Civ 5 AI Only Timelapse: All (43) Civs on the Small Map

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Atheist Edge : And when he saw the breadth of his domain, Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Bacon Snot : And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Jake Ragoo : “And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer”

Stephen Kology : When Constantinople and Istanbul exist on the same map.

ilbknight : What's the secret to founding a civilization that will stand the test of time? Start in a corner.

Nicholas Sheavils : 42 other civs : exist Greece : it's free real estate

Nate Grosz : Poland getting invaded by Austria and Russia. They can just never seem to find a break

Mava Greek : Греция, которая смогла.

Blake Miller : If you ran this 1000 times, I wonder if a statistically significant winner would emerge.

the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta : and then their economy crashed and everyone starved to death

MegaDigie : Istanbul and Constantinople on the same map *thinking*

Shelby Swartz : And then soon after Alexander died without an heir so the madness for a ruler began all over again! Isn't history fun?

arbussman : The year is 2033 and sadly, our Crossbowmen are no match for the Greek army

Patrik Husník : Civs starting in the corner have huge advantage

S Ulltra : Poor Poland. Even in simulation.

Samuel Hyde : Alexander kinda, ya know, Alexandered his way across the entire map. 10/10 historically correct.

Gilbals : Well, he wasn't Alexander the Peaceful

My Place Is A Mess : "And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

HOI4 Field Marshal Johnny Sins : Greece is still in debt by the end

Ricewarrior01 : Your Troops are too close to our borders!

Lunova : I like the triple scout start from the zulus. Gotta keep an eye on those three tiles ya know.

ghoohg551 : I feel like the corners had an advantage.

Armok: God of Blood : The starts in the corners had the advantage of only being able to be attacked from three sides instead of six.

Ben Hyle : Kinda surprised by the Zulu's lack of expansion, but not shocked by Alexander being Alexander.

Nomad : And just like that...... *EVERYBODY WAS AN ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN*

Lil Penpusher : >America gets killed off by Korea >"Heh. Ironic."

Jonathan Pinkney : 0.00 the moment Venice lost the game

Max I : Constantinople went through like 4-5 civs, wait that sounds familiar.

Максим Кощеев : Starting in corner is OP, not balanced

William St.clair : in 2018 every game has Battle Royale now

DumBubble : Corners win ; that should be tried on a circular map, and nobody in the center.

dikaiopolis ho : Corner civs had advantage.

Jaska Mäkynen : Considering the ones starting from the corners will have less enemies around, this was inevitable.

Peacecraft : As soon as I saw Greece in the corner with three cities, I knew how it would play out.

snowisthebestweather : Warsaw changed hands _18_ times.

Bung The Booce : Can you imagine the amount of "[insert civ here] has denounced you" would occur just by existing

nexus1g : I kept waiting for Gandhi's surprise return where he nukes the entire freakin' map.

Impaleification : Time line of the order in which each civ is defeated, and by who: -India is eliminated by Byzantium 1:05 -Arabia is eliminated by Polynesia 1:12 -U.S is eliminated by Korea 1:15 -Poland is eliminated by Morocco 1:20 -Indonesia is eliminated by the Celts 1:22 -Siam is eliminated by Mongolia 1:24 -Japan is eliminated by Greece 1:26 -China is eliminated by Songhai 1:27 -Venice is eliminated by Portugal 1:32 -The Celts are eliminated by Mongolia 1:33 -Carthage is eliminated by Sweden 1:37 -England is eliminated by Assyria 1:38 -Byzantium is eliminated by the Iroquois 1:42 -The Maya are eliminated by Greece 1:52 -Russia is eliminated by Morocco 1:56 -France is eliminated by Songhai 1:58 -Portugal is eliminated by Egypt 2:05 -The Iroquois are eliminated by Brazil 2:36 -Germany is eliminated by Greece 2:39 -Sweden is eliminated by the Huns 2:45 -Spain is eliminated by Ethiopia 2:48 -Denmark is eliminated by the Zulu 2:57 -The Aztecs are eliminated by Greece 2:58 -Rome is eliminated by Egypt 3:04 -Ethiopia is eliminated by Greece 3:08 -Songhai is eliminated by Egypt 3:11 -The Netherlands are eliminated by the Huns 3:12 -Babylon is eliminated by Morocco 3:16 -Brazil is eliminated by Morocco 3:25 -Mongolia is eliminated by the Ottomans 3:26 -Austria is eliminated by the Ottomans 3:30 -Persia is eliminated by Assyria 3:32 -The Inca are eliminated by the Ottomans 3:39 -The Shoshone are eliminated by Greece 3:45 -Korea is eliminated by Assyria 3:58 -Polynesia is eliminated by the Ottomans 5:17 -The Zulu are eliminated by Greece 5:18 -Egypt is eliminated by the Huns 5:53 -Morocco is eliminated by the Huns (a hilarious steal, too) 6:01 -The Ottomans are eliminated by the Huns 6:04 -Assyria is eliminated by Greece 5:17 -The Huns are eliminated by Greece 6:31

JonatasMonte : I can only imagine the amount of denounces.....

Casper Meewisse : Who would have guessed that the countries in the corners would survive the longest

Rwdphotos : Surprised the Great Wall is so mobile

MrNappySlapper : korea eliminating USA as expected

Rival Xero : Civs on the edge have some advantage of not being surrounded.

Kyle Hansen : Some say those settlers are still looking for new land

Zurt : that sweep when greece discovered how to make cannons....

Dman9494 : Shout out to the Polynesians, lasted for a good while.

Walrus : In the end, the empires that made the final four were the ones that originated in the four corners with no enemy on two sides. Even if attempting this on a round world map to level the playing field, the civs that start on the top and bottom would still have the advantage of one protected side. Interesting, though. I bet this could be done a thousand times and get a thousand different results.

George Washington : Sad USA is not on its own continent just watching the bloodshed and meddling with city states.

Gabriel Gomar : Yeah, this only made me want to play the witcher again...

Kevin Zhu : Countries in the corner are safer than those in the center.