Ukiyo-e Heroes (24) : 'Times Burned Bright'
Ukiyo e Heroes 24 Times Burned Bright Traditional Woodblock Painting

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Here is the next in the long series of videos showing how Jed Henry's Ukiyo-e Heroes woodblock prints are made. This one is the design known as 'Times Burned Bright', and was shot in the printer's room on the 3rd floor of the Mokuhankan building in Asakusa, Tokyo, in the autumn of 2018. In a new twist for our videos, this one was produced in its entirety by Mokuhankan staff member Cameron Hilker. Look out for more coming soon! The famous Ukiyo-e Heroes prints can be seen here: They can be ordered online at: The print in this video can be ordered here: We stream our printmaking activities six days a week over on Twitch: ... and there is a Patreon page at: Thanks for watching!


Zachary Hughes : Cameron is really coming into his own as a narrator; you and he should both feel proud! What a wonderful print this is -- I can't help but be reminded of some of the shots in Yasujirō Ozu's later works from this angle and color play.

Jorge Cardoso : Your videos are becoming more and more artistic David, congratulations! And really, really thank you for your content, your energy, and your perseverance. You have by far the most precious gem of a channel here on YouTube, and when I watch and rewatch your videos, I always feel blessed to have found it. A big hug from Brazil my friend, looking forward to visiting your shop

Samantha Lee : looks like the editor is gonna get the ole fashioned beatin from grandpa david

MrJohnnyMartinez : Chrono Trigger

theladylillibet : I enjoyed the different filming style, well done Cameron! Though I do miss Dave's voice over I think you did an excellent job.

cryohellinc : That's a very Large mana potion in front of David. P.S. Love the samurai frog. :D

5chr4pn3ll : Very interesting video that really gives you an appreciation of just how much work goes into a single print. Not even counting the carving of the individual blocks.

Ken Hallatt : A really wonderful video showing all of the work that goes into producing such a beautiful print. The resulting prints are just excellent work and Cameron did a very nice job shooting a very complicated process and bringing it all together into another great Mokuhankan video. Well done all!

Fractal : Cameron did great, especially in keeping the mellow tone I've grown to love from this channel.

Andrew Jones : honestly your voice has quite the similar vibe to Daves when your speaking in Japanese. I would love it if narration was in Japanese with English subs. Now whether that is feasible due to time or ability is another matter up to you. Additionally, if you want to get some moving shots, I recommend buying a plane old kitchen timer for baking that rotates as it counts down. You can set a recording device on it via some mount and get some incredible moving timelapse. Great work!

Charlie Mcgloughlin : I now realize that people who are here for just the ASMR are disproportionately adverse to just a *tiny* bit of change. Too bad. This video is absolutely amazing, Cameron, dont focus on the negative comments -- from the way you are responding you seem to be taking it in stride, good for you.

Alessio Fangano : Good job Suga-san and Cameron-san! Very interesting video an gorgeous print in the end :D

HBThingy : Thank you guys for putting up the process. Good job Cameron and Suga-san!

Sultan Mulberry : I really liked how you showed the layers of pigment step by step, Cameron. Thanks

Oalmax : I'm loving these handcrafting videoes. So much time and effort goes into making these. I hope the owners are appreaciate of the hard work!

hombretropical : As soon as David said "someone else made the video" I was like "BUT ASMR".. turns out this kid does just fine in that department ;)

Phil Bivins : really incredible...this video gives you a great idea as to how much goes into just the printing side of producing these beautiful prints....

trahnettilhcs : Glad to see you made it through the weather, David. Thanks for the video

Le Green Boat : Cameron is a lovely narrator and does a good job putting together the sequence of events in a really engaging way!!! I can't wait to see him develop his style more in whatever he does next!! <3

elle : Love your work David, thank you so so much for the upload

Ben Parkinson : Always love to see these beautiful print being made

Delnizz Mobile : Great job! A great print, it looks to be inspired from one of my favorite games of all time as well. Thank you for creating this video. I loved the end whet you showed all the impressions going on one after another quickly. Thank you again.

Windrunner Six : Come back to us, Dave! 3 months is too many months! I’m in need of another long rambling story of art and life and striving for excellence in everything!

Colin McGlade : Thanks for the video David, Excellent work. Please thank Cameron and Suga-san for this.

Ysylla : This is the best game ever made and you have done it justice with this wood block print.

John McMunn : First, many thx for producing and posting this video. We are very lucky that you (the team) share with all of us. I like Cameron's style, especially showing the preparation of a new baren covering. cheers john

Shawn Butts : wonderful. always surprising to realize how much work goes into beautiful art.

Bones : Fantastic video, in regards to the editing of the video, also fantastic. If I were to make any changes it would be the POV and the addition of adding more motion when making still scenes. Thanks again for another video!

DelphicExpanse : I missed this video! Boo youtube, but glad I saw it now :D

myrrdyn : The block at 33:50 (number 26) lacks a caption

mangs856 : Well done, Cameron. I especially liked how you began your portion of the video and the casual conversation/interview with Suga-San at the end (not to mention the beautiful print itself). Very interesting the whole way through! Another job well done from the crew at Mokuhankan.

Mark G : Bloody hell David, was starting to think you'd been caught up in the recent typhoons. Hope you're all well (stop leaving for so long) Thanks for the videos they're much appreciated and your work admired here in England ✌

theden0minat0r : Great video work, Cameron!!

Adrian Stathoukos : I recently just stumbled upon your work and I absolutely love your art. I was curious though, will "The Old Sage" (part of the hero series) be available as a woodblock print in the future? Thanks so much!!

pearpenguin : Wow, we are getting to see steps I've never seen before myself.

Piotr Bomba : Guys, don't you think it's time to invest in a less noisy microphone and maybe a deadcat 😂?

Quast : Great video until the end and then I remembered all the people in my life that I gave a piece of paper to, where they just held the whole thing in one hand, pressed their thumb thumb into the buttom holding it, thereby bending the paper ever so slightly, or leaving a mark. Still sends shivers down my spine. Hope you don't have these issues with people in your store.

gato712 : I woke up at 1am on a work day to watch this.

Scott Lerman : Thanks for recent uploads, Dave. We missed you.

Adam W : Is this based off Starfox?

Classic Towers : So it's Lucca, Robo, Chrono, Marle, Frog, Ayla... and who's the last guy on the top part?

CoffeeBean : So happy to see another long video pop up in my subscription feed!

Quetzel Coatl : David I'm glad to hear from you

Jst AGreek : I've always wanted to learn how to draw in this style but I dont know where to start. Any tips?

arayapokey : Great video, and a mindblowing print. Also I could compose soft ambient music for the whole video that wouldn't be in the way, let me know next time you have a project Cameron, or if you have a short video you would like me to use as an example, send it my way.

Zeuslight Art : Thanks again for the advice David!!

Green Man : man, I get a little anxiousness just thinking about all the things that could go wrong

A Side of Miso : Dave! It was an absolute pleasure catching up with you last Sunday, had a really good laugh and the new desing of the shop looks fantastic! Till next time good sir but for now I'll be enjoying this latest upload! My word, 27 impressions! You guys continue to raise the bar and impress!

Umekara : Thanks for the video, it was not one minute too long. The print turned out beautiful. David's vivid carving of different hair types of these heroes deserves a mention!