Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)
Beethoven Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement Absolutely mesmerizing

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Sheet music: Click the 🔔bell to join the notification squad! ♫ Listen on Spotify: ♫ MIDI: ♫ Facebook: ♫ Instagram: ♫ Twitter: ♫ Buy me a coffee: Hope you enjoy my performance of the third movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Outro: Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) Hello, I'm Rousseau, I make piano covers of classical and pop songs with a reactive visualizer. New videos every Monday!


Nebu Lighted : i can't even play the wrong notes that fast

Mustafa Halik : Asian parent: good warm up. Now play something *hard*

MuraD : Me:Are you righthanded or lefthanded? Beethoven: *Yes*

Kyrstil : My fingers trying to play a piano: “Sorry, I don’t speak Italian.”

Dez : Beethoven: *Angrily hits piano a couple times* Beethoven: Oh that's a bop!

Dragoon GT : I can easily play this. Why is everyone saying it’s so hard to play? I know my WiFi connection is not the best, but the video played just fine.

TheDaivel : The problem is I only have 10 fingers

Gankageddon : Showed this to my puppy. He's now a wolf.

Keurlock : I'm still shocked that Beethoven was *deaf*

I G O T N O J A M S : "Moonlight Sonatas aren't super difficult" *3rd Movement has entered the chat*

Ærror : The most shocking thing in all this is that he didn’t miss a single note in 7 minutes...

aliyah : Guy: I can play half of Fur Elise! Rousseau: *hold my chopin liszt*

troll of legends : if only bethoven worked for valve... there would be no third movement

STEVE NGUYEN : Name a note that's highly explosive. *C4*

Gavin Vasquez : asian parent: now play it backwards

Gertro Eiman : Y'know craps gonna get outta control when he doesn't look at the camer...... oops wrong channel

TasteTheRambo : Is it just me or does Beethoven seem pissed the whole way through composing this piece?

DJ Platypus : A Korean transfer student at my old school played this in the school talent show once... let’s just say the winner was an obvious choice

Isaiah Shelton : The fact that I know a deaf man made this just amazes me 😂

꧁Slay Queen꧂ : The fact that you played for 7 minutes straight, Satan I'm ready to go home.

Ujwal S U : Me : Day 1 : Watches this video, gets super impressed. Decides to not watch videos and instead record such masterpieces himself. Day 2 : Starts practicing piano. Later realizes that he's playing symmetrically with both hands, making some horrendous noises. Day 3 : Back to video.

Anialator : How Asians do this: "Nice warm-up now try the extreme 10x faster

AnaPaula Vizcarra : Pffff so easy! I can play without any problem from minute 6:46 to 6:50!! 😄

Nayme Gnoatto : your hands are faster than my wi-fi

Larry Alexander : Subscriber: "Which classical peice is you favorite?" Rousseau:"Yes."

om j : 2 time speed : HOLY CRAP I HAVE EXAMS

Rishi Rusia : 0:05 Your mind when she says"you are More than a friend but not my boyfriend"

Shane Mu : My fingers get stuck in between the keys lmao 😂

Ben : This piano has officially lost its virginity

Kazuo Tsukumi : When the sheet says “presto agitato”, RIP normal human hands. Except for Rousseau.

ARTificial437 : my keyboard doesnt have enough notes for real im serious

starlodear : Imagine hitting all the right keys up until the final note and you hit the wrong one. Would be quite frustrating.

a man hiding his name : Not a fan of piano things. But 'you lie in April' brought me here.

Léo Lbc : What a masterpiece! I discovered your channel one week ago, and before I wasn’t listening to this kind of music so much, but now I listen to your channel every night lol. You play very well, keep it up bro!!

Mount Choco : I can’t wait until I’m able to play this someday... Someday

XI XI : I would start crying if someone told me to play this😭😭😭

PianoClassics : 1.3K people had their screens upside down when they tried to hit the like button.

Markus Kosmo : This is probably my favorite classical music piece ever, and it's fantastic on so many levels. Now... Try putting the video on 2x speed!

Daniel Alonso Alvarado Villarreal : When you are like in the 3rd minute of playing Moonlight Sonata, "Oh sht here we go again"

cades : You should really start performing in concerts, you’re playing is flawless.

R eichimie : Faster than my internet lol

SUPA JEW : Me:I'll just learn the right hand Also me: Nevermind😂

hari_kishore : Rousseau: cough. My hands: I feel uncomfortable.

Jerry Qin : Not gonna lie he probably learned this piece in like 2 hours

EZIC : Asian parent: Ok you warmed up, now start it backwards

Yanghe Zhu : I can’t even play the wrong notes that fast 🤔

Grecia M : You should be a piano teacher. Very impressive!

The channel with a camera No content : Me : wait how does the lighting even work * completely ignores intense piano music *

Aariz Khan : What tempo are you going at? Oh you know, COCAINE.