Civ 5 AI Only Timelapse: All (43) Civs on the Small Map

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Atheist Edge : And when he saw the breadth of his domain, Alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Bacon Snot : And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

Jake Ragoo : “And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer”

ilbknight : What's the secret to founding a civilization that will stand the test of time? Start in a corner.

Stephen Kology : When Constantinople and Istanbul exist on the same map.

Nicholas Sheavils : 42 other civs : exist Greece : it's free real estate

Mava Greek : Греция, которая смогла.

Nate Grosz : Poland getting invaded by Austria and Russia. They can just never seem to find a break

Samuel Hyde : Alexander kinda, ya know, Alexandered his way across the entire map. 10/10 historically correct.

Patrik Husník : Civs starting in the corner have huge advantage

Blake Miller : If you ran this 1000 times, I wonder if a statistically significant winner would emerge.

My Place Is A Mess : "And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer."

Gilbals : Well, he wasn't Alexander the Peaceful

MegaDigie : Istanbul and Constantinople on the same map *thinking*

arbussman : The year is 2033 and sadly, our Crossbowmen are no match for the Greek army

S Ulltra : Poor Poland. Even in simulation.

the prince of all saiyans .Vegeta : and then their economy crashed and everyone starved to death

James Lourenco : Showing clearly why the corners of the map are so strategically important

Tallie Lintra : Greece is still in debt by the end

DumBubble : Corners win ; that should be tried on a circular map, and nobody in the center.

Ben Hyle : Kinda surprised by the Zulu's lack of expansion, but not shocked by Alexander being Alexander.

Ricewarrior01 : Your Troops are too close to our borders!

Shelby Swartz : And then soon after Alexander died without an heir so the madness for a ruler began all over again! Isn't history fun?

Max Iniguez : Constantinople went through like 4-5 civs, wait that sounds familiar.

Walrus : In the end, the empires that made the final four were the ones that originated in the four corners with no enemy on two sides. Even if attempting this on a round world map to level the playing field, the civs that start on the top and bottom would still have the advantage of one protected side. Interesting, though. I bet this could be done a thousand times and get a thousand different results.

Lil Penpusher : >America gets killed off by Korea >"Heh. Ironic."

Jaska Mäkynen : Considering the ones starting from the corners will have less enemies around, this was inevitable.

Armok: God of Blood : The starts in the corners had the advantage of only being able to be attacked from three sides instead of six.

ghoohg551 : I feel like the corners had an advantage.

Impaleification : Time line of the order in which each civ is defeated, and by who: -India is eliminated by Byzantium 1:05 -Arabia is eliminated by Polynesia 1:12 -U.S is eliminated by Korea 1:15 -Poland is eliminated by Morocco 1:20 -Indonesia is eliminated by the Celts 1:22 -Siam is eliminated by Mongolia 1:24 -Japan is eliminated by Greece 1:26 -China is eliminated by Songhai 1:27 -Venice is eliminated by Portugal 1:32 -The Celts are eliminated by Mongolia 1:33 -Carthage is eliminated by Sweden 1:37 -England is eliminated by Assyria 1:38 -Byzantium is eliminated by the Iroquois 1:42 -The Maya are eliminated by Greece 1:52 -Russia is eliminated by Morocco 1:56 -France is eliminated by Songhai 1:58 -Portugal is eliminated by Egypt 2:05 -The Iroquois are eliminated by Brazil 2:36 -Germany is eliminated by Greece 2:39 -Sweden is eliminated by the Huns 2:45 -Spain is eliminated by Ethiopia 2:48 -Denmark is eliminated by the Zulu 2:57 -The Aztecs are eliminated by Greece 2:58 -Rome is eliminated by Egypt 3:04 -Ethiopia is eliminated by Greece 3:08 -Songhai is eliminated by Egypt 3:11 -The Netherlands are eliminated by the Huns 3:12 -Babylon is eliminated by Morocco 3:16 -Brazil is eliminated by Morocco 3:25 -Mongolia is eliminated by the Ottomans 3:26 -Austria is eliminated by the Ottomans 3:30 -Persia is eliminated by Assyria 3:32 -The Inca are eliminated by the Ottomans 3:39 -The Shoshone are eliminated by Greece 3:45 -Korea is eliminated by Assyria 3:58 -Polynesia is eliminated by the Ottomans 5:17 -The Zulu are eliminated by Greece 5:18 -Egypt is eliminated by the Huns 5:53 -Morocco is eliminated by the Huns (a hilarious steal, too) 6:01 -The Ottomans are eliminated by the Huns 6:04 -Assyria is eliminated by Greece 5:17 -The Huns are eliminated by Greece 6:31

Максим Кощеев : Starting in corner is OP, not balanced

Bung The Booce : Can you imagine the amount of "[insert civ here] has denounced you" would occur just by existing

Jonathan Pinkney : 0.00 the moment Venice lost the game

JonatasMonte : I can only imagine the amount of denounces.....

snowisthebestweather : Warsaw changed hands _18_ times.

Casper Meewisse : Who would have guessed that the countries in the corners would survive the longest

nexus1g : I kept waiting for Gandhi's surprise return where he nukes the entire freakin' map.

dikaiopolis ho : Corner civs had advantage.

TC IronBear : Dumbest AI move in the game? At the end it looks like Attila helped the Greeks to attack Assur. Attila's only hope at that point would have been to ally with Assur or attack Greece while it was busy with Assur.

Jacob prudent : Edge civs win because they can more easily defend.

Rwdphotos : Surprised the Great Wall is so mobile

MrNappySlapper : korea eliminating USA as expected

illidan193 : If the water gives 1 food like any coastal tiles, it gives significant advantage to every civilization at the corner. If you wanted it more balanced, you should have made exterior tiles ice or mountains

Smoklen : Someone please explain to me how Constantinople and Istanbul can exist at the same time.

George Washington : Sad USA is not on its own continent just watching the bloodshed and meddling with city states.

Gabriel Gomar : Yeah, this only made me want to play the witcher again...

Petey Graffiti : You should make the map loop, the corner cities have a big advantage because there's only one front line to defend.

Dman9494 : Shout out to the Polynesians, lasted for a good while.

Kyle Hansen : Some say those settlers are still looking for new land

Fonzie Gonz : 4:20 Alexander unlocks Riflemen. No over civ researched that tech for some reason. Horde of Riflemen sweeps through ranks of muskets, crossbows, and horses for the easy victory. Never ignore military technologies.