Yikes! Russian Man Gets Hematoma While Hiking In The Mountains And Decides To Operate On His Own Leg
Guy get hematoma and decides to operate on his own leg

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Benny Hill PL : hardcore level? No - just Russian

Ollie Barker : Did I really just watch a video of a Russian fingering his own leg?

Neodinni : O kurwa

RarelyAccurate : tough as hell...I wonder how it all worked out

nicolas Rotundo : He numbed his skin so it didn’t hurt plus kids never do this seek medical treatment unless your russian

damaris de jesus : Don’t eat the red snow...

Bercik87 : look at 3:51 - he is smiling. probably thinking "ha! I won a bet, now this bottle of vodka is all mine. Totally worth it"

Rik Martinez : I won't lie, that made me squirm.

Prime Minister Sinister : This is what I feel like doing when I get shin splints

dandelionveins : Was anyone else wanting to pull his pant leg up away from the incision, I couldn't stop waiting for it to slide in the way

ShuvItUpUr CramHole : Dude, that was super gnarly wtf. Just digging around inside your leg scooping blood out

NIPupper : Yikes! he looks pleased to get rid of that Hematoma

weaver : wow what a good video i love russians

Panda SwagsS : This is actually cool

Stacy Hill : That's 100 survivist

Marl M : Nice - mododec. Ya z Polshy )))

Piotr W : brawo Ruskie!

Eduardo N : que wn mas macho

Nathan Skelton : If I had something like that I’d panic

Pashbrown Pasche : amazing

Phillip Lewis : Speechless...

here2watch08 : 😱😱😱

alexitogr : Those Russians have big rocks

JuicyJack : Reddit anyone?

Harrison M : Anyone know why the blood was congealing?

Andrea Pellini : Rambo

Susan Archer : Brave man

Eva Madrigal : Ouch.one tough bastard

jj. Bandz : Omg painful

abdullah mahon : Ouch

Bws226 _ : AHHHH!

Оля Я : Пока вы здесь в ванночке с кафелем.....Если помните была такая песня у Высоцкого "герой он ....нигде не умеют так больше куда там Албания с Польшей"

Smurves : How did this happen anyways? Did he fall? Or was it the pressure change from being high up?

Echo Company : How does this happen to somebody?

The Emerald Tiger : Yikes

Loperenco : Prawie się zrzygałem

Будь Здоров : Если ты попал в беду и с тобой рядом русский, ты счастливчик!

CzarnyBogSeksu : Obrotny chłop. Ładne szycie jak na polowe warunki : )

Meiyoshin Cx : He looks like a doctor and obviously has training and knows how to tie sutures. Im sure he probably gave himself a local anesthetic prior to the video as well.

Dominique Miller : Looks so pretty