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Ryan Abroad : Confused? Enraged? Learn what events lead to this song and what has transpired as a result in this discussion video -

Get Germanized : An angry midget. Cute xD Just imagine the outrage if we made a song like that here in Germany :'D

Perkūnas : He is like 5'2. No wonder why he's so mad

josh'sgoinham : lol he says this while nothing in his video is even remotely Chinese

miami cosmo : For someone who hates foreigners, you do like acting like an american gangsta rapper

Mingaling3 : LOL, y'all people need to understand that the translation is not completely accurate. The song is calling a specific set of foreigners stupid, particularly foreigners who are losers in their own countries, and how these people come to China thinking it's easy to get girls and mooch off of. He also mentioned foreigner friends in the lyrics, there are also American songs about how you should rob Chinese people. tsk tsk.

David Viaene : Is this what inbreeding looks like in China? The guy looks like a duck.

JJ : We nuked the wrong gooks.

deepak srinivasan : If Chinese guys are like this, the I get why Chinese girls prefer the foreigners as he claims

Alex N : So typical, hes just another poor imitation coming out of china. If you hate foreigners so much why is it everything you embody is foreign? From the clothes, to the music, to the cars, to even the god damn middle finger he so proudly raised. The only thing foreigners are stupid for is helping china during the great famine, you're ungrateful ass wouldn't even be around if it wasn't for those "stupid foreigners"

ᴢsᴏᴊɪ : If Chinese men could do the same thing in western countries they would, but you're undesirable, you know this; hence the racism and frustration towards whites. You act like your society doesn't welcome us, yet we're to blame; typical uneducated buffoons only seeing a symptom and not the disease.

Enrico : Classic small man syndrome :P

DIN ILANGO MUSIC : Oh wow. You're doing a genre that comes from foreigners.

Y2Jay Does Asia : Yeah this little midget definitely has small man syndrome.

zHizU C. : So many whites triggered by a video, guess it's not only the chinese with "glass heart". He has a point btw to many whiny foreigners that feel so entitled in China because they feel superior, entitled and more special than locals. I saw this shit with my own eyes while in Hangzhou and Shanghai, to those shitty foreigners just go back where u come from then u you can whine as much as you want. And for those who come to China with respect you're very welcome we respect who respect us and despise who despise us.

JpopandKpop fans : Small penis nation with small people and small brain welcome china

Ceilteach : lol these Asian-American guys in the comment section are so bitter, they complain about Westerners living in China while they themselves are living in the West, they also complain about Westerners dating Chinese girls while they themselves are chasing after Western women. Let that twisted hypocrisy sink in

Zents Gaming : Ahhh how cute, our slave labor are becoming rappers.

William Fider : Small guy acting tough 😂

Nick XXX : I know Asian women love blonde hair blue eyes but damn is it really that bad over there.

uscbruin213 : Omg tiny wanna be gangster is so cute. Should try going to Compton and see what a real gang is like. Wouldn't survive a day lol.

Travis Kraft : Americans are loved and welcomed in the Philippines.

Joshua Feng : Don't feel upset foreigners, that how some Chinese nationalists respond to your altitude toward China. While you laugh about Chinese accent, think Chinese culture is weird, criticize Chinese political system, and vilify anything Chinese. Don't you forget what you have done, do you know “Chinese Exclusion Act”? Compare to what you guys did to China, this song is nothing, most Chinese are already too nice.

Xin Xin : Do you really understand what he is talking about?! He is not talking about all foreigners,but those who don't behave themselves well in China.We Chinese respect friends from all over the world,but you have no right to ask us to respect you while you don't respect us! There's a discrimination between good people and bad people,then of course there are good foreigners and stupid foreigner!Every body has the right to express their opinions,BUT before you comment,please make sure that you do know what is going on!

Robbie Mao : Them white dudes lose it when they hear this, but this song is only for foreigners who has white supremacy and even though they go to other countries they still think they are superior to local people, this happened a lot in China.

Toigbo : So basically racism?

