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x : If I was on South Park like you, I would be sooo happy.

Captain Dingo : Your people? Dude, Ginger is a hair colour not a race

Jacob birb : "Your people"? I am ashamed of you. .. All you do is scream at a camera complaining about a joke on a TV show....

pegy hill : I would be so happy if South Park mocked me. Family guy too

Liam : Booooo Wendy Testaburger Booo

Bill Suffocated : People are still commenting on this? Watch some of his other videos, he's a very successful troll at this point.

Joseph Eberhardt : 00:53:"i likes the show" 02:34:"the one show i cant stand" Maby if u had a soul u could make up ur mind

BrettyBoy200 : Ladies, please control your orgasms! XD

gamerman mario : This guy reminds me of Cartman

Internet User : You're not making it better my saying "me and my people."

BrettyBoy200 : You deserve to be made fun of because of the way you act. I don't appreciate anyone trash talking about my favourite TV show.

Forxst : I'm not a ginger but, I want to join a ginger army! I want to fight those haters!!

pricktroooollll : He has the same temperament as Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad, and for those who haven't seen Breaking Bad, let's just say that having Tuco's temperament is NOT a good thing...


Jillian Barker : Ummm I'm just saying but it's not up to him to to decide what South Park or any other show does or puts out on tv

Elliot Hobbs : Shadow of fence adds to the sinister look

Keith Edsall : He used to like South Park.  Meaning he had no problem with Trey and Matt making fun of others, but when Gingers are the joke he takes it personal.

Peanut Butter : You should be honored that the people on South Park even know who you are. I would love it if South Park made fun of me. It's just a joke.

The keyboard Warrior : You're like Cartman trying to get family guy banned

That guy who likes Bathory : He reminds me of anakin from Star Wars when he speaks like this!

Rachel Miele : Ooh you told them, "I'm never watching your show again!" Wow you showed them

Tanner Behr : Sooo you loved Southpark right? So you loved all their racist stuff until oh wait YOU got "offended" from a fake ass video done by producers you self centered son of a gun haha

J Walk : Don't say "My people" or scream in the camera. It's not helping anything. I leaved a nice comment with the previous 'Ginger' video. But now you're getting anoying.

FrankDoesGames : i dont thing he has a soul trolololololol

Cameron Fullard : I'd be honoured to be on South Park!

Dean Clarke : Forever alone. So sad

Ethan O'Connor : Ginger isn't a race it's a hair colour

The Otaku Blogger/Gamer : Wellp. this guy is just. crazy.

Balls Of Valhalla : likes south park til make fun of him

Retro Gamer296 : I find it really stupid how he likes the show but when they make fun of gingers suddenly they've gone to far, its just like the case with Issac hayes and the scientology episode.


drug cocktail : I love southpark xD

MaxiPad : I case you haven't noticed South Park makes fun of everyone and everyone loves it, it's a thing called comedy. PS gingers are not a race

Andrew Brickner : he is gonna do something guys better take him seriously he yellin

Patrick Higgins : Dude they're not your people your not the God of the gingers. And you deserve to be on south if you wouldn't post these videos you wouldn't be on South Park anyway.

Petrut Marius : South park is the most idiotic show there is... and worse is that they make false statements to make fun of others... of anything... but that is why it is so funny.

J-09 : Dear lord I am dying 😂😂

California School Bus Driver : They arn't using you for money, they just don't like you.

Firewar starter : Lol South Park makes fun of hundreds of groups of people, then when they make an episode making fun of something that he is, he thinks they went too far.

Maruko Chan 99 : 0:31 - 0:34 hmm... I wonder what that episode would have been like

Braden Senne : But don't you promote freedom? Freedom of speech?

Madodo : *as we tune in we view the ginger in his natural habitat *

Fluffy Fish : And this kids, is why you don't put your feelings on Youtube :D

Xenteral : South Park will make a parody on this

Team Fortress Pewp : Five years later, and still he hasn't done anything... I guess he realized that it was impossible to take down a South Park episode.

Miles Peterson : This guy reminds me of Cartman...

Nathan Chambless : The only sad thing is how much torment he has to go through. It must be painful.

Dustin Johnson : south park is bad cause it hurt ur feelings same

j james : lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol man there sooooo needs to be a pool as to when this copper cad kid fully flips his lid and going on a killing spree and makes the news. I have been thinking this sence the first video of his I ever seen a few years ago. But he is way more warped and angry then ever. So the pool should be started soon.

Vul jin : This kid looks like an Orangutan! 😂😂😂😂