A$AP Rocky - A$AP Forever (Official Video) ft. Moby

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Travler Simpon : Did Jesus direct this?

Noah Smith : Editor: aight say no more Rocky: I didn’t say anything yet

KasPro : How this didnt get grammy nominated smh,,,

Bruno Strati : Mental disturbed people: Sicko mode video of the year Me, an intellectual: This video

abhishek kumar : this video made me feel like sicko mode is just overrated lol

dvwvyvwvx : someone get the editor a milion dollars

edgy : All the people giving so much credit to the editor but are forgetting the camera crew

Liam King : Got robbed from music vid of the year, not even a nomination, smh

Flovero : Editor: What effects do you want? Rocky: yes.

nathan royster : This song is honestly so underrated

iBEENART : These visuals are insane.

Nova Saint : One hour into 2019 and it’s already video of the year

God of Gamer : 2019?

nitetive : this deserve the video of the year

Jake Raymond : That Frank Ocean shoutout though

notime : one of the best music videos i´ve ever seen. A$AP Rocky and his whole team are true artists. inspiring af

nobnob : Best music video of 2018. As much as I loved Sicko mode it can’t top this. Oh and fuck Ariana too

MIKAYLA Brown : Asap rocky is way better than travis scott no comparison 💯💯👌

Mac Doesn'tDoit : Can’t belive people think the Astrosworld music video is better than this masterpiece

igeto12 : Y’all kids better put some respect on my guy Moby’s name this Beat “Porcelain” is Legendary.

Laka Films : I feel an Album coming...

Christopher Henderson : Yo! The editor of this video is edit God.

mo Bedda : U think this is beautiful now, watch it on LSD u won't be dissatisfied.

sleeksm4 : Glad someones using mobys beat that shit was sick by itself. 3:05 is that moby?


FitnessFAQs : This film clip is a masterpiece.

sebastian castillo : Why in gods name was this not nominated

TheRealDudeDownDaStreet : This is way better then sicko mode.

metal354 : 0:48 - 1:32 Best graphical content i have ever seen

MxR.JoseB : If anyone reads this all drake and travis fanboys think sickomodes better your stupid smh sicko mode has a good beat that’s it. It’s just autotune, Rocky first two minutes are great lyrics and the visuals are unreal throughout, travis don’t deserve the clout he’s getting, big up asap

appleciderpapi : Music video of the year 🔥🔥🔥

박준용 : Who still watching in 2019

EL PERFUMÉ : Rap Video of the year goes to Asap Rocky not Travis Scott "Sicko Mode" no cap!!

Biased T-Wolves Fan : Guys I figured out what this video means. When it’s zooming out of all those pictures, it always ends on rocky. He’s saying he’s bigger than everyone else, well him and asap.

HATIC THE RAP HADES : director: How Many Jesus-Like-Visuals do you want A$AP ROCKY : Yes SICKO MODE: *Mouth Drop*

Iron Gordon - Art : the visuals on this are sooo good!

Biraj : Came back to this to cleanse my eyes after watching sicko mode

Anonim Groove : Happy New Year 2019

Adrian Száraz : Moby - Porcelain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zack 7 : A$Ap Rockey - A$AP FOREVER [Ofiicial Audio] ft. Moby 00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:00 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

RŮDE : this is a masterpiece.

Daniel Sadjadi : I watched this cause I'm a big fan of Moby, I really like Rocky now too.

Rarest Pepe : still the best music video on youtube

Hakan ve Hakan : I have never ever seen such a perfect cinematography in a such music video like this also I'm not mentioning about the quality of the song. God bless good artists.

wu tang : Asap forever should be song of the year

zachandbro : The editing on this is insane. Such a ASAP vibe!

iamsincerenot : Travis Scott just had the hype nothing else real heads know it was Harlem that did it

Gage Hill : This vid is so much more advanced and unique than sicko mode...

JZH10000 : Moby was in the music video can you find him?

willou974 : One of the greatest rap video ever made