The Reason Why Your Doughnut Box is Pink

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iGaara19 : I always thought every donut shop had pink boxes. I didn't know it was just a southern California thing, minus some shop had white boxes here.

Nabisco Crackers : never had a pink donut box );

The Average Canadian : Here In canada our doughnut box's are red and brown (Tim hortuns)

Zaman Siddiqui : Anyone else think of Homer Simpson?

Lim Ming Quan : I thought DK means Drift King.

Seth Brodzik : Sooo nobody's gonna talk about that guy to the left at 0:55?

Nay2D2 : Why no gloves when making donuts? I don't see any burners so it's not like it's a safety hazard

GustyLux : 0:10 my grandma works there

Sawyer . Speedqb : Whenever I see a pink box I get so excited. Lol...

imkindahungry04364 : I'd like to meet the doughnut princess 👀

Brandon Kheang : Ayee where my Cambodian Americans at? 🇰🇭😀 👐

FreeHops : NO FUCKING WAY 0:13, just had a few donouts at granny's donouts earlier today

Sons of Angkor : Well being Cambodian and not knowing about this! Wow learning something knew everyday that it became a cultural thing here in the U.S.Also the pink boxes are used for cakes as well. It very common now for us Khmers to be donut shop owners. I need to visit these shops when I go to LA!

Camp Lezlo : I think I agree with her mom, the boxes should have stayed pink in my opinion.

FreeHops : Donouts aren't real so it doesn't matter

Nitya : Donut dislike this video :)

imkindahungry04364 : They're made out of dough people, not do. Their DOUGHnuts.

Momo Fruit : Two Words.... Krispy Kream

volcrom : We got tom hortons instead aye?..

Red ball : This Ted guy made millions and then got addicted to gambling and lost it all.

Crispy Chips : Did anyone hear Cambodian in the beginning?!?!?

Chakriya Duong : Cambodian - Khmer prides

Shan Tu : I'm sorry, why should I care about the color of my doughnut box

Wilbert Patiag : I have white boxes ;-;

Old Black Grandpa : I wonder if the Donut Princess like Creampies, *wink wink*

Skankhunt42 : Were I live I get black boxes that say "get out of out town"

AwsomeLachie : I really want donuts now 😩😩😩😩😩😩

supykun : 0:09 - 0:10 That donut shop right there, I'd always stop by for breakfast when I was rushing during high school :') Memories...

seth smith : I've never seen a pink doughnut 🍩 box ? Maybe because the only doughnuts store is dunkin doughnuts

Keokanchana Sam : Yesssss Khmer people

tide pod : 0:56 dat dude in the background

Fruits and Ghosts : It’s not?

Ira Maeven Lagundino : That guy in the background at 0:56 AHAHAHAHA He just seems so happy to be there 😂

Don Raven : I want a black donut box 😒

VinceLA91 : Big Jim's Donuts! Boyle Heights baby!

Some : 0:53 wtf is he doing in the background

Martin Tabanag : Donut princess is really gorgeous!

Elite Shadow Gaming : Pretty in pink I LIKE PINKKKKK

The SP Channel HD : My doughnut box is not pink

Absolute Gaming : Lol why do I even care

Rogue- Like -Rogue : I donut know why the boxes are pink

iDareDevils : IM CAMBODIAN

Navy SEALS Rock : uhhh doooonnnuts!!!!! lol Homer Simpson

Clorox Bleach : Ive never seen a pink box only white box where i live

Vincent Cardona : Donut shops here in the Philippines are usually colored yellow and red, rarely pink.

CutThroatNin3 : Pink box donuts are aesthetic as hell. <3

wildwolves2005 : My box is always orange

techdrive ._. : What a misleading title... You think donut shops around the world have pink boxes? Take Canada for example. Tim Hortons, the biggest Canadian donut and coffee shop industry, uses red boxes.


SURFY TURFY-MLBB : only krispy creme has white and green dots