The Reason Why Your Doughnut Box is Pink

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Benjamin Burkhardt : NYC may have the best bagels, but LA has the best doughnuts.

O : Who cares about the box

RobotFrenzy22Play Roblox : Mine is brown and orange

AaronTheROBLOXian : there's a shop with pink, brown, and white boxes

roblox boy another one : british has green box

Francis Acevedo : In dunk in donut they have a orange and white box

Brio Brio : HOW DID I GET HERE🤔🤔🤔

Golden Gaming : I have never seen a pink donut box.

lynn luray : Oooooohhhh a fact I will never notice since I am focusing on the donuts

Mr LolVidHD : It's white boxes..

Munira Wilson : Never seen a pink one in my life. Only seen white and brown

Sketchy cat Animationz : I would kill to eat a whole box of their donuts to myself.

RedstonerGuy : i live with white donut boxes

KawaiiAlanna Collecter : Probably the people in the factory making doughnuts look everywhere to see if the don't get caught stealing one

CircleSphere : Lemme correct that for you. We pros call them "Donuts"

The Crinkled Fox : Never even knew people bought donuts in pink boxes..

M. T. Toaster : Then Krispy Kreme had to peek it green and white head in and screw everything up

Chaos Emerald Movies : I’m hungry now

LT Coyt : I have donuts in my city

Jamie Row : Huh, I've never bought a pink doughnut box actually. Where I'm from they're usually white, beige, or covered in art of some kind.

Hattie Whitson : Throw money away on more expensive packaging. Brilliant business wo man there

Antonio Maldonado : Honestly I dont care about what color or desgin the boxes come in. All I care about is that I get my donuts and don't get them squished or something.

Bulbasaur : Most of my donut boxes are white :/

Nevaeh Puckett : I thought pink boxes was for cancer awareness.

Sandra Perry : Who else is hungry and wants a doughnut while watching this?

A&B&C Vlogs The Girls : sorry no I go to Dunkin’ Donuts

Webb Beatty : people can really make a difference

Magic Holly : I haven't even watched a second on this video... and so I am guessing that donuts come in pink boxes *Because everything s better in a pink box*

The Donuteater Gaming 300 : I am called the donut queen of sweden by my friends XD I have a adiction and like everything in my room is donut ;-; Loove it!!

Bluebrick04 : My local donut shop serves them in beige boxes ._.

Kawaii Koala Productions! : I want a doughnut now SO BAD!! I haven't had one in ages because they aren't as common in the UK

Mlyods _ : OMG The earth is not round Not flat ITS DONUT

Tina A : I live in Ireland and our boxes are white 😩

sanik boom : Why you are doing this to me

Josh Peters : I love pink box's

Atreyu Betrayaltale owner : I've only seen white donut boxes.

pepperandbusterrgh official hd presents : If i own a donut shop,I will put the box blue

Ernesto Serrano : I MUST HAVE A DONUT

Jucab Nubster : I'm used to orange and white boxes.

Ivan Thai : Well dunkin and Crispy Creams does not use pink boxes

Gavin Mounce : ive never seen a pink box....

DaisyGamer : I always have donut boxes that are white...

HOLY MEOW : 0:05 I live across the street omg😅

Bigzell : I have never seen a punk donut box in my ENTIRE LIFE

daunieprogirl yon : I'm Cambodian and I'm was kind of surprised that the guy was Cambodian and not because most people whom own a donut shop are Cambodian

Laura Minnick : Us people is Asheville mainly have green and white boxes

Mr Nutella : Some of these videos just make me have that nice feeling inside.

Jake Langmeyer : I have never seen a pink donut box ever.

gray wolf : English don't really have pink boxes .

Cake The dragon : My donut box is white with a red heart on it