How Dead Space's Scariest Scene Almost Killed the Game | War Stories | Ars Technica

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wigglesza : I feel so bad for this guy. EA killed his baby.

Said Lamborghini : He's very intelligent in the horror genre would like him to make a dead space movie

Bongo Cat : this guy seems like he could be a teddy bear at heart but at the same time a cold blooded killer but he seems super cool

Justin Frazier : It was also cool how the chapters spelled out "Nicole Is Dead" Chapter 1: New Arrivals Chapter 2: Intensive Care Chapter 3: Course Correction Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard Chapter 7: Into the Void Chapter 8: Search and Rescue Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival Chapter 10: End of Days Chapter 11: Alternate Solution Chapter 12: Dead Space

Kyle Medeiros : I never was huge into video games but dead space had me hooked and terrified but i enjoyed the game so much.

Mondo Cool : Dead Space wasn't that scary. I only pooped myself, like, three times.

Lifesizemortal : This guy looks and sounds like he'd be selling me cheese steaks

Jordan G : I’m glad dead space is still be talked about to this day

Matthew McCormick : Close your eyes and suddenly it's Vin Diesel talking...

The Metal One : The tentacle was the scariest moment? Huh... I always found parts like the suicide room to be much creepier. By suicide room, I'm referring to the room full of dead colonists with bags on their heads, all shot in the head in ritualistic suicide, while the game plays "twinkle twinkle little star" very quietly.

Punished Creepswork : being a sound engineer, dead space still gets me.

xXPsilocybinXx : Unbelievable how Dead Space is already *10 Years* old

Thane Krios : Dead Space deserves a remaster. 1080p/4K and 60fps.

Ainsley Harriott : "Scariest game of all time." You sure did but EA shafted a talent like you, screw them!

jedimasterham2 : This guy = Vin Diesel's voice.

Justin Y. : *Insert meme of EA killing every game studio they have*

Rej : Almost 3 million views of the film (over last week!) and no one thinks about creating Dead Space 4 or remaster at least? Are you kidding me?! *MAKE DEAD SPACE GREAT AGAIN!*

FPKBlast : Dead Space was a Blockbuster Movie of a game. It never felt cheap, it was soooooooo innovative for its time, and the love from the dev team could be noticed instantly. The atmosphere, and story were some of the best I have ever seen in a video game. Man if only studios made games like this man and his team did, everything now is so damn boring. Thank you for your passion and for revolutionizing the game industry. Too bad EA and other publishing companies are ruining AAA titles tho.

Forrest Zirpolo : This guy gets exactly why games are such an amazing force for creative expression. Dead space and the second game especially will always be one of the greatest world that come to life not only because of its horror concepts and lore, but for its sound and how they used the very world you move through to tell a story. Light Spoilers: After beating the first game and getting off the Ishimura. Returning to it in the second game to have most of its contents in the middle of a scrub with black light made me have to pause and realize just what horrors I would be returning to to make it out alive. Bravo. Here is to an eventual reboot that can be considered worthy of such past horrors.... preferably not on EAs crappy terms.

theawesomesausage : Poor guy went from Dead Space all the way down to doing CoD lootboxes.

TheLiquidpower : Dead Space is a masterpiece and the game industry needs more men like this behind the reins

AllSilentWolf : Ahhh the legend himself . Damn shame he's been screwed by both EA and Activision.

Pizza Parade : Eh, the game was awesome, no doubt about that. Is it a classic, though?is it a classic that will stand the test of time for hundreds of years to come? Yes. This game is top shelf.

Jon B : best game ever...I don't want to play football...I don't want to play with friends...I want to be Isaac.

ParK0urKIRBY : i still believe dead space 1 was the best

wedge_one : Hate. This is the right word, I guess. But still it isn't enough. To express what and how I feel about EA for killing the game and the studio. Hate. I loved that game. Loved the second game. Even loved the third one - still has a lot of memorable moments. I f*ing hate you, EA.

