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Ryan Abroad : Confused? Enraged? Learn what events lead to this song and what has transpired as a result in this discussion video -

Allen Adamusiak : Rumor is his last 2 girlfriends left him for a foreigner.

Mark Witzke : Imagine the reaction if an American rapper made a video called "Fuck Off Chinese".

miami cosmo : For someone who hates foreigners, you do like acting like an american gangsta rapper

The Story Behind Tech : Hate foreigners? Then stop idolizing western sports cars, Timberland boots and rap music. Drive a Geely, get yourself some fake Jordans and redo the song with an Erhu. Own what you preach, loser

louis daly : Mate Rap is about telling a story not repeating the same word over and over again, Sing pop you fucking bitch.

josh'sgoinham : lol he says this while nothing in his video is even remotely Chinese

Joshua Fernandez : Small man with a giant ego.

Jon Jones : He got a point tho. I was an exchange student in China for 2 years and foreigners, especially white, are entitled and feel special while most of them are just English teachers with no qualifications. Smh

deepak srinivasan : If Chinese guys are like this, the I get why Chinese girls prefer the foreigners as he claims

Cameron Chaloux : While this guy may have a little bit of an chip on his shoulder, he has a point. I lived in Shanghai for 3 years and there definitely are some shitty foreigners. I knew people who were there longer than me and couldn't speak 1 sentence of Mandarin. 我的中国朋友,我也respect你们。

Get Germanized : An angry midget. Cute xD Just imagine the outrage if we made a song like that here in Germany :'D

Spencer Austin-Martin : This little emperor child is a perfect example of what happens when you have a massive inferiority complex and self esteem issues.

Arlenis B : The fact that he's rapping is painfully ironic lmao. But good to see Asians aren't as western worshiping as some may think.

Desmondos : Fuck off with the white hate in the comments here. You're a bunch of idiots who don't know their history. If you hate whitey so much, then why do you all want to come to our countries. Morons. Border is closing soon, we see what you're doing.

Javar W : White people are such fragile people. Be careful not to hurt their feelings, they might call you chink, nigger, beaner. Shit hurts muh feelings bruh lmao. White people are a bunch of squids. You can never take them seriously.

KatyushaRockets : In Russia we call that little man "faggot"

Jealymon jealymon : You seem to like stupid foreigners' music genres, dress sense, capitalism, and culture in general. Racist and idiotic.

David Viaene : Is this what inbreeding looks like in China? The guy looks like a duck.

Mingaling3 : LOL, y'all people need to understand that the translation is not completely accurate. The song is calling a specific set of foreigners stupid, particularly foreigners who are losers in their own countries, and how these people come to China thinking it's easy to get girls and mooch off of. He also mentioned foreigner friends in the lyrics, there are also American songs about how you should rob Chinese people. tsk tsk.

耐大南 : Is the word "foreigners" in this song mean White people. Then i'm ok

Yiming Lai : Well, I think the translation is not quite accurate. "foreigners of all types" here refers to "all kinds of birds in the woods". You gotta understand some rotten eggs seriously damage the image of expats in China. I've just come back from overseas. I graduated from a prestigious western university with superior GPA, play competitive sport, speak proficient English, have thorough understandings of western culture and have established solid friendships with lots of westerners working very decent jobs. However, I recently came back to China and one day I went to an expat bar in China to grab some imported beer, a foreigner blocked my way and I said "excuse me". Normally people will apologize but he just walked away without even looking at me. In that bar, there were some Chinese girls who spoke broken English with thick accent which was fucking unbearable. However they put themselves in gratuitous high regards because they think they are "international". Some of them are just a bunch of white worshipers, gold diggers or visa diggers. Every time I heard my white friends brag about how many Chinese girls they banged in China, I found it very embarrassing just cuz these guys can hardly get laid in their own countries. The foreign girls over there, who were only 5 or 6 at best like muffin top, plain Jane and pale whale , had the the most massive boner faces I had never seen before. Some foreign bar attenders or waitresses in China don't even speak Chinese when they serve Chinese customers and they don't give a damn. Excuse me! we are in China, we are the customers and pay for your service! My experience with expats SO FAR is absolutely horrendous. I ain't say every expat is terrible but some just disgraced themselves and their countries especially when you guys are in overseas. Maybe some people get lost in translation but this song only disses these white trash, pathetic losers, self-entitled jerks and bitches. if you move to another country and decide to live there for a while, It is a common sense that: 1. respect the local culture and manners 2. try to speak local language and mingle with local people If you alienate yourself and act as an asshole, people will ask you to get the fuck off my country no matter where you are.

Donald Trump : Wokest video ive seen all week. The comments and reaction to this just goes to show how fragile and easily triggered whites and jews can get over a video.

