What if THOR RAGNAROK had an anime opening?

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Olivia Martin : Kinda makes you realise just how many beautiful shots there are in Ragnorak. Whimsical cinematography on point!

Jobin : What if Infinity War had an anime opening

JohnyK07 : This is so fricking AMAZING! It genuinely gave me continuous goosebumps until the end! :D

FlawlessKevin : I LOVE THIS

Mad Pyer : Marvel is pretty much live action American anime by this point... It's an endless series that only gets more and more crazy and OP as every film (episode) passes.

no name Animation : We are planning on making a new one! Let us know what you guys think the next movie should be!


icefox94 : I feel like this would have been even better if, instead of the song we got, it was some jpop or night core version of the Immigrant Song. Not that it isn't fantastic already. :D

Carlos Arteaga : the only thing missing would be a female character praying for some reason.

ismail Cem Eroglu : Manga was better

Hyperion : Dude... You have just kill my perspective of Thor Ragnarok and Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei at the same time, and in the good way

Icarus V. : Opening/Ending for The Irregular at Magic Academy if you're wondering. Great anime

태선우 : Thor: Ragnarok was the best Thor movie, don’t @ me

Sariteixon Megpoid : That was grat!! Lisa fits perfectly with him, i love it!

Duro Monsta Cardo : Should have added the part where mjolnir broke into pieces. Like if you agree

Jabberwocky Show : Everybody who sees this should subscribe

Pratama Citra : The best marvel anime opening, hope you make for black phanter movie bro..

kori228 : Gotta point out, timing feels off. Try to time clip changes to the beat

andra wisnu : Is it just me or does it feel like the other way around. Like, Thor: Ragnarok is heavily inspired by anime openings.

Gong Bao : Holy shit! The shots are fitting so well xDDDD

gameboy blue : I'd rather watch 2 hrs and 10 mins of this on repeat than the movie

Dimas Lystianto : why not ready player one???

Cypher NX : You forgot to remove black bar on one shot :(

Riku : 0:12 to 0:20 best parts for me <3

Patrick Ohm : Shit this is damn freaking cool, love the opening part where the characters is shown one by one

Reino Subliminal : The influence that anime and mangas have. Hahahahaha. One day Anime and Video games will rule everything.

LittleFaggs : So....where's the running scene?

Jonathan Kelvin : The shots are fitting so well! Please make another one!

Herawan L. : 1:18 Why the logo written as MIGHTY THOR: BATTLE ROYAL instead of THOR: RAGNAROK?

The YaxiCat : The manga was better.

Elbert Lim : Better than official trailer 😂

ken kaneki : this 0:45 scene and most addicting was this 0:48 ,the video and the music just really men,you know how the anime opening-like works.tbh maybe i repeated that scene about 10 times

YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!! : Top 10 best ANIME OPENING

Elian Boyz : Damn one of the best video that i found on youtube

Briola Nugent : 5 seconds in *Pounds the like button* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like it, I like it alot

Fawwaz Wicaksono : just look on how colorful Thor Ragnarok is

Chuckybotz Gaming : This guy is the one who can change marvel

hanif AR : just back in here after few weeks and kinda feel sad. Why are the early comments got unpinned (including mine) ? Also, congratulations for the views and subs, you deserves it :)

Danur Kresna Murti : for manga reader. the movie is very disappointing.

abdalminator : this is perfection :' )

Gaming With Goku : cool!!!, how do you even make this?!?!

SIX ACT : This is awesome! Please make the Deadpool 2 Anime Version

A YzzY : Daaamn what a brilliant idea nicely done ✌

msparrabeth : I LOVED THIS WAAAAY TOO MUCH!! Thank you for this gift!!!! 💙💙💙⚡️⚡️💛

BananaJamana : This is perfection

Colin-kun :3 : It fits somehow perfectly! It was dope!

Jrs MotoVlog : No name Animation pls make another bro. This is awesome. How about Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Use any SNK theme song. I think it's quiet fit well

Pouya Aziz : This is actually amazing😅🔥

Marie Jaja Roa : 😎😘😁