The Reason Why Your Doughnut Box is Pink

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Martin Tabanag : Donut princess is really gorgeous!

Momo Memes : Two Words.... Krispy Kream

Seth Brodzik : Sooo nobody's gonna talk about that guy to the left at 0:55?

The Average Canadian : Here In canada our doughnut box's are red and brown (Tim hortuns)

Andre AA : Who spells it: Like:Donuts Comment:Doughnuts

iGaara19 : I always thought every donut shop had pink boxes. I didn't know it was just a southern California thing, minus some shop had white boxes here.

Donna Roselyn : Who says doughnuts in a world where "donuts" is acceptable?

imkindahungry04364 : I'd like to meet the doughnut princess 👀

Filthy Connoisseur : Cambodian migrant not refugee. And he helped other migrants.

Tobiraco : 1:50 : Tide pod Flavor

Larry Gamboa : 0:10 my grandma works there

Nitya : Donut dislike this video :)

Old Black Grandpa : I wonder if the Donut Princess like Creampies, *wink wink*

imkindahungry04364 : They're made out of dough people, not do. Their DOUGHnuts.

Chakriya Duong : Cambodian - Khmer prides

volcrom : We got tom hortons instead aye?..

Lila T. : My donut boxes were always white

Nabisco Crackers : never had a pink donut box );

CharChar Animations : Her family can’t pass down a business to their descendants That’s against Disney movies.

SURENITY ! : But my Doughnut Box is WHITE :/

Dance Party : Me: Hmmm I wonder why my donut box is pink... I couldn't care less about the color of a donut box

Nay2D2 : Why no gloves when making donuts? I don't see any burners so it's not like it's a safety hazard

Mighty Comics Live : *I'm sorry but I've never gotten a donut inside of a pink box😄*

alexa Rose : Nah I’m Canadian so I get Tim Horton doughnut then get Tim Horton themed doughnut boxes

Philipz Filipz : The reason why your dunkin donut is orange and red bruh

CutThroatNin3 : Pink box donuts are aesthetic as hell. <3

Zaman Siddiqui : Anyone else think of Homer Simpson?

Navy SEALS Rock : uhhh doooonnnuts!!!!! lol Homer Simpson

Chanpreet Brar : I live in California but all the donut places I go to have white boxes

Wilbert Patiag : I have white boxes ;-;

evelio patino : I want donuts now lol

Peter Sherwood : These aren't the stories we want.... They are the stories we need

SexyThanos : 1:52 tide pod donut?

tide pod : 0:56 dat dude in the background

ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ : its brown here in Indonesia, theres almost none pink donut boxes

The Fuck You Looking At : I used to live in one of those boxes but the rent was so high and it was falling apart.

SURENITY ! : I have never seen a pink doughnut box..... Ever.

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel : Mr. T's donut in my town is named the best donuts in the country!

Advetol Gaming - Entertainment - More : Before - FlatEarth Theory Now - Donut Earth Theory

VocaTaleGirl 2005 : Now, will anyone explain why doughnut boxes in the Philippines is always white and orange?

Cicopath : Oh! Mine is orange and white. Surprised I haven't seen any Dunkin' Donuts comments yet in the top comments.

CuriousGeorge : I have to go over there and Wife her up

Meagan Greene : Actually Tim Horton's are red and brown

Robert Pennings : 1:51 looks like thootpaste

Some : 0:53 wtf is he doing in the background

King Alpha [ExB] : Krispy Kream Has White not Pink And Krispy Kreme Is the top #1 donut in the world but expensive

Jeff Papi7272 : I never heard about a pink box before

Shining Diamond : My donut boxes are not pink there white with their design and brand

mpjopa tv : mine is not pink tho

Rogue- Like -Rogue : I donut know why the boxes are pink