Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)

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Rousseau : Beethoven. Moonlight Sonata. 3rd Movement. This has been one of the most requested pieces that I perform on this channel, and since it has been 6 months since the channel has started, I decided to have this one ready for you. For the next few months I'm away from home, however I spent this September making a new video almost every day, meaning weekly videos will continue until the end of the year and then onwards! Hopefully you all enjoy, there's a lot more craziness to come!

Naya : I wish I could play like this. But my hands and brain were fried from just watching this.

Lord Voldemort : "I recently learned the Turkish March on the piano!" Russeau: That's cute.

JordanJo : *_0:00_* *Okay I can do this!!!* *_0:05_**_(already dead)_*

Dragoon GT : I can easily play this. Why is everyone saying it’s so hard to play? I know my WiFi connection is not the best, but the video played just fine.

Hai Thu Le : You: *Play Movement 1* Friend: You said you can play piano? A child can do this You: *Play Movement 3*

DS Music : I can't listen to it right now cuz I'm in class, but even with the sound off *I can still friccin hear it* Rousseau is a god confirmed

loucombelle trois : The legends say Rousseau once fingered his girlfriend... She died.

The Random Nugget : Rousseau: Omae wa mou sheindeiru Piano: *NANI?*

Jason Alexander : Dislikes came from those who tried mimicking your performance and lost all ten fingers

Sky Playz : If you can’t play it slow , you can’t play it fast . If you can play slow , you can play fast. ;)

AtinPiano : *slow clap*

MysterioBerlin : Beethoven was drunk during the time he wrote this

FastestMemeInTheWest : 0:15 the pinkie is that one person who doesn't do anything for the group project

Ruben Gonzalez : This is my 2019 goal. Let’s see how this goes.

Karma Sucks : *_Bruh, you obviously haven't tried Mary had a little lamb or Hot Cross Buns._*

beenuhavebigpp : _It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for!_

mattcain18 : “Hi, I’m Ludwig van Beethoven, and I betcha can’t play this...”

Wolfie 452 : My left hand won't even cooperate with me like wtf

E E T Z J O S H : Instructions unclear, set fire to piano.

Jan Maverick : My IQ turned to patric while i was watching this.

FightKing 4K Gaming : I forwarded this to my mom. She replied: "Are you trying to tell me it is ok to play videogame?"

Can I Get 5276 subs no videos? : *yOUr hAckInG aT PiaNO, NO oNE caN bE tHat gUd !! !*

SickoMode Clips : Fingers Has Left The Chat.

Phoebe Knight : This is the first time I have ever watched a YouTube video and wanted to leap out of my chair and clap wildly at the end. Magnificent!

Abhijeet Pandey : When the composer was deaf............

MidLeaf : Harvard did a recent study on how much power this guy used during this video and the calculations were 1% of all his power, he cannot he stopped

snailpop snailpop : Well....After 1234543234 days I am happy to say I figured out how to play the first note!

RWBY Fan : Your lie in April? The one that kousei played.

William Vazquez : I saw this video about a week ago and have been practicing it, but every time I play my fingers just die.

Erik Wingerter : I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life

Krishna Ramrakhani : He obviously practices/Ling Lings 40 hours a day

Rosalina Tampus : i always watches this repeatedly

Trisha Agarwal : Your lie in April anybody???

OW Relentless - Beast : 1:19 left hand

Doc Holiday : So fast gonna leave the keys smoking by the end of it

DeuL MasTa : I used to be able to play this although it didn’t sound as great as yours but still I can’t believe that I could play it and I’m very proud of myself!!!!!

ISAIAH SINGS : His wife Is jealous that she didn't get to same treatment

Justin Tang : I can do that, hold my beer = glass half full person My beer can do that, hold me = glass full of beer person

Mark Fowler : Those octave top note trills at 0:48 and 0:51 are pure evil, you pulled them off perfectly, they're really not easy lol, also 6:43 - fantasie impromptu, same notes! Also i noticed you played some sections of notes slower than they should be, almost semi-quavers to quavers in fact, maybe artistic choice i dont know, but for example the ending arpeggios in both hands in C# minor were significantly slower than the start arpeggios for example, there are other parts too, but i noticed that most, i dont envy you having to record this piece anyway (must have took hours to get it right) but really great job as always recording it, love the effects and that it reaches more people who can listen to classical music, i think Hungarian rhapsody no.2 would work really well, please do that one at some point, maybe even the horowitz version for some extra fun/virtuosity.

Joaco DL : 6:42 sounds familiar

VeryMashed Potato : Did it reach her?

Songcrafter25 : Bravo! I wish I could play even half that well! Alas, the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata alone can prove problematic for me, because I have short fingers.

AF Skulll : Do songs from Castlevania Symphony of the Night, please

Anika Pierantonietti : Hands? Broken Brain? Fried Mind? Blown Hotel? Trivago

ralph Arpaio : 0:17. If anyone here knows how to play this part, do you have any tips, tricks, or ways to practice the right hand? I always get caught up on this part and I can easily reach octaves just my right pinky is not moving fast enough.

Adrian Lafuente : I played the 1st movement I dont think I prepare for such monster

mouny gaming : no words can describe how GREAT your skills.stuning and great job on upgrading them

shadan : There is a hard struggle behind this....this happens when a instrument becomes ur body part.. My body parts move slow..☹️😭

Luke Faulkner : Congratulations on a great upload! I am a professional pianist and always found this piece awkward to play. Would be so much easier in A minor haha!