The Death Metal Bangers of Botswana

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Justin Y. : Metal? Death Grips? Fantano?

ThatTallGuy : There's some pretty cool metal acts coming out of Africa these days. If you want some African BM check out Demogoroth Satanum :)

roentgen6 : Video is fine, but why y’all teaming with Wells Fargo? They got busted opening fraudulent bank accounts and don’t deserve any more sympathy after destroying our country and being bailed out by the government .

Le Leedler : He didn't need captions

Firdaus Ismail : really black metal

Awkward Telegrapher : So... when's the world tour?

Painful Mediocrity : Rock is universally awesome.

Fazrul Ahamed : demmm...this epic

Tipsylou : I've never seen black heavy metal and this makes me so happy

indeed : did not know africa did the metal thing in general, thats dope as all hell.

TieuM : Bastwanan death metal, just great... Well done guyz

Tetsu Hatano : I always look forward to the heavy metal videos, it’s just fun seeing how nuts the people the videos is about gets

questionable content : Botswana is more metal than most places considered metal.

Samuel Osmon : This is the best thing ever

Nanay Mo : I don't find joy in loud growling music. Just me.

Jemma B : 🤘

Namvumo Maghembe : I love it when stories of unique creativity are shown in Africa.

chobits chi : siiiick

The Pursuer : 1:33 that's called demon possession that explains the voice

Custer : Can't wait to go to a metal festival in Botswana sometime in the future

jub8891 : metal sounds incomprehensible nomatter the language or race. not my thing but good on them i guess.

club penguin user_100 : Lit af

S E : Ahhh this is awesome to see :D

Un Knowing : Bangers Bruh

Tracey Delfs : Its a beautiful thing to see people free to love and live the things that make them whole.

It's a Goodie : Heh, funny to think that Wells Fargo advertised this. I would want to look at their faces when they watch the video.

Bokeh Life : Why?

Bobby Johnson Esq. : Haha, Fuck yeah! I love how their are metal fans all over the world. I was going to give a like, but it needs to be left at 666. :X

ice is nice : First like

Basquiat_The_Creator : DAMN./10

Not Justin.Y's Clone : It's more like zombie fes for me

N00dlesoup : When will they be in Wacken?

Zenith project : Let me translate he is say orrrrrrssssthasssssssahhhhhhhhh!😀

agi bastian : \m/ metal for life

RHYS Style : Am I the only one who thinks to put a caption while he speaks is kinda racist?

Pass Kall : This whole afro metal / afto punk thing is so stupid, weird and unecessary

Fuentes : And then there’s American modern metal heads who are actually scene kids with mixed emotions and super tight leggings

jub8891 : at least now people cant only blame whites for cultural appropriation

Muhammad Ali : I have found my type of Negroids.. I am moving to Botswana!

It’s ya Boi baby rolls : I would rock with them 🤘

Narendra Wicaksono : *Botswana*

skyyzz : when you think you see everything

fatgar01 : Hi

atomicbrain9401 : This is so pure and so fucking awesome. Great story.

Steven Universe : "When I get on stage, it feels like hell." Well're in Botswana...

CreeperBot 793 : How do you get to Botswana?

CreeperBot 793 : *B O T S W A N A*

Daniel López Fielitz : such a cool scene

Metonymy1979 : I love this but some pussheas in America would say this is cultural appropriation.

Going Pretty Fast For A Sloth : They got nothing on batmetal