Coffee shop refuses service to man making Islamophobic comments

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Molino Eric : foxnews headline = "coffee shop refuses service to heroic christian soldier".

Product Of 90’s : White knights coming to defend their meth brother in 3-2-1

Sucks2beU : Muslim looks like a ninja.

Keith K : For everyone saying this isn't racism, that is true. It is technically religious prejudice. But, that's kind of splitting hairs. It's still ignorant rambling based on prejudice either way.

bmo : Sounds like one of those staged "social experiment" vids.

Guy Gordon : But since she's a Muslim, the proper response to her question, "Do you know I'm a Muslim?" Would be, "Yes, but I'm wondering why you're talking to another man because Muslim women aren't allowed to talk to men in public without their husband present."

craigcreationz : "This Is America"

Silicus : There should be no discrimination, But he is not wrong when he says the religion supports the killing of non believers. Quran 9:29 "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." And Yes I know Christianity has supported violence as well, But Christianity has been reformed by the new testament. I am just an agnostic who supports freedom of PEACEFUL Religion. Islam must have some sort of reform. Nearly 50 to 40 percent of all Muslims in America and the UK support Sharia law ( according to a pew research poll ).

MH : I love that he got kicked out and didn't get to order. Sure, maybe she was "anticipating" the confrontation and ready to respond. Maybe she'd had one too many guys hurl insults at her when she didn't have her phone and response ready. It doesn't really matter as he didn't know that. Somehow he felt justified to make a thinly disguised islamophobic comment to a woman he never met based purely on her (religious) dress. Sorry folks, we support freedom of religion in this country for all. You don't get to decide. And businesses have the right to refuse service to those acting in a brutish manner (disrespecting other customers). He got exactly what he deserved. You don't have to agree with someone else's religion but that will never give you the right to disrespect any person.

Shrimp : He wasn't racist but he did say something discriminatory which then resulted in a shouting match. I understand getting rid of people shouting in a coffee shop in that situation, disrupting everything.

Kory Romanat : What a clown.

crystalllynne : Jesus never says to gather the people to kill them. I dunno what she is talking about. To much bad info and misinformation fans the seeds of bad feelings.

BBPhun : There's something wrong with this encounter. Maybe other people didn't pick it up, but any minority would know this is not how these scenes usually play out. This is actually ALL about race. The girl is a converted white western women in a hijab, if this were an Arabian women with a heavy accent, her experience would've been a hell of a lot different.

David May : Ahh... the scared and angry Trump supporter in the wild, looking to blame others. The next best thing is the maga supporters in the comments getting butt-hurt and needing a safe space. They aren't used to being called out on their hateful actions.

Sharkonabicycle : 1) He can say whatever he wants, freedom of speech. 2) The coffee shop can refuse service to whoever they want, as a private institution. 3) The Koran is generally inherently violent or promotes murder of people 'causing mischief' just like this guy did. 4) She was also speaking back about his religion but he did start it... still instead of ignoring him or taking her business elsewhere she got verbally aggressive and stooped to his level... that's not exactly the best way to make your point, lol.

Keith K : Maybe he's just jealous that she has her niqab but he left his white hood at home. :)

Fakakus Youbalus : I’m going to take this into account next time a bible thumper knocks on my door.

Jacob Gonzalez : I bet if he wouldn't act the same towards a big black Muslim brother. I hate Islam too but I'm not a bully about it. I can care less if women want to dress like ninjas for their religion.

Nikola Tesla : The guys an ass no doubt but hate speech is free speech..

SXI96 : That guy is obviously a hate-filled, xenophobic POS emboldened by Trump's divisive, islamophobic rhetoric, both worthless pieces of dog feces in life

Danny Pants : Ignorant fools like him should crawl back into their hermit holes and never come out again.

doblebo : +1 coffee bean

Ali Rabbani : Look, as a guy born in Canada but with middle eastern roots, I think I could have an opinion because I’ve been brought up with the two sides beliefs. Honestly, these women who escape from places in the Middle East to come live a better life in the western world really need to understand they have to somewhat meet the norms of where they’re going. Moving to America and still wearing a burka, I mean come one, do you really not expect any backlash ? If you’re always complaining about how white people don’t learn about new “cultures”, maybe you should do the same first.

