat 😂😂

Qantas11 : Please upload more air disasters please !!!!

Patrick Samuel : Cool video but could you do a video on who Genghis Khans succesor is today like his direct line?

Shimomura Wong : The greatest king of feudal China.

Wallace Yu : There is a movie about this historical event, "The Emperor and the Assassin" 1998. You can find the assassination scene in this movie.

Matthew Liu : I learned this story when I was in elementary school, do some people actually not know it? Great vid tho

Kiryu The Dragon Warrior : U Spino fans are really dumb.and strubren. U always pull out it has arms but fun facts they were useless they can't reach past its head and only move side to side like a bird flapping its wings not forward or back word like our arms so that's why it would bend its head so the arms can reach the fish. I'm not saying Rex will win 24/7 nor will spino but rex has better chance of winning

Blue Pearl : It's so cringey on how foreigners pronounce Chinese words, maybe Smithsonian should hire Chinese speaking people without accents

Fortified Mentality : Why the Hell do you make some videos unavailable in certain countries?

Za Ha : Why am i in this Video