Robyn / SNL Dance Comparison

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thevampirefrog06 : A parody this perfect can only come from a deep and abiding love for the original source material.  You know he knew that dance before they shot this.

Katanawing : Still can't believe how spacially aware this man is.

Steven Riznyk : even funnier is the one guy diligently trying to work despite the distractions.

true clancy : I sleep better at night knowing taran killam knows the call ur girlfriend video dance by heart

jdpaddon : This is still one of my favourite things on the internet.

pajamagirl123 : The nose wipe at the end was priceless.

8dazeAweek2 : loll awkward bobby moynihan in the doorway with a flashlight haha I love taran

Eddierockone : I can believe SNL let this guy go.

sevendubb : I like how bro is just working or something on that computer like it's business as usual @ SNL.

cody3234 : Seeing this video only intensified my crush on Taran. 

Geff Borkowski : i love the people flashing the lights for him. so supportive hehe. I also just love the guy who is calmly clicking away on the computer in the office, like this happens all the time.

YouTreen : Geez!!! He's freakin' going off the music and not even watching the screen on the floor LOL! I love watching this! Great video, thanks for sharing :) Robyn is the bomb. Can't believe I slept on this all these years smh

Ceio Ceio : Long live this man.

Alexea Malaletkin : this video gives me strength.

averyaugust : I wonder if this was for a sketch that was cut after rehearsal. Otherwise, I can't believe Taran could spend this much time learning the dance on a show week. I miss Abby Elliott...

Loving Life : Taran! You are the best thing to happen to SNL in a long time!

AskAJanything : This is everything!

Cold : IMO this was the best era of Saturday Night Live. I miss the good days:'(

Aaron Beese : I love the dude sitting on the computer working while this is happening.

Jose Veijanen : I love this so much, they have fun when the cameras arent rolling. There is Sarah, Abby, Vanessa and Bobby on the doorway.

Jonny Sneezums : This could've been an amazing "Digital Short" for SNL, if they'd done the side by side comparison. I still laugh and smile every time I come back and watch this.

Delilahbean : you tried and succeed.

ternitamas : This dance is addictive and the parody is so on point I love it so much! the only thing that gives me anxiety is the teeny tiny room he's dancing in!! omg! #claustrophobia

thevampirefrog06 : Also I love the guy on the computer (maybe Colin Jost?) who's just trying to ignore it all.

Bernie Yao : Is that Colin Jost on the computer there?

Bullseye : How is he not still on SNL?

Random Utility : Lorne don't like!

Criss Sledge : PERFECTION!!! Two of the most ADORABLE people on the planet!!!

gregg wearth : omg thats awesome i was busting up all the way through this..Taran is so talented i love him...hes funny as hell..LMAO bwahahahahaha

zephyr84 : taran and cobie's daughter is the luckiest girl ever. imagine having taran as your dad!

Killdeer101 : I see you in the background sarah.

SeeD : 1:49 when the pizza arrives


darkangels3000 : I heard just ten minutes ago he's leaving SNL....AARRGGHHHH !!!

gwasha1 : Timeless, still holds up today as much as the first time I saw this gem!

Alice Kenney : couldn't love that more...

KydoimosOfMachai : This is awesome, love it.

Joseph Fleck : Everything is what this is.

Liyabuya Gongo : That. Was. AMAZEBALLS!!!

Ashyblubear : This is the coolest thing ever! Taran is the best!

Maxwell Trainor : God bless, and good night

Fernando Descailleaux : Taran is a Genius!!

Oksana B : brilliant

Aimee Pritchard : Love it.

Vicki Cupper : Genius.

Violeta : Perfect

Pascuala Feliciano : Lmfaoooo

J Stevens : I love Taran Killam - he's the only reason watching this Robyn video is bearable.

Sasha M : Im most impressed by the fact that he accualy learned the moves :D

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