The Poker Table w/ Bill Burr, Al Madrigal, Jay Larson, Bobby Lee & Eddie Pepitone

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I'm not Norm : They should get Norm Macdonald

Scott Backula : If Patrice were there, Bobby would run out the room...hyperventilating. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Paul M : "No more asian jokes, no more eye jokes, no more math jokes.." - Bill Responds, "Nobodies doing your act!" Hahahaha

Tyler : Let’s be honest. You only clicked on this for bill burr or Bobby lee. I clicked for both.

Mitchell Asido : More bobby lee and burr!

treesap : Next up: Joey diaz, Bill burr, Joe rogan, Bobby lee, and Lee syatt so we can all pretend we're there

MayBach Yard : Burr not realizing his shades are like mirrors.

Andrew Goolsby : Man this was filmed a while ago! Bobby talked about this on his podcast close to a year ago!

jootai : Bobby and burr have good chemistry

Left Right : Bobby Lee is winning, man is dating WAY ABOVE his level. Respect.

Justin Yglesias : MOVIE IDEA TITLE : Fresh off the Boat Staring bobby lee as an immigrant from korea who moves to boston and makes a relation ship with Bill bur (eithrr from a bar or neighbor) to show him the ropes around Boston. Boom hit new comedy movie

Dominique Heraldo : "I'm a sneak, I'm a weasel, and I'm gonna slither my way through life." - Bobby Lee [2017 CE]

leinad95 : Bobby, Theo, Callen, and D’elia

chrismodell : Please do more of these and get Joey Diaz on.


Juice28 : bobby lee and burr and great chemistry!

Ken Sugihara : Bobby Lee genuinely makes me feel proud to be a weird little Asian man in America. God bless him

RamblinAround : Keep doing these, this was awesome!

derekplus : "You cost me $11 and I'll never forgive you"

butharat : This couldn't have been easy to edit. Kudos, editor.

tnnr lindbergh : Bobby and Burr need a show.

dylan sayin : Next we need Joe Rogan, Burr, Bryan Callen, Brendan and Theo

Galactic123 : At 31:06 when Bobby said "I saw every single ONE of his hands" I just about cried laughing.

Joseph Z : 19:31 bobby lookin

Benjamin Chang : This is the best, Bobby Lee is the most under rated comedian ever. Actor.... iuno I have never seen him actually act but I love him to death. I always say he is my spirit animal. Love bill burr and just his type of comedy. This is awesome, keep doing it!! I love poker too so this is perfect!

SlugDropsonheads : That was amazing... Another table with Bobby and Bill would be great.

Tori Santos : SLEPT KANG!!

Andrius Krajewski : Bobby Lee carried this

dshambrook : If you like Bobby Lee he has a podcast called Tigerbelly and its so amazing...

MrPunkassfuck : Sunglasses reflect, I bet everyone saw Bill's hand :P Rookie mistake :P

theone1991 : I want a Bill Burr Bobby Lee roadmovie.

Ewin the Mahoutsukai : "I like your hat... Extra! Extra! read all about it!" Bill is murdering lol

jrreogreugerugregreger : Bobby Lee looks like he should be painting a sidewalk in San Francisco for bus change.

booker tee : LEE BURR 2020

nicolas valerga : bobby is just pure comedy , burr killed it too

Allen Silva : Al looks like a child playing with his dad's cigar

Playoba : More bobbi Lee and burr

Xela thebutcher : Bobby looks like spinelli from recess....

Alex Dashkoff : Oh my gosh. As a regular online player that watches a lot on TV this was somewhat aggravating

swish007 : bobby and burr are hilarious together but damn i wouldn't be able to take bobby's shit lol. i have more respect for burr because he handles him so well (at least in the first 18 min.. that's how much i've seen). i would've thought burr wouldn't be able to stand bobby at all

Raumance : Hahaha I love Bobby Lee he is rotten to the core. He got caught cheating and he has a 7 step protocol for trying to get out of it, so you know it wasn't an accident but Bobby's just a high level cheater.

AM257 : Camera should've been on Bobby and Bill the entire time. Those two are hilarious, especially when they're in the same room

BlueShift : Bobby Lee is such a baby whenever he is around comedian who make fun of eachother... every time!!!

Fred Herron : Can Bill PLEASE do Bobbys Podcast?

Alvaro S : "I lie to win" - Bobo

ehafh : 🌈 SLEPT KING! 🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Daniel Gonzalez : OL BILLY BOOZE BAG!

BallzBallz : Give Bobby and Burr there own show and call it BB.

Jack Schreck : Bobby didn’t cheat. Billy needs to protect his cards while he’s trying out bits.

Grazilla : Al has the biggest cigar, Eddie has the second smallest, and of course.. Jay has the smallest little cigar. sigh