Best Day Of My Life (feat. Demi Lardner) - Music Video #3 / Aunty Donna - The Album

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Aunty Donna : 🇨🇦🇺🇸 We're touring North America in June. You coming? If you are, tix here: If not, thats cool. We still love you.

Trojan Hippo : this song made me the coolest guy in all of Year 9

Tangerine : Modern Dad - Broden Professor Whiskers - Mark Unnamed High Schooler #2 - Zach When is my boy going to get his spotlight?

Krieg The psycho : Holy shit the Coke thing happened to me when i was at a theme park with my class i became the Coke dealer that day

Jef Montagne : New Aunty Donna song and it makes me chuffed!

Con S : Coles hired me in their advertisements Best day Of my life

Derredc winkynose : Demi was the only believable character cause you 3 would probably get arrested if you looked at a school.

LeeCDylan : I laughed and then I cried when I remembered I'm old enough that these little things don't make my day so...thank you? And see you in Denver on Sunday boys!

Sam Hoag : I dig the part where literally every shot is in different resolution :D

jared_18 : Just want you boys to know that my cousin and I are driving 7 hours to see you in Denver this Sunday and I don't think I've ever been this excited for something

Brady : aww demi, thats fawked

Mat Sheard : #1 triple j hottest 100 mark my words

John Scally : Man, this makes me think of MY effing high school and how I hate all my dumb teachers. You guys make music about my soul, and this is NOT a phase. Broden is my real dad.

Adrienne Giovino : Wait a sec, is that Larry from Live at the Enmore?

Ben Ratcliffe : *stiffies are funny*

Aya Cairnes : That’s my school !!

Thom Edwards : Wow, I didn't know sticks get that big in Australia!

J Mell : Heard on Triple J and just had to hear it again! I was waiting all week for this

Adeline Parker : The most accurate representation of Australian high schools ever

Angery Lozenger : Hold on...............what’s a chuffed dad doing at a highschool

Jerry.m Hut : I just found a big stick!

Jonas : thank god no test

Timedagger100 : Great song, reminded me of the best day of my life. It was back in Middle School when the school bully, Chad, beat me up behind the dumpsters everyday only to rip off my underwear and raise it up the flag pole to show the entire school I wore Cheetah Girls themed underwear, thinking back on it I probably should have stopped wearing the same pair of Cheetah Girls underwear every day. I mean it was full of holes from being torn from my ass everyday. Anyway one day I decided I had had enough so I just didn't wear any Underwear that day so I could stick it to CHAD. Well when Chad found out I wasn't wearing my normal Cheetah Girls themed underwear he grabbed me by the dick and raised me up the flag pole just like he did every day prior with my underwear. I was stuck up there for so long I had to climb ontop the flagpole lest my dick be torn off. The flagpole was so far up my ass I could scratch the bottom of my stomach with it. It was that day I learned how hard life can fuck you and that was a valuable lesson. Anyway it's all good now as Chad grabs my dick on the regular since he failed school and became a prostitute and since I became the CEO my own company I can pay him to jack me off each night as some sort of morbid retribution. So yeah. Best day of my Life.

Sir Jager : The big stick segment was too real

villel80 : Broden can rap!

Malachai Crosby : Who here has preordered the album??

Really Dark But Still Rainbow : THIS IS MY SCHOOL!!!

Josh Woerdeman : Yo Demi got BARS

GP : Love when you guys collab with Demi

signifi delica : This is probably not wat you donna boys had in mind but here's my analysis: School is a means to program susceptible young minds into becoming brainless conformist authority-fearing-obeying consumers, and in the course of their daily life, school children they will get chuffed about really silly things, things that ought not to matter at all, but in the context of their ongoing indoctrination facility lives, it doesn't take much to make the nightmare more exciting, things such as are highlighted in this video. Any normal healthy child would not care about the things being presented here, but any child forced into the circumstances of modern education will have a warped and silly and stupid view of what constitutes a "best day of my life". And it will be easy to make fun of children for having such stupid standards as to what is "fun/neat/cool". They're brainwashed into it and have zero power to do anything about their lives since mom and dad are their food providers. Anyways, fuck school and capitalism and centralization of food production and viva la anarchy.

TheGoldenDeer : best one so far boys

brauntim62 : Still waiting on the gray nurse

Tokka : I'm not over exaggerating when I say I listened to this song 13 times in a row. This song is quite literally what my school life was.

Nate Gates : Best Day Of My Life!

CollegeMovieGeek : Aunty Donna Uploaded a new video! Best Day... Of my life Best Day... Of my life

Aya : also real talk you found the perfect school to film in bc it looks like my school but I’m also pretty sure that it looks like every Australian high school. The portables? The fence? The end-of-classroom-area stairs?? Everything is so real hahaha

Kriiispy : I'm so glad there's other people out there who had lessons replaced with Shrek

Ken Del : Just realized that Demi girl was the one who did that atrocious dad's google history segment, awful

TobbeTheDude : Not enough Demi! I want my money back!

alksdjf;alsdjf : How are you three allowed near schools?

Sirpuschel2210 : meh

fogboundcleric : This is way too accurate holy shit

supaaRzz : Triple J Hottest 100 number 1

Morgan Mellone : These Music videos really brighten up any shit day I might be having Keep it up they're so original I never know what to expect.

Emma Lucas : I'm too gay for Demi, love every time she's in an Aunty Donna video

Luke Kronen : He gave me a chippie. They put on shrek. Fuken sik

Robert Cananzi : Anyone here from Melbourne comedy festival?

Reviewbrah's Other Bodyguard : This is, pretty poppin.

Breanna G : I can't imagine how they pitched this to a school for them to actually agree to let them film there

Cowdoy : The sequel Mr G. The Musical never got but always deserved