Guy Builds his own Instrument and Plays Amazing songs.

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Old video, I found this on years ago, SnubbyJ (the man in the video, this all belongs to him) hadn't put this up on YouTube at the time I guess, for I didn't notice it. But this is all his video, dedication, and hard work, I do apologize for uploading this and taking any potential viewers from his video and channel: (His original video, please view there.)

Comments from Youtube

ImBoredRon : *Some guy* : what instrument do you play? *Me* :

xBlackJak X : This guy would be a god a whack-a-mole

MustPro Bro : Those pipes were Paid Actors..

Seth de Silva : Mom: Don't play with your food! Me: 3:40

jan : 0:18 The Office Theme song. 0:39 The Peanuts Theme song. 1:13 Turkish March. 1:28 Mario Theme Song. 1:54 In the Hall of the Mountain King. 2:07 Bad Romance. 2:50 Viva La Vida. 3:03 Like A Virgin. 3:24 Crazy Train. 4:00 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. 4:15 James Bond Theme. 4:36 Pirates of the Caribbean Theme. 4:57 Final Countdown.

Carson Turner : Listen closely.. you can hear and person say "OOOOOOOWWWW" in the background 3:34

Jake Dawg : There's always that one obnoxious chick in the background

Connor Tremeer : Omg hes the new member of the blue man group👌👍

mariami ghoniashvili : Wow that's awesome and amazing

Chocolate Thunder : this dude is awesome, just the fact that he created his own instrument is cool enough, but he also played all these songs extremely well, it amazes me

Kimberly Hicks : ''Hey, that's pretty good!'' -iDubbbz

Drag0nS0ul1226 _ : It sounds like a machine it doesn’t even sound like a bunch of pipes

T1mpsu : 2018?

ErMANWood [СТАРЫЙ КАНАЛ] : *Anybody can list all music what he played?*

cullin boyer : someone got laid that night

Minifeg : When an 8 year old video appears in your recommended

The ChronoGamer Show : Asian level skills achieved!

Nasser Deef : is mayonnaise an instrument? Edit:I didn’t know i can get likes THANK YOU ❤️❤️

Thicc Krispy : I somehow got from relaxing study music to this 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Twoja Stara : -You can't play on this - Hold my beer

RiZe_V3NOM : i thought for sure hed do jaws or jurassic park

Uplex • : The blond guy walks on to the stage Me:... They play final countdown... Me: OMG❤ thats lit!💪😂

Nurassyl . : SUMMER 2018?

A N D THA : Me: Do you play an instrument ? He: I play the pvc pipe. hahhaha

Do It With Dan : Plays Turkish March by Mozart. A classical masterpiece that's been listened to throughout the ages. Probably taking days to master on his own instrument. Everyone is quiet. Plays theme from Mario. CROWD LOSES THEIR SHIT LOL

MTB ler : Is mayonnaise an instrument too?

Camden Boyd : That was amazing! What the heck were they playing and how in the world do I make it??

Faith Zhao : Can buy one on like amazon or something!?

xXx_spaghettilord420_xXx : Why didn't he play the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' anthem

helena nimocks : i feel like this dude would be awesome at drums and piano

tommy d u b b s : Someone tell his mom to shut up

iCxrsei : Girl in back ground "WHOOOO" HAHAHAHAH

Bernice baca : Sounds like bomwakers

Anthony Brown : Eight years Eight million views That's like 1 million views a year That's the definition of famous

Wetetet : Plot twist the girl screaming every 4 seconds is his grandma cheering him up

Killerrex 136 : Wow this guy is actually amazing

Marko Simic : This is AWESOME!!!

DR JUPITER : He tries out for americas got talent one or 1 of the judges gets fired (simion cowell) and then rul3s d4 wor1ld

Crispp Ratt : legand has it that he is still out there somewhere... playing his musical tubes as the sun goes down on the mountains of japan

Yousif Awad : ...and from that day on, little jimmy got laid by 69 girls..

lllEwoklll : This might as well be a how to be a billionare video.

GatheringRays : Yeah, I play an instrument. What instrument, you may ask? Oh, the PVC pipe of course. What else would I play?

•Brot Botin• : Amazing

Vize_Sniper : Perfect today is March 10 aka Mar10 (mario) day

Hager_bh03 : I wonder how good he is at fly swatting? Thanks for 3k likes

Nerd Neck : the guys to the right are like man "jimmy we failed" -Bob "yeah i know" bob is the one sitting down on the floor..................

Rare otaku : مشكلتي اغار لمن شوف ناس عندهم موهبة اكثر مني خاصتن لمن اكون ولد 🔫😐

Pablo Despacito : Whos here from instagram?

Logan Holgate : WHOO Counter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6