The Reason Why Your Doughnut Box is Pink

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iGaara19 : I always thought every donut shop had pink boxes. I didn't know it was just a southern California thing, minus some shop had white boxes here.

The Average Canadian : Here In canada our doughnut box's are red and brown (Tim hortuns)

Martin Tabanag : Donut princess is really gorgeous!

Nabisco Crackers : never had a pink donut box );

Momo Memes : Two Words.... Krispy Kream

Zaman Siddiqui : Anyone else think of Homer Simpson?

The Fuck You Looking At : I used to live in one of those boxes but the rent was so high and it was falling apart.

Lim Ming Quan : I thought DK means Drift King.

Donna Roselyn : Who says doughnuts in a world where "donuts" is acceptable?

Seth Brodzik : Sooo nobody's gonna talk about that guy to the left at 0:55?

Nay2D2 : Why no gloves when making donuts? I don't see any burners so it's not like it's a safety hazard

Rogue- Like -Rogue : I donut know why the boxes are pink

Red ball : This Ted guy made millions and then got addicted to gambling and lost it all.

GustyLux : 0:10 my grandma works there

Camp Lezlo Art : I think I agree with her mom, the boxes should have stayed pink in my opinion.

Brandon Kheang : Ayee where my Cambodian Americans at? 🇰🇭😀 👐

Sawyer . Speedqb : Whenever I see a pink box I get so excited. Lol...

imkindahungry04364 : I'd like to meet the doughnut princess 👀

Minxy love : I think she should listen to her mum. Old style donut boxes are still the best. Shows that u have been in the business for a long time. People's memories of childhood comes from those old boxes.

Vincent Cardona : Donut shops here in the Philippines are usually colored yellow and red, rarely pink.

Nate : Well being Cambodian and not knowing about this! Wow learning something knew everyday that it became a cultural thing here in the U.S.Also the pink boxes are used for cakes as well. It very common now for us Khmers to be donut shop owners. I need to visit these shops when I go to LA!

Unicorns Are Funny : ...How come my donut box is white?

Chenggong Lee : Ahhh Cambodian donut shops...

FreeHops : Donouts aren't real so it doesn't matter

Nitya : Donut dislike this video :)

Some : 0:53 wtf is he doing in the background

imkindahungry04364 : They're made out of dough people, not do. Their DOUGHnuts.

volcrom : We got tom hortons instead aye?..

Old Black Grandpa : I wonder if the Donut Princess like Creampies, *wink wink*

Tobiraco : 1:50 : Tide pod Flavor

Chakriya Duong : Cambodian - Khmer prides

Shan Tu : I'm sorry, why should I care about the color of my doughnut box

Wilbert Patiag : I have white boxes ;-;

Skankhunt42 : Were I live I get black boxes that say "get out of out town"

AwsomeLachie : I really want donuts now 😩😩😩😩😩😩

seth smith : I've never seen a pink doughnut 🍩 box ? Maybe because the only doughnuts store is dunkin doughnuts

supykun : 0:09 - 0:10 That donut shop right there, I'd always stop by for breakfast when I was rushing during high school :') Memories...

Keokanchana Sam : Yesssss Khmer people

tide pod : 0:56 dat dude in the background

Fruits and Ghosts : It’s not?

Philip Filip : The reason why your dunkin donut is orange and red bruh

VinceLA91 : Big Jim's Donuts! Boyle Heights baby!

Elite Shadow Gaming : Pretty in pink I LIKE PINKKKKK

squishy squirt : Red is the color of luck. . . . So we use pink.

The SP Channel HD : My doughnut box is not pink

Drake Guess : Lol why do I even care

iDareDevils : IM CAMBODIAN

Navy SEALS Rock : uhhh doooonnnuts!!!!! lol Homer Simpson

Litzy Lit : Ive never seen a pink box only white box where i live

CutThroatNin3 : Pink box donuts are aesthetic as hell. <3