What if THOR RAGNAROK had an anime opening?

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Patrick Ohm : Shit this is damn freaking cool, love the opening part where the characters is shown one by one

Fachri M.B : God of Thunder at magic high school

Cold Coffee Gamer : It angers me that this video was ripped and reuploaded onto Facebook, gaining over 2 million views while the original creator here only has 14K subs.

Seven DeadlyPumpkins : every mcu movies need anime opening now

Kit Apelacio : I've seen like 4 Marvel movies with the 'anime opening' format, this one still wins

Olivia Martin : Kinda makes you realise just how many beautiful shots there are in Ragnorak. Whimsical cinematography on point!

BrutallyHonest : It's almost sad how willing I am to watch an entire anime adaptation of Thor Ragnarok

Divinity Lain : this 0:45 scene and most addicting was this 0:48 ,the video and the music just really men,you know how the anime opening-like works.tbh maybe i repeated that scene about 10 times

andra wisnu : Is it just me or does it feel like the other way around. Like, Thor: Ragnarok is heavily inspired by anime openings.

CHMF030 : If this was the Japanese trailer for Thor Ragnarok.

no name Animation : We are planning on making a new one! Let us know what you guys think the next movie should be!

Danur Kresna Murti : for manga reader. the movie is very disappointing.

Riku : 0:12 to 0:20 best parts for me <3

Chuckybotz Gaming : This guy is the one who can change marvel

Umu Los x : This is from ‘Irregular at magic high school’ XD

Briola Nugent : 5 seconds in *Pounds the like button* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like it, I like it alot

Herawan L. : 1:18 Why the logo written as MIGHTY THOR: BATTLE ROYAL instead of THOR: RAGNAROK?

Dimas Lystianto : why not ready player one???

Sourav Gictu : Use that song yui from full metal Alchemist in next video. My suggestion Its suits good in civil war or infinity war

Usagi Necromantist : OMGit unbelievable how well this song works with the movie

The YaxiCat : The manga was better.

I LoVe_L0L1 : Thor senpai!1!1!1!1!1!1

Reino Subliminal : The influence that anime and mangas have. Hahahahaha. One day Anime and Video games will rule everything.

Galang Adhitia : Never get bored watching this. Very interesting!

Ameya Pawar : Well anime fans shud get this joke if I say the name of this anime will be the irregular God at magic school

Gong Bao : Holy shit! The shots are fitting so well xDDDD

GOD : Explain this athiests

Tobi /Obito Uchiha : I never knew thor ragnarok had so many anime visuals

Cherry #PLAY : I'm cancelling if you don't make a iron man of this. Pleaseeeeeee 😢😢😢😢


Hyperion : Dude... You have just kill my perspective of Thor Ragnarok and Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei at the same time, and in the good way

heshaam javed : Tf he actually used The irregular at magic high school op music

Adji Kurniawan : Next Crossing Field song

ꌃ ꋪ ꍟ ꍏ ꀸ : Do one for *amazarashi's Sora Ni Utaeba* please.

msparrabeth : I LOVED THIS WAAAAY TOO MUCH!! Thank you for this gift!!!! 💙💙💙⚡️⚡️💛

Browntable : This is so flipping accurate lmao

trashy boi : 0:19 I don't know why, but I can't not think of Orochimaru.

AnnailXD : Top 10 Best anime openings of all time

awesome NIE : So far this is the best opening

Kevin Rafael D. : LiSA-Rising hope 💪💪✌️🤫😍

Arlife GM : They gotta do this for avengers 4 *omegalul*

RC Sparky : what anime OP?

Soshie da best : When I saw this vid I was so shocked I even watched this vid for HOW MANY TIMES! .

Raditya Rachman : From 1:00 till end, the music n scene.. that's the real CLIMAX,, really2 love that part

Aaron M : Honestly all the marvel movies should begin like this

abdalminator : this is perfection :' )

Pushkar Kulkarni : Play it at 2x at 1:04, you will enjoy it

Blueninja 177 : Really? The song from The Irregular at Magic Highschool

Crazy Jack : just change every actor for a japanese person and it actually looks like a japanese movie

Gema Ramadhan : Oh my God, I can't stop watching this, I wish I can press more than 1 like XD