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KhanStopMe : This is a really interesting perspective, I find that a lot of the romanticism around university comes from the “social” life. I felt that people romanticised the fact that you are away from your parents in independence. They can party as much as they want, they can drink as much they want and they can do what they want. I never felt restricted at home so I never romanticised that sense of “freedom”. Personally, I never saw university as a romanticised exciting place, I went to school in which no one really went to university and perhaps that’s why it was never fetishised in that way. Honestly, I simply saw it as a really difficult high pressure type of school and I found it to be as high pressure as expected but a lot more fun. I came to university primarily to learn about topics that I was interested in in great depth and to intellectually challenged myself. Basically, I wanted to be smarter. I found that I learnt a lot more about life than I did about my subject compared to my expectations. I think my view is also different due to the cultural background I come from. It’s not necessarily being compatible with the drinking culture of UK Universities and being a first generation immigrant meant that for me university was a opportunity to open doors to careers that would’ve been inaccessible to my family’s previous generations. I’m also not doing a creative degree and so perhaps that also plays into the fact that my perspective is different. I think this is definitely an important message for those who think that university is fun and games because I expected a challenging and sometimes gruelling environment for me to grow intellectually and personally and that’s pretty much what I got. Let me know what you think!

Ben Holder : Ahahhahaha I only pay 9000

Emma Popcorn : What I've realised about uni is that it's not better than normal life. I romanticised it before and when I arrived, I was shocked by how boring it all is. But it's not bad for me, I don't think. As long as I can travel away and see friends every now and again, it's completely liveable. Just not the dreamland I made up in my head after one open day.

EnCab91 : American translation: You don't wanna pay 90,000 a year... And yeah that's not including maintenance.

Jonathan Palfrey : I went to university (in the UK) in 1972, at which time we didn't pay for it! We even got a grant to live on! Which made it harder to decide not to do it… Nevertheless, those three years were a bad period of my life. I'd had enough of formal education; I'd have been better off just getting a job, if I'd known what job I wanted and if I'd had any opportunity to get it. You don't need to go to university to learn stuff, you can do that in many other ways—especially, these days, from the Web. University probably suits some people, but it surely suits a fairly low proportion of all the people who go through it. I sometimes wonder how my life would have gone if I'd said "No"; but I have no access to that alternative world. Good luck.

Ben From Canada : Even not coming from the UK most of this rings true. Took me 3 First Years to find a program I was happy with, if I had stayed I'd be miserable.

Inquisitor Glokta : This was really useful! Currently upper sixth and doing uni stuff so this put things into perspective for me.

Livvie Newman : spicy jaspie

Ben Holder : Ironic how a year ago me n Steve were like go to KCL and do politics of English

Thomas branson tales of the unknown : Wow

Jon : Look at the camera more!

SuperSamStuff : Okay, but really though... *Pacific Rim is so sick*