What if THOR RAGNAROK had an anime opening?

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Olivia Martin : Kinda makes you realise just how many beautiful shots there are in Ragnorak. Whimsical cinematography on point!

Michael Mello : The irregular at asgardian high school

That Guy : I've seen like 4 Marvel movies with the 'anime opening' format, this one still wins If you're gonna say Avengers Infinity War op is better, it isn't. Half of the music is not synced to the video. You only think it's good cause it used the Naruto OP The best use of Silhouette is the Filthy Frank OP

DewaEchoes : God of Thunder at magic high school

Seven DeadlyPumpkins : every mcu movies need anime opening now

Cold Coffee Gamer : It angers me that this video was ripped and reuploaded onto Facebook, gaining over 2 million views while the original creator here only has 14K subs.

KitsuKame : It's almost sad how willing I am to watch an entire anime adaptation of Thor Ragnarok

trashy boi : 0:19 I don't know why, but I can't not think of Orochimaru.

CHMF030 : If this was the Japanese trailer for Thor Ragnarok.

Patrick Ohm : Shit this is damn freaking cool, love the opening part where the characters is shown one by one

GOD : Explain this athiests

Chuckybotz Gaming : This guy is the one who can change marvel

Umu Los x : This is from ‘Irregular at magic high school’ XD

Tobi /Obito Uchiha : I never knew thor ragnarok had so many anime visuals

no name Animation : We are planning on making a new one! Let us know what you guys think the next movie should be!

Belal DarkneSS : after seeing this I am convinced, only Marvel Studios can make real-life anime movies.

Sourav Gictu : Use that song yui from full metal Alchemist in next video. My suggestion Its suits good in civil war or infinity war

Cherry #PLAY : I'm cancelling if you don't make a iron man of this. Pleaseeeeeee 😢😢😢😢

Kevin Rafael D. : LiSA-Rising hope 💪💪✌️🤫😍

Gong Bao : Holy shit! The shots are fitting so well xDDDD

I LoVe_L0L1 : Thor senpai!1!1!1!1!1!1

Usagi Necromantist : OMGit unbelievable how well this song works with the movie


Galang Adhitia : Never get bored watching this. Very interesting!

Briola Nugent : 5 seconds in *Pounds the like button* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like it, I like it alot

Blueninja 177 : Really? The song from The Irregular at Magic Highschool

Crazy Jack : just change every actor for a japanese person and it actually looks like a japanese movie

heshaam javed : Tf he actually used The irregular at magic high school op music

Raditya Rachman : From 1:00 till end, the music n scene.. that's the real CLIMAX,, really2 love that part

Hyperion : Dude... You have just kill my perspective of Thor Ragnarok and Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei at the same time, and in the good way

PieceMaker : I'm not gonna lie.. had chills 😂🔥🔥👌

I'm sooo bored Jaehyun : Whoever made this earns my respect!

Adji Kurniawan : Next Crossing Field song

awesome NIE : So far this is the best opening

The YaxiCat : The manga was better.

AnnailXD : Top 10 Best anime openings of all time

Deantray Taylor : Fantastic job mate once again, however I feel like some of the scenes didn't fit so well with the lines of the song but then it catches back on and then it just feels like a soft touch again and then it catches back on again am I the only one that feels this way?😅😅


Princess PinkiePie : Nailed it 😂

Arlife GM : They gotta do this for avengers 4 *omegalul*

msparrabeth : I LOVED THIS WAAAAY TOO MUCH!! Thank you for this gift!!!! 💙💙💙⚡️⚡️💛

Jack jack j. Jack jack : The ragnarok at magical highschool

Soshie da best : When I saw this vid I was so shocked I even watched this vid for HOW MANY TIMES! .

ꌃ ꋪ ꍟ ꍏ ꀸ : Do one for *amazarashi's Sora Ni Utaeba* please.

Browntable : This is so flipping accurate lmao

Prasad More : I love this anime.

Emma ? : I didn’t know I needed this!!!

Gema Ramadhan : Oh my God, I can't stop watching this, I wish I can press more than 1 like XD

DOT COM : 0:14 - 0:20 Best shot!

abdalminator : this is perfection :' )