Best Day Of My Life (feat. Demi Lardner) - Music Video #3 / Aunty Donna - The Album

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🇦🇺 Aussies! See 'The Album' Live: Sign up to our mailing list: BUY/STREAM/ORDER THE ALBUM: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: PATREON: BUY MERCH: Facts about this song/ music video/ film clip/ musical moving picture: -Mark is a school boy in this video -Zach is a school student in this video -This is filmed at Thornbury High School. Everyone there was very nice to us. -Friends are fun. -Demi Lardner wears a hat in this video. She moved to Sydney and we miss her. -School uniforms are in this video. -The music is good and Tom made it. -Broden is in this video. -Everything in this video is real and happened to our friend Spencer Scholz. Video features Demi Lardner and some kids that agreed to be in the video. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SOUND CLOUD: AUNTY DONNA PODCAST : SONG CREDITS: MIX + MASTERED by Klaus Hill THEME SONG: Aunty Donna x SUB-human SPECIAL THANKS: Alex Pizzol, Joe Kosky, Michelle Brasier, Sammy J VIDEO CREDITS: DIRECTOR / DOP Max Miller PRODUCER / 1st AD Jessica Galea 1st AC Fabio Capodivento GAFFER Alastair Duffield BEST GIRL Hannah Palmer COSTUME DESIGNER Ingrid Beilharz COSTUME ASSISTANT Gemma Baker PRODUCTION DESIGNER William Bobbie Stewart PROPS ASSISTANT Georgie Thomas BTS Kiralee Greenhalgh PROMO SHOTS Keith D’Cunha RUNNER Josh Howlett EDITOR / COLOURIST Max Miller AUNTY DONNA is Tom Armstrong, Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, Samuel Lingham, Max Miller and Zachary Ruane

Comments from Youtube

Adeline Parker : The most accurate representation of Australian high schools ever

Trojan Hippo : this song made me the coolest guy in all of Year 9

Jef Montagne : New Aunty Donna song and it makes me chuffed!

Jaiisrapture : it gets dark when you realize an oncologist specializes with cancer

Tangerine : Modern Dad - Broden Professor Whiskers - Mark Unnamed High Schooler #2 - Zach When is my boy going to get his spotlight?

LeeCDylan : I laughed and then I cried when I remembered I'm old enough that these little things don't make my day so...thank you? And see you in Denver on Sunday boys!

Sam Hoag : I dig the part where literally every shot is in different resolution :D

Con S : Coles hired me in their advertisements Best day Of my life

jared_18 : Just want you boys to know that my cousin and I are driving 7 hours to see you in Denver this Sunday and I don't think I've ever been this excited for something

Thom Edwards : Wow, I didn't know sticks get that big in Australia!

Muzzley : #1 triple j hottest 100 mark my words

CollegeMovieGeek : Aunty Donna Uploaded a new video! Best Day... Of my life Best Day... Of my life

J Mell : Heard on Triple J and just had to hear it again! I was waiting all week for this

John Scally : Man, this makes me think of MY effing high school and how I hate all my dumb teachers. You guys make music about my soul, and this is NOT a phase. Broden is my real dad.

alksdjf;alsdjf : How are you three allowed near schools?

Ben Ratcliffe : *stiffies are funny*

David Davidson : Wish aunty Donna was more appreciated by YouTube

Nodus : aww demi, thats fawked

Birdlawyer : being in high school makes this video both 100 x worse and 100 x better so my left and right brain have split fully apart and now i cant control my left hand

Sir Jager : The big stick segment was too real

Tokka : I'm not over exaggerating when I say I listened to this song 13 times in a row. This song is quite literally what my school life was.

Adrienne Giovino : Wait a sec, is that Larry from Live at the Enmore?

Kriiispy : I'm so glad there's other people out there who had lessons replaced with Shrek

Craig Johnson : I just found a big stick!

Jonas : thank god no test

xHuntsman : My favourite teacher died in year 12. He was the one that helped me stand up to bullying. Helped me find confidence. Taught me how to play music. Was my friend. Encouraged me to learn. Gave me my only 100% on a quiz. But I wasn't allowed to cry at his funeral. Because that would have made me gay and then the bullies would pick on me again. Love your teachers. The Good ones will change you in such special ways. And make you the person you will be.

Angery Lozenger : Hold on...............what’s a chuffed dad doing at a highschool

Cornflake Boy : *yOu'Re In YoUr uNiFoRm*

Shane Nath : Zach mentions he gets 48 cokes from the machine but when he's talking about it on the table we can only see 41. 0:54

Demondude : Kfc yay and Australia🇦🇺

bornonthesabbathday : Every one of your videos needs Demi Lardner. Moar Demi pls.

Morgan Mellone : These Music videos really brighten up any shit day I might be having Keep it up they're so original I never know what to expect.

brutalism : The sequel Mr G. The Musical never got but always deserved

Timedagger100 : Great song, reminded me of the best day of my life. It was back in Middle School when the school bully, Chad, beat me up behind the dumpsters everyday only to rip off my underwear and raise it up the flag pole to show the entire school I wore Cheetah Girls themed underwear, thinking back on it I probably should have stopped wearing the same pair of Cheetah Girls underwear every day. I mean it was full of holes from being torn from my ass everyday. Anyway one day I decided I had had enough so I just didn't wear any Underwear that day so I could stick it to CHAD. Well when Chad found out I wasn't wearing my normal Cheetah Girls themed underwear he grabbed me by the dick and raised me up the flag pole just like he did every day prior with my underwear. I was stuck up there for so long I had to climb ontop the flagpole lest my dick be torn off. The flagpole was so far up my ass I could scratch the bottom of my stomach with it. It was that day I learned how hard life can fuck you and that was a valuable lesson. Anyway it's all good now as Chad grabs my dick on the regular since he failed school and became a prostitute and since I became the CEO my own company I can pay him to jack me off each night as some sort of morbid retribution. So yeah. Best day of my Life.

fogboundcleric : This is way too accurate holy shit

18grape : "I just found a big stick." LITERALLY ME and I'm 22 😆

My Life Succs : Every Australian school's national anthem

Skelecrov : I actually watched shrek 1 and 2 in English

Edith AM : I live in England, and this is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen.

WhippySpoosledorf : Still waiting on the gray nurse

Euan McShane : Great video this and chuffed are my favourite so far

Breanna Galea : I can't imagine how they pitched this to a school for them to actually agree to let them film there

sweatysocksarecool : This was too accurate haha

Tony Ward : "Friday was a casual day you raise funds for Sudan, or some shit" In Dublin, Ireland CRYING laughing that line. Well done.

TheGoldenDeer : best one so far boys

Dawid Sobczyński : New music clip ?... Best Day Of My Life!! Bloody Love it xD


supaaRzz : Triple J Hottest 100 number 1

Dean Norman : If you dont have "stiffie at school story", are you even a boy?