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Comments from Youtube

Dkaeq : *BULLY_HUNTER_77 Joined the game* BULLY_HUNTER_77: Harassment is not a game. *BULLY_HUNTER_77 Has left the game.*

Jinzo Okami : What if the bully hunters suck at the game? They're not really helping at that point. Unless, of course, they cheat. but in that case THEY become the toxic cancerous ones.

Extended Official : It always sounds like he is saying ”Pew Nudes”

iagorincon : But... but... it’s a game. He’ll be back in thirty seconds.

coqsoq : If someone harrasses you harrass them back

Joel Ong : Me:your not very nice Bullyhunters: *calls police*

Ernesto Oropeza : The gaming community is the best at eliminating cancer.

Anandhu A.B : I am a victim of harrassment in gaming please give me some steel series money

matthew2837 : Finally a news channel with no ads

CHAIN THUNDERBOLT : Honestly I wished this was a success so there are frag clips killing the "bully hunters" by other players. I can Find this satisfying as the bully hunter who is suppose to hunt the bully is unable to kill the bully and this could've actually be video worthy. For me anyway.


John oof Koins : NAME THE BULLY.

MarkieTheHero : AND of course the bully hunter thing is female-only, further cementing the lie that men are somehow so privledged that bullying n harrassment never occur towards them :)


Jens W. : So even if this Bullyhunting thing were to work and a bully would be deterred by being fragged once before simply moving on to a different server...did these people consider that this would *gamify bullying*? What's sweeter for a bully than to bully someone and then to beat the bully hunter sent after him? People would go "challenge accepted" all over the place and bully people just to get the chance to beat a bully hunter.

Kelsey Hinrichs : So true, most of the time when companies pair with charities it’s not about actually helping people, it’s about giving consumers dopamine responses that will make them buy more products and support the companies more than supporting the actual cause. This mentality hurts charities more than it helps them. Most times, if you want to actually help charities or causes you should donate to the charities or causes themselves. ❤️

A Dog In a Cowboy Hat : Yeah I was in a tf2 game with one of these bully hunters, the guy the bullyhunter targeted dominated the bullyhunter. The bullyhunter got kicked for some reason.

Jobless Harjap : That clapping😂😂👍👍

Dane Reads : It's weird how mainstream media hasn't picked up on you helping Johnny D.

Pepe The Bush Kangaroo : Gloria Borger was probably born Gloria Borgerstein.

LolcakesTV : I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of pew news. Thanks, mate.

SomeMeat : "stop bullying yeah... it's really not nice" - lil t

Jazza Lol : Left 4 dead is a good game

Nomicro4u : Sad day everyone #BullyHunters has been shut down and Steelseries are backpedaling their involvement... *_WHO WILL PROTECT US FROM THE BULLIES NOW?!?!?!!?_*

RetroCNY : Bully Hunters was the greatest thing to happen on the internet in quite possibly my life time. This glorious meme will transcend space and time. There's just nothing I can say about it that hasn't already been said. It speaks for itself. Everything about it. The set-up. The execution. The paid actors they used to be the harassers. The downright false statistics. The people who ran it. The amount of cringe was off the charts. The best part is watching everyone associated with it run for cover and race to see who can be the first one to throw everyone else under the bus. Simply incredible. Awe inspiring, really. Seriously, I'm going to send Steel Series non-stop emails claiming I'm a victim of online harassment until they send me some hardware. At the very least I'll take a new fucking mouse pad because their QCK Heavy pads always rip at the seam but I've continued to buy them for a decade because I'm a moron. Seriously, how the fuck do they target "victims of online harassment" to send the proceeds to. Send it to some up-start non profit that no one's ever heard of? Maybe they have a fancy mission statement loaded with the typical virtue signalling nonsense that means they're oh so serious about this cause. Bunch of fucking idiots. Harassment is real. It happens. People handle it differently. Most adults can brush it off because it's the internet and they're...adults. But there's people that can't handle it and I sympathize with those individuals, which is why this entire debacle is so fucking disappointing. Because they've turned the issue of online harassment into a fucking MEME. Any time someone brings up harassment, the great BULLY HUNTERS meme of 2018 is all people will think about. And yeah SteelSeries, you didn't take a step forward. You took 5 steps back. Wake up and get a clue. You'd think a corporation that's been selling gaming peripherals to gamers for over a decade would be a little less tone-deaf by now, but they're just as stupid as the typical shit you see on the mainstream media. Stop the virgue signalling garbage already. No one cares about your virtues. Congratulations, you don't like harassment. You're a normal human being. I'm just trying to picture SteelSeries headquarters once the livestream got rolling. I can just picture their P.R guy walking into the conference room and saying "We're fucked." OMEGALUL

kin kin : I got about 4 ads. Don't worry, they were wholesome.

Do Re Meme : Everyone, we have an announcement to make. STOP BULLYING.

John Keaney III : Bully hunter would be better if they just continuously killed the bully until they rage quit

Aidan M. : Girl: can you help me Boy: I am a bully Girl OMG your so mean [dies] [Boy visits grave]... Hunter This is so sad! Can we hit bully?


pat walsh : We have an announcement to make.......STOOOOOPPPPPP BULLYING!!!!

Jack William : Крутой свитшот

Sam B. : *MUTE ALL* The original Bully Hunters.

Mr Not That Famous : hit us with the news gloria

Nab ZZ : Instead of "Zuckerberg" I understood "Suck a bird" xD

Andrew Van Velsor : I already bought a mug what am I supposed to buy ANOTHER ONE?!?

itsArturoRios : Informative content in a fun way 👌🏻 what else can I ask for ..a mug ofc 😂

Matthew : "How far will it stretch" - while talking about a vagina -Pewdiepie 2018

Venenoso : Gloria Borger looks like pewdiepie

Warren R : My favorite news anchor, Gloria Borger! A name you can trust!

Mollie Rollman : your views on everything social is on point ! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 common sense ..rationality... with humor. Perfect. And I’m telling you... there will be a day when the 1st amendment will be abolished and it’s a sad scary thought.

Dillon Qaphsiel : To totally rek someone is a good way to get back at them.

The Last And First Time : The internet is cancer.

ZShaun : My parents told me i need to start watching the news so here i am

Alayna Kurek : Hearing “Hunters” immediately made me think of Bloodborne. “A hoonter must hoont”.

Chromiia YT : *BULLY HUNTER_77* : Name the bully Me: Myself ;-;

Alizeh Khakwani : I got a t series ad on this pewdiepie video 😂😂😂 #pewdsForever ❤

Паульс Павел : America is slowly becoming soviet Russia) Lol

xXFaZe_DoNgLeXx : How to stop harassment in gaming Step 1: mute them