Guy Builds his own Instrument and Plays Amazing songs.

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Sarkast1k : This guy is so amazing!

mariami ghoniashvili : Wow that's awesome and amazing

Connor Tremeer : Omg hes the new member of the blue man group👌👍

Seth de Silva : Mom: Don't play with your food! Me: 3:40

ImBoredRon : *Some guy* : what instrument do you play? *Me* :

Pianos'n'Pipes : That's pretty cool!

ErMAN World : *Anybody can list all music what he played?*

Kimberly Hicks : ''Hey, that's pretty good!'' -iDubbbz

Do You kno da wae : is mayonnaise an instrument? Edit:I didn’t know i can get likes THANK YOU ❤️❤️

MTB ler : Is mayonnaise an instrument too?


The ChronoGamer Show : Asian level skills achieved!

SunLight : 2018?

Carson Turner : Listen closely.. you can hear and person say "OOOOOOOWWWW" in the background 3:34

YouTubeRadio _ : It sounds like a machine it doesn’t even sound like a bunch of pipes

-Mark K Late- : Those pipes were Paid Actors..

Kapootis the Lord of Tax Fraud : Why didn't he play the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' anthem

AC street : i thought for sure hed do jaws or jurassic park

Bernice baca : Sounds like bomwakers

WindowsMillenium : do smash mouth.

Camden Boyd : That was amazing! What the heck were they playing and how in the world do I make it??

Minifeg : When an 8 year old video appears in your recommended

ExTREME TEaM : do they hit the pipes

•Brot Botin• : Amazing

Nehemiah Snyder : "I swear if you scream again i will murder you!" *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* OK! Where do they live!

Forever Savage : LIT🔥🔥🔥

Tim Hofmann : Song 3:31 ?

BusyTubers : Ø M G

Mix Gamer : I’m pretty amazed now

Spokenknot Gaming : Someone will probably put this on their tinder profile and say it’s them

Black ops King : 1m out of 1m

MegaMinerDL : Enchanting and amazing ^-^ Also, is that Pirates of the Carrabian i hear?

thicc boi : 3:05 that is the only song I don't know. Any ideas?

Joan Segura : I have no words

Pazel wong : that dude can be famous when he go perform in the american got talent i think

DaBeast 24 : Tkzee shibobo #lit

I’m_Watching_ You : If one of y’all name all the songs he played Then your a legend YES A *LEGEND*

Logan Holgate : WHOO Counter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

KbY I YTK SooS : 5:28 OMG Genius xD

Colton Bunch : I like how he is playing the Mario theme with pipes!!! 😂

ErMAN World : Very, very cool!

onionsmells : I had a *good cringe*

xBlackJak X : This guy would be a god a whack-a-mole

Trickshot Tuber : Nice

ShadowKingDadongo : He could never be in porn - WAY too many pipes to fix.

Rachel Schoonbaert : Wow

Poison Feather80 : It's awesome!!!

Yuri Savkov : Сказать что я ох**л - ничего не сказать

Mx Trill : the guys to the right are like man "jimmy we failed" -Bob "yeah i know" bob is the one sitting down on the floor..................

Proton Gaming : 5:50 the last song is called screaming reaper ladies. You're welcome.