Broke Guy : I love all 3 Dead Space games, but the 1st Dead Space was my favorite. This game series was perfect playing late at night alone in the dark, scared me a bunch of times. We need a Dead Space 4 or HD remake all 3 I would buy them again.....

ArkSoul Wake YaShone : looking at the thumbnail,before i clicked this video,i thought this was war veteran video from iraq or somewhere telling their war stories...XD .......that guy looks like a soldier though ..haha

Robert van Piggelen : Only game coming close today is Alien Isolation and to be honest...that is WAY less interesting than the Dead Space trilogy.

65sgboogieman : There's that god damned Wilhelm scream, again.

Billy Kotsos : That tentacle gave me a heart attack, I thought it was a cut scene

Rej : Please, we want Dead Space 4, or Dead Space 1/2 remasters at least!

Gryxll : The cliff hanger after Dead Space 3 and what EA did is a goddamn travesty. THERE'S SO MUCH POTENTIAL

Hater CZ : I get scared by horror games easily, but dead space is by far the most scariest game I have ever played, and I think because of this game, I dont play horror games anymore. It didnt just scare me shitless, but it made me legit insane and panic inside, I was so paranoid for so long, I felt like I couldt go on anymore I cant take it.

Subject00001 __ : Wow. ... dam as Gamers we really take for granted what engineers and developers do.. GOOD developers.. im looking at you DayZ SA

SATISFY : I would kill to see a Dead Space 4. But please make it with the original team from Dead Space 1, with the writers and producers. I’m sure they could play around with the lore to make a 4th game. It will be much scarier with the next generation consoles because they can add more enemies, better lighting, sounds, props, physics, blood, textures, etc

DongWarrior 314 : Scariest part for me is when you go to the mining deck and eventually if you haven't pissed yourself already you'll make it to a bench where you can usually spend time and take a break from the torment but this particular bench actually spawns a slasher in the room who eventually makes it right behind you while your upgrading weapons which on my first playthrough I didn't think was possible. I've easily played the game 10+ times now and that slasher always gives me a heart attack.

Tj g : You are a legend! This was a great interview. Didn't think I would watch the whole thing. Seriously amazing story, very grateful you were able to share your vision with us!

Nathan Bedford Forrest : 13:23 Glen's fix to the problem is exactly how you would fix your game from crashing whilst modding. Add the mods one at a time and then you find the problem.

Majinboom : Event Horizon gave me nightmares as a kid!

TheEpicNub : I hope we see more from Glen, he seems like a person who's genuinely passionate about creating games. We need more independent Devs like him, and CD Projekt Red, especially now when the market is oversaturated with last gen, money grabbing games.

Reviews. : I would really REALLY love to see a Dead Space 4. Or at least an HD remake of the first 3 on XBOX ONE and PS4.

Skittles _Ordonez : Bring back dead space

Nicholas Flores : I still play this game its sweet👍

you walker : Dead Space is one of my best 10 games of ever.

Xavi Simon : As a quality manager I have seen many times how the lac of communication between teams developing sub assemblies for a bigger project finish in this lack of coordination mess. Good job Glen Schofield, for the layering management. And sorry to all the mothers of the developing crew, for the “SOB” shouts released playing the game, but the work done to scare the players was really excellent, perfect sound and environment.

Staff Sergeant Blackburn : I had nightmare dream that I actually was a space marine Sergeant stuck in facility with my squad wiped out and I had to find my way out of their with limited ammunition

CrusaderPRT : This man must lead again for the next Dead Space game to save the franchise.

GamingTime : one of my all time favourites, i remember getting my first platinum on dead space 2 such a great franchise, 3 wasn't great but 2+1 were amazing.

LevelUpLifting : Dead Space has some of the sickest/goriest death scenes, I would willingly let Isaac get wrecked sometimes just to watch them 😂😂