Kap00rwith2os : Props to the supervisor!

Molino Eric : the guys balding thats why hes hateful.

kaleidoskulls : I always hate these vids because there's no way to know what was happening before the camera started. Shouting profanities in a cafe is almost guaranteed to get you thrown out, but I'm really curious what started it. It starts with just him saying he doesn't like Islam, is that going to be considered hate speech now?

strups : No hate but why does she wear that thing

Matthew Dickerson : He seems fake and she does too. Looks very staged.

Blue Butterfly : She is misinformed about the bible. Jesus did not say that

Michael S : He sounds like Trump, cough cough, I mean idiots. Oh wait same thing.

Ahmad Irshad mayaar : FYI she is a Muslim convert and is ridiculous thing about non Muslims reading the only Surah in the Quran is that they just read that surah and then don’t read that in what context is that ... and they be having a hard time reading Shakespeare’s book and trying to get what this word means but just a glance at that surah is enough 😂 🤣 ... c mon dude it’s Quran not a piece of cake .. Muslims reading the Quran are trying to learn the meaning and context and what does it tell them and why it was revealed ... it’s ridiculous when they just point out that one surah without having any further info about it ..

Chuck U Farley : People just need to mind their own business. Get your food and go do what you have to do.

housetrancformer : I have read the Koran cover to back , studied it, the book is very clear that non-believers are expendable and should be deceived and murdered if not converted. This woman does not know what she's talking about, nowhere in the Bible does Jesus Christ command anybody to kill anybody. In fact, he tells us to pray for our enemies and to bless those who use us. This is America, and this woman should be allowed to peacefully practice any religion she wants to, just as this man has the right to speak his mind. Watching the video, it was she who caused a disturbance, not him. If this man is smart, he will sue this coffee shop, and he will win.

Urban Outdoorsman : Both of these people are ignorant and should have been thrown out of the coffee shop. The man has the right to say what he wants... however he did said some ignorant things. Meanwhile the lady holding the camera is assuming every white person is Christian or every person that doesn't like a Muslim is automatically a Christian. Little education for you folks anybody Christian a real Christian doesn't hate anyone

Joe Vartanian : Being Muslim and wearing a headscarf or a hijab is fine. But the niqab is a terrifying Halloween-style uniform worn by hardcore Islamists. I don't blame this guy for being uncomfortable.

Charles Brown : That garb is illegal in France and some other European countries

Sam Hasselbring : They both should have been kicked out for disturbing the business. I don't care about those two people's personal problem.

archipelago93 : Ok, so it's bad enough this guy says what he says, but then she puts her foot in her mouth by then trying to attack Christianity. I saw this in a news article and they make it seem like she's super innocent, even when it's clear from her *own words* that she holds bitter views towards another religion. Two wrongs don't make a right, folks! Should have learned that in 1st grade!

The Man Who Forgot Time : Obviously from the get-go there is something we missed before the video starts. Perhaps he is just full of anger on this day; maybe she cut in line, who knows why this all happened. But since he took the bait, he now gets to pay for it.

jayze10 : "You are committing hate speech!" Did your Muslim people say that to the people they have mowed down in their trucks and also beheading innocent people? I think this is why the man talked to you the way that he did. Assimilate in the US or leave.

D2sdonger : FYI. You cannot "commit hate speech" in USA as there is no such thing. We call these people A-holes. If they make threats or use words to incite violence, we call that a felony.

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Russ deVadda : Props to the guy

Space War : Nothing wrong with hating Islam.

MRae : She attacked back, “Jesus said to bring nonbelievers and kill them” Actually Islam kills people who dont believe, they kill innocent people everyday. I have muslim friends who I love but please dont make Islam a religion thats peaceful, its not

stabg289 : Fake Video

Beth Av : Woman also was stupid. Respect others when you deserve to be respected and you come to this country dress like that is wrong.

Real Deal : Makes me wish I had 500,000 screaming Muslim refugees on the streets instead.

H Hijazi : I don't like people who whip out their phone and record the words of their ideological opponent. It's suspiciously malevolent

D F : I wish she would yell at other Muslims like that. Especially the ones who murdered other people and other Muslims. Good for this guy. Islam is not a race!!!