The Poker Table w/ Bill Burr, Al Madrigal, Jay Larson, Bobby Lee & Eddie Pepitone

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Mitchell Asido : More bobby lee and burr!

Scott Backula : If Patrice were there, Bobby would run out the room...hyperventilating. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Andrew Goolsby : Man this was filmed a while ago! Bobby talked about this on his podcast close to a year ago!

I'm not Norm : They should get Norm Macdonald

RamblinAround : Keep doing these, this was awesome!

Left Right : Bobby Lee is winning, man is dating WAY ABOVE his level. Respect.

treesap : Next up: Joey diaz, Bill burr, Joe rogan, Bobby lee, and Lee syatt so we can all pretend we're there

nicolas valerga : bobby is just pure comedy , burr killed it too

MayBach Yard : Burr not realizing his shades are like mirrors.

Lou Moo : "Nobody's doing your act!" LMAO

TheTrivert : Great show. If I had 1 suggestion it would be to get a dealer so you guys can relax and enjoy yourselves more without worrying about the cards as much. Merry Christmas!

BallzBallz : Give Bobby and Burr there own show and call it BB.

Jj Babar : THIS IS GOLD. Please do this again. Genius idea


butharat : This couldn't have been easy to edit. Kudos, editor.

Tori Santos : SLEPT KANG!!

Alex Kessler : Eddie pep is always hilarious.

John Paul M : "No more asian jokes, no more eye jokes, no more math jokes.." - Bill Responds, "Nobodies doing your act!" Hahahaha

Dominique Heraldo : "I'm a sneak, I'm a weasel, and I'm gonna slither my way through life." - Bobby Lee [2017 CE]

Meadowlark Lemon : This really is a fucking great idea. I'd love to see some more episodes.

Nate Cassera : This was tremendous hope to see more like this from ATC soon

jayaregomez : "I was gonna say you're bad drivers, and you should've stayed in." -Bill Burr 7:34

King Ill Music : Hon Roward.

Ike Turner : Bill Burr A.K.A DB Cooper

chrismodell : Please do more of these and get Joey Diaz on.

Joseph Z : 19:31 bobby lookin

Loki Connor : So good! Burr it's your responsibility to hide your cards mate ! Bobby is dirty but totally expected play. Please get Bert on this!

eddie d : should of had dom irrera in there

Turtle Monkeigh : Billy "sun glasses inside a pitch black dark room" burr

jootai : Bobby and burr have good chemistry

big_ ups : Al's cigar is making me uncomfortable.

cyberneticthezero : Bobby Lee #1 #TigerBelly

MrPunkassfuck : Sunglasses reflect, I bet everyone saw Bill's hand :P Rookie mistake :P

Andrius Krajewski : Bobby Lee carried this

Justin Yglesias : MOVIE IDEA TITLE : Fresh off the Boat Staring bobby lee as an immigrant from korea who moves to boston and makes a relation ship with Bill bur (eithrr from a bar or neighbor) to show him the ropes around Boston. Boom hit new comedy movie

dracko307 : I want more of this

ehafh : 🌈 SLEPT KING! 🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

dylan sayin : Next we need Joe Rogan, Burr, Bryan Callen, Brendan and Theo

tnnr lindbergh : Bobby and Burr need a show.

Ken Sugihara : Bobby Lee genuinely makes me feel proud to be a weird little Asian man in America. God bless him

Gary Miner : You guys have to keep doing this, it doesn't have to be the same people or it can be... whatever, but keep doing this.. please lol

SlugDropsonheads : That was amazing... Another table with Bobby and Bill would be great.

Yura : More pepitone!

Trent Camp : Jay Larson saved this game. lol

Travxs : hilarious shit!

derekplus : "You cost me $11 and I'll never forgive you"

booker tee : LEE BURR 2020

Juice28 : bobby lee and burr and great chemistry!

Al L : Bill Burr "You can't yell at a baby." *Turns to Bobby*

Richard Meyer : The greatest video I never knew I wanted...