Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds

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edgelee84 : From Harvard to Harlem

TheHoustonFactor : Nigel where's my money for posting this video? I should be rich by now damn!

Middle Finger : everytime i'm having a bad day i just watch this video and everything is ok again LOL

TheHoustonFactor : no money for me because my old station owns it.

RedJester68 : Will we ever find out what *really* happened at Augusta High School that Thursday that led to Chris Wood's death?

Imani Dominguez : From Harvard to Harlem real quick. 😂😂😂

Janick Norman : Name: Chris Woods Place of death: Augusta High School Cause of death: Shit flying into his mouth

Tommy Udo : 0:04 Reptillian

TriTeam3000 : Listen very closely, you can hear the camera man laughing when the news reporter goes ghetto.

ACtrance : he didn't chose thug life, thug life chose him

roisindubh02 : This is the funniest video I have ever seen. Never gets old and always makes me laugh.

Thomas Schmidt : From Harvard to Harlem in 3 seconds.

White Wolf : This country ass town. I lost it at that.


AppleCounty 305 : Still one of the funniest videos ever till this day. 😂😂😂 2 wks until 2k19

dennisyerger84 : He'd probably done a hundred takes already, and it was probably hot outside. That fly was just the last straw that sent him over the edge when he finally snapped. If I was that cameraman I'd be laughing too.


AcidGlow : lol. This gets me everytime. I love this vid. Pause at 0.04 and you can the exact frame when he's about to go Ghetto as the object flies into his mouth. XD

Banah Abraham : How the news should be daily.

Mr. T : it looked like a dragonfly flew in his mouth. This cracks me up every time, even after all these years.

billywitchdoctor : Dude this is still the funniest shit I've ever seen!!

ra es : anyone came from tyler joseph's youtube channel? lol

No Role Modelz : Guess we'll never know what really happened on that Thursday at Augusta high school that led to Chris Wood's death...

Steve Celestino : The guy laughing at him behind the camera really tops it off.

Kevin Beveridge : please tell me this was live and was seen on T.V

Spike Wyvern Zilla : the change in his voice XD

Blurry Katie : Who came here from Tyler Joseph 😂

Devastator941 : So what DID happen on Thursday at Augusta High School that led to Chris Wood's death?

Ken Chan : WAIT, so what really happen on that thursday night at agusta highschool that led to chris wood's death?!?!

tastybunns : Woch Yo Profamity...

Bregje Capel : what really happened on that thursday is that he turned from white to black in 0.3 seconds

Jack Melia : But what lead to Chris Woods death?

RedLotus Assassin : even the Closed Captions went Ghetto!!!

johndohio : LOL that's Isiah Carey here on Fox 26 News in Houston. He's been on air for years here and sounds very professional. I saw this video about 2 years ago and I almost died on how fast he switched up and went back to his roots lmao !!

FromtheWordsofBR : *wait that was wrong*

FAST N BULBOUS : he spontaneously caught a bug with his tongue as it flew near his face like what lizards do, he couldn't help it, he reallizes what's just happened and makes up this story of a bug flying into his mouth, what you see in the vid is a forked tongue, no bug.

Taeshawndretta Brown : This will never not be funny

nicole lewis : This will never get old 😂😂

AsiansLoveRice : What makes this even better is hearing the camera man laughing in the back lol

Daniel Shaw : If you look closely, it looks like the reporter has a snake tongue when the fly goes in his mouth.

The Hash Smoking Stoner : goes from LeVar Burton to Tracy Morgan

LEONARD WANGILISASI : hahahaaaa...this never gets old

ashly : tyler joseph liked this video LMAO

Corey Mcduffie : Danm I love this video. It's his seriousness that makes this funny along with the camera man who is rollin hard.

Nothing here : After a decade we’re all still wondering what really happened on that Thursday there at Augusta High School that led to Chris Wood’s death.

Tulsatom Bob : 0:03 Play it back slow speed and you will see his reptilian tongue.

Dloading 6 : That voice change though 😂

Bob Miller : If you've ever been to Arkansas before, you know that everything that this man said is true. The weather sucks, the bugs suck, the economy sucks, and the people are as racist and backwards as they come. I once had an 22 HOUR layover in the Little Rock airport, but instead of going out to "see the sights of glorious Little Rock," I just found a nice comfy cement floor to sleep on inside the terminal because I didn't want to experience anymore of Arkansas' horseshit.

Le : Lmao you can see the bug fly in his mouth 😂

Kilo Gramz : sounds like Carlton from Fresh Prince