Kim Jong-il : when ur gf cheats on u wit a black dude

I'm Someone : ok... give me a frikkin second here.... this guy calls himself "fat shady" - what he took from "slim shady" - LAOWHY he is wearing clothes that were designed by a LAOWHY the guns he is talking about were INVENTED by a LAOWHY the "music" is imitating a LAOWHY culture the middle finger gesture he made belongs to a LAOWHY culture... . . Also... if the "LAOWHY" couldn't make it in their own town, or get girls from their country, but china makes it easy for them to be successful, then is he accepting that his country is not as good as a LAOWHY's? what a stupid foreigner...

Lukasus224 : By his logic chinese foreigners in other countries are stupid too, he's saying all foreigners are stupid in general.

BABAHUI : is everyone in china so ... small? How tall is he? 5'5?

奎春Mannix 朱 : 首先,人家骂的是瓜老外(stupid 外国人),这是给那些没有素质,还有种族歧视外国人。这些人会侮辱中国人,中国人这是用你们的方式告诉你们,请记住。亚洲人,不是你想欺负就欺负的!全世界人也不是你想怎么样就怎么样! First of all, people call the foreigners (stupid foreigners), which is for those who do not have quality, there are racial discrimination against foreigners. These people will insult the Chinese people, the Chinese people this is your way to tell you, please remember. Asians, not you want to bully bully! The whole world is not how you want to how kind!

TheOKTerrificable : Did they eat the pitbull after shooting the video?

10/10 SLAYER : Hahahahahahaha an angry manlet.

Pabs SD : Hahaha this is a joke right? Surely one could make a tune that sounds this gash lolz. He sounds like he's having a fit or something hahaha!

Greatest Ever : Hes talking about foreigners in general. why are the white cucks upset? hes not singling you cucks out

Mark Witzke : Imagine the reaction if an American rapper made a video called "Fuck Off Chinese".

Dun : True, only retards that cant do anything in their home country go to China

MulaKohh : This is pretty funny

id : So much butthurt. Let the Chinese have their temper tantrum as they're having an identity crisis. For decades they've been slaves to westerners, but now that automation is taking their slave-status away, they don't know who they're or what they're supposed to do. Their masters kind of no longer have a need for them.

Sebastian Voigtländer : He has a point though. Lots of white trash around

rockbat78 : This is a horrible translation, it's giving a bad name to china. Let me clear some things up for you. - This video is about foreigners who come to China and act like they own the place. - He even said himself he respects his foreign friends - China is indeed a very xenophobic culture, that's why videos like this come out in China and dont get backlash, parts of this video are very xenophobic and ignorant but the message is wrong. Thank you, and this isnt what china is.

justone liu : 瓜老外fuckyouMather

buzzcrushtrendkill : What a cue parody of Chinese. He get his name by reworking Slim Shady, wears western clothes, copies American hip-hop, ,features western cars and raps a lot about how he can't get laid. Is this a Chinese Saturday Night Live type sketch?

Juan Rodriguez : I hate Chinese people they don't even know how to drive

crisding89 : he clearly stated that “瓜老外” are those who think they have got “优越感”(Superiority/privilege) in China, no any offence to other friendly and well-behaved foreign friends.

Raynold Regan : I guess he saw all those black rappers talking about crackers.

Justin Kase : If this is a real translation, I feel very sad for this guy. I mean, he has a right to want his country reserved for his people but he just seems so hurt that whites have any success, financially or socially, when they come over there. It's clear jealousy. Then there is the fact that he is not exactly acting Chinese or the fact that his people immigrate to other countries as well.

Cheng Ni : As a Chinese brand of human I'd say this is actually quite funny. I am full aware the ill-informed stupidity that come with this sort of things, but come on the guy is tiny and the bull dog is absolutely adorable....He tried very hard to look bad ass but it is not working. There are bound be be all kind of people around in a country as big as China ;) Embrace the variety.

Juan Rodriguez : Stop saying the same lyrics over and over

Pich Ofir' Aviyah : fuck whyte peoplez