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spartan456 : the title of this video should be changed to "video game live streamers"

Taureg : I love how game designers can just tighten up the graphics

Sir Sebastian : Poor Massachusetts & Texas. If only they knew the next level tightening skills I was learning. They'd be so jealous.

Lapis Riolazuli : "My mom said I'd never get anywhere with these games" She wasn't wrong...

notbobby125 : This school is accredited by the hobo down the street we gave three dollars too.

Ryuhza : So much pent up pain and anger when Guy 1 talks about his mom. He worked so hard to prove her wrong. To prove them ALL wrong.

Axl Jenkins : funhaus brought me here

Erika Stewart : "I can't believe we got jobs doing this." I can't believe it either

Dee Vee : Everybody here needs to call this college and say: "We need to tighten up the graphics on level 3"

Higgs Bonbon : It's funny because the majority of game testing consists of running into walls and corners.

Tyler Carraway : "My mom said i wouldn't get ANYWHERE playing games" *continues trading up knives in cs:go*

chopseh : And his mom was right!

Lego Insomniac : Thanks James, now I know that this exists.

Jfran2013 : Who else is here because of extra credits

pUSSYcREAM : "tighten up the graphics" **sticks screwdriver in console, twists**

kirbymaster5 : Holy shit, all this time I thought that when he said "boss is coming in", he was talking about an in-game boss, but he's actually referring to their boss. Huh.

Eyaura Eya : What's wrong with residents of Texas and Massachusetts?

Hugo QP : As an actual QA tester this almost killed me from laughing too much.

L. Spiro : This is _exactly_ how things work here at Square Enix.  The writer for this ad must have had incredible insight into the industry.

0x777 : What does the Westwood graduate with a job say to the Westwood graduate without a job? "You want fries with that?"

WatchDragon : "I cant believe we get paid the same as a fast food worker!"

Geek Remix : Call westwood college to get a gamer girl boss and play video games all day!

JMames : The testers are also the designers.  Efficient!

Derek Marshall : James is old

Huvaa Koodia : Game testing (Quality Assurance) in reality: You get hired to test a project 1 month before the release date. The job consists of going through tasks the producer and programmers assign to you. Typical task structure:  "Try to reproduce this bug", "Test this specific new feature", "Check that the old content hasn't broken down because of the new additions" The release date arrives. Bug reports from thousands of player start coming in. Many of them are not very clear on the what, how and when. The worst offenders are finally ironed out in a month or so. The buggy launch is blamed on insufficient QA. You are laid off. 4-8 months later the next project is about to launch in a month.  You get your job back.

Giovanni Costa : This has to be considered false advertising.

YR Murray : How game testing actually works: Press a until the game crashes.

Jonathon Cowley : Texas and Massachusetts are famous for their loose, floppy graphics; and now we know why.

Markuette P : I googled it, thanks Funhaus

FuzzleLand : Why are they in a library? if that's the biggest question I should be asking.

Kissing girls is pretty gay fam : Wheres there note pads full of spelling errors the game designers aren't going even look at, and all the tylenol and red bull cans, and the smell of despair and depression. Fuck game testing, worst job ever, rather work under the kill floor of the meat packing plant than that shit again.

Vedran Noneofyourbusiness : Them graphics be tight, yo.


John : This is rad! I want to be a game tester at Electrical Arts. Sending out my application right now.

Reaper : Rest in fucking pieces Game Grumps

Tom Brablec : Funhaus sent me.

hanyuukawaiinanodesu : umm i wasn't aware that "Tightening" was something you could do to graphics, or that that would even be a major problem

@siskavard : Did they ever tighten up the graphics????

DmonkeyZz : Funhaus never seem to fail me

JulianTV : here because of funhaus

0x777 : An academic institution since 1700! Ok, since 1705, took the dean 5 minutes to find the correct apartment door.

NotNoonan : FUNHAUS!

ThePainTrain765 : Tighten up the graphics on level 3?  Wu.. Why would you give it different graphics to the rest of the levels?!

George Dubya : I haven't cringed this hard in a while.

CrazyRiverOtter : You see, if a university tells you that you can make a profit by playing games... DON'T LISTEN.

Cave Rave : You know what's the most ironic thing about this commercial? People are now actually getting paid to play video games -- just look at all those Lets Play channels. And, some, like TotalBiscuit, will tighten up the graphics.

James Minor : "Fuck you Texas"

BlueBattleHawk : Thanks James.

NES guy : How do you have another game and still need it designed? Also, what would an item to tighten up graphics look like? Would it require graphics? Also, when the woman says 'great,' I think that's the actual reaction to this that an industry person would have, however they would follow it with a 'you're fired'