Perkūnas : He is like 5'2. No wonder why he's so mad

Random Youtube Watcher : These comments prove whites to be the subhuman degenerates they are. WHITE MAYOCIDE WORLD WIDE

Hernan Regnando : I don't have a problem with what he is saying, in fact i agree, but he should start by making the millions of chinks invading my country and others go back to china

Enrico : Classic small man syndrome :P

jawad mansoor : Dope music

Travis Kraft : Americans are loved and welcomed in the Philippines.

CyberFanatic : A little chinese dude XD , WannaBe Gangsta ,If forgeinger slaps him , he prolly gonna piss his pants

采薇云上 : white trash tear.all white males in china are trash.they only get broken whores.

Justin Kase : If this is a real translation, I feel very sad for this guy. I mean, he has a right to want his country reserved for his people but he just seems so hurt that whites have any success, financially or socially, when they come over there. It's clear jealousy. Then there is the fact that he is not exactly acting Chinese or the fact that his people immigrate to other countries as well.

Park Jimin : "I respect my foreign friends, but fuck off u stupid foreigners" XDDD daddy's logic

Not Just Content : is this little midget mad that his 3.2 cm penis just doesn't touch the sides anymore after his gf was fucked by a foreigner? lol.. stick to making soya sauce, your rap sucks arse

Shane Ryan : Id rather chew on a rock for nine hours than listin to this shit.


Nick XXX : I know Asian women love blonde hair blue eyes but damn is it really that bad over there.

Key man : Yeahhhh,we Chinese need a Trump!!!!!!!!!Build A Wall!! 我們中國人也要一個特朗普式的總統,蓋一堵牆,把老外都趕出去。Deport them alllll!!!!!!!!!!

Abronymous : Chinese sub human trash

ya yaya : haha look at this mindless monkey cry about the foreigner that he work 24/7 to emulate. the whole modern world system he enjoy and copy is foreign european founded lol. that typical confused, overwhelmed, insecure, hypocrite, open racist monoculture developing world tribal mind raised by same. legacy nationalist chinese mind especially. he stuck with his archaic strict memorization based language handicap and can only memorize and copy. actually chinese 56 official +other, all different people and languages and can barely understand each other, so who he rappin about? the life that his parent set him up for make him angry so he blame other. live in china and see there almost no way current majority ever could have invent much themself, only copy from other group. thats just the brain that language make good for some thing, bad for other. ya like proof of accupuncture turning up in italian alp 2000 YEAR before any in china. no wonder the white nation have so many problem after allow too many such people to their country. visit europe and america and see too many foreigner only living with same group and dont speak the language. and just make it same where they ran away from?! much much worse than asia where most foreigner actually like to learn the culture and language and dont care to hide with the tribe. the english speaker anyway. other euro are more tribal tho. learn is big reason why they are there. foreigner ev where always do same crap job, language, sell food/drink, train exercise, art, clean, farm, factory. is all they are allowed to do in foreign place duh, even white. half of asia are already white duh. doesnt ev1 wish they could get away with simply teaching language for good salary. envy of other is a motherfucker emotion. who care if the white were hundred or thousand of year more advance? we all enjoy the same nicety everywhere they have been now. they are the place that open to every1. the people make the place and their place is always nicest one. who care how /why. only What Is matters. dont break that for all of us. those lucky enough to have had "evil" european colony in their old land are still the only nicer place now. duh, look around. now if we can only get our most archaic tribal mind to catch up so we all dont have keep forever suffer the same problem they keep make over and over for every1.

Jiao Wang : As a Chinese, im ashamed of his behaviour, I don't mean to be stereotyped, but raping, swearing or criticising others as pastime seem not the mainstreaming in my culture. "君子求诸己,小人求诸人; 自省,克己,慎独,宽人"hope this guy go back to primary school and learn these again

Murdoch Ravenhill : 中国大陆人 Mainland Chinese are so funny with their little dicks and anger towards foreigners.  If we are so stupid then why do they copy everything we do?  I can't believe how massive an inferiority complex they have.  So pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Grow some balls and get some genuine confidence instead of coming up with this nonsense.

CoolMcDude : hes just mad because american penis so big, chinese penis soooo soo smoll

The Homs of mystery : Haha. Little boy.. Fuck china


Agent Smith : He can call me "stupid foreigner", but it's not going to stop me from banging his girlfriend on the couch when she comes over for her English lessons.

Leon : 中国的传统价值观总结为一个字就是“和”,可惜都被这些傻逼给毁了,令人反胃。

DIN ILANGO MUSIC : Oh wow. You're doing a genre that comes from foreigners.

Brett Shuffler : So according to this racist idiot if a Chinese women willingly has sex with a foreigner that makes her a slut? What kind of logic is that. I think he's just butt hurt that women like us.

Bo Stevens : LOL... this dude is hilarious. Is this the main reason for so many Chinese to leave China? Because of the stupid foreigners "invading" their country...