Thunderbirds Launches and Landings HD
As a kid I enjoyed watching this show and also did so out of the lack of something better Looking back Thunderbirds marionette work the detailed set pieces and practical effects were all quite impressive for a show made in the 60s

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The launches and landings of all the Thunderbirds craft from Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds. Widescreen and High Definition.


rideyourbikent : I'm 55 yrs old and I still want to be the pilot of Thunderbird 2 , best job in the world .

Johnno9989 : No matter how many times I've seen the vehicles launch, it never gets boring.

Kelvin Mulder : I watched this as a kid and had the toys. Such an epic and genius show. Sad they do not make them like this anymore. cheers from the Netherlands.

noel prest : Thunderbird 2 is so cool

Johnny Dodger : Thunderbird 2 for me when I was younger was the coolest lol

Simon Atack : Barry Gray's music score for this series made it what it is. Absolutely perfect. And the new CGI version has missed the vital points of what made this series so endearing. And enduring. Gerry Anderson's original looks realistic, even with strings. The vehicles move and fly in a natural realtime sense. It was made with love by modelmaking craftsmen and women.

DrPepper22222 : What's cool about the TB3 landing back in the roundhouse vertically was that would be completely unthinkable in reality when this was all designed. But now in 2015 that has pretty much now been achieved by SpaceX for the first time. So maybe it wasn't so sci-fi after all.

Dr Donald Blake : At the time this was the most expensive show to be made. The music here is brilliant.

Carl B : Watching Thunderbirds as a child, I just loved the stories. As an adult, I can see that it's among the most imaginative and technically accomplished children's TV series ever made.

bigdmac33 : What HD REALLY shows is the fantastic detail in the sets that Meddings and the crew painstakingly achieved. Pure craftsmanship!

Julinda Otto : CGではできない臨場感がいい

Daniel M : It still amazes me how superb this was filmed back in the 60's, no CGI at all..

John Small : If your in the age range of 50/60 you rememebr what it was like, making sure you were home at the right time to watch. Thunderbirds, stingray, UFO, 1999, captain scarlet, Joe 90. These sequences are just so amazing, so much attention to detail and thought put into them. Still think it’s FAB today.

James Martin : Like a lot of Gerry and Sylvia stuff, the insanely long, intricate and convoluted launch sequences on the Thunderbirds made no damn sense, but they were so much fun to watch, you didn't care.

MJ Knight : Thunderbird 2. Everyone's fave

still_guns : I prefer the newer, CGI rendition of this show... Said no-one ever

Ron Owen : Tracy Island must be completely hollowed out, looking at the size of those launch bays and equipment halls !!!

Jeremy Williams : Thunderbird 3 docking with Thunderbird 5 is always a nice scene.

TheHumbleFellow : 5:30 I loved shots like this in the original series!  It gives a real sense of scale, making Thunderbird 2 look MASSIVE!

Harumio 1529 : 小さいころバージルをまねて滑り台を頭から滑ってました。

Ferruccio Guicciardi : Watching every Saturday morning on SCN TV (Southern Command Network). Panama.

Spencer俊吉 : こんな事当時誰も考えなかった!ウルトラマンも凄いけど、人形劇のコレも凄い!

Sidney Richard : Loved this since I was a kid on its original release... but have really grown to appreciate the work of Barry Gray. This makes me realise that his stuff was subject to some pretty brutal edits to accommodate a launch sequence. Damn budget restrictions. Damn them all to hell.

Stuve715 : 2:22 - Ohh I shouldn't have had such a big lunch 6:09 - Hey what's going on? I was only kidding when I said that about the steak marinara 6:27 - Ah good, this is the one without the stain 7:49 - Honey, I'm just going out on the balcony for a smoke - Yes, dear! 8:03 - *Cough cough hack* - See! I told you smoking was bad for your health

Barrie Wright : Just puer genius, and for me as a 56 year old, man just a good place in my child hood, never missed a single show, when it was due to come on everything just stopped. These kind of films "Super marrieanet" they couldn't make these today the cost would be just to high, and it looks better than CGI, actually, but that's my point of view. FAB :)

Tessa Bakker : It would be beyond otherworldly if we someday had a real Thunderbird 2. Imagine that green behemoth taxiing to the runway on an actual airport! The crowd *that* would draw would be amazing. If only it could be real. Of course we'd need assurance that Thunderbird 2 is realistically capable of flight, and then have to find a runway that could *handle* that kind of power, and supply a long enough ramp from which it could launch...

Daniel O'Donovan : When I was a child I wrote to the BBC and asked how Thunderbird 4 was collected. The response I got was! ‘Don’t ask me I’m only an aardvark.’

The Ravaloxian Whovian : Old series or new. I just love Thunderbirds. Especially 3. Cause Thunderbird 3 is epic!

James Farrell : There is something so majestic about TB2 at 5:30

Markyboy No1 : Outstanding !!! Cheer's for sharing. Watched everyone of them when i was kid. Gerry Anderson commented years after, they did not make 'childrens films' but 'films for children'........ big difference....After watching this i'll be buying the box set !!!

KlunkerRider : As a kid I never noticed how Thunderbird 3's scale constantly changed, when boarding at 7:00 its apparently the size of the Queen Mary based on how tiny the puppets are, yet at launch its suddenly tiny, small enough to fit thru the eye of whats clearly a two story house, just look at the stairway for scale at 8:00, but its does still look cool doing so and I'm sure for the Anderson's that was more important. ;-)

EverChangingShadow : I just noticed, when Alan says "take up launch positions" his tone is like "this is my ship, I'm in charge here" and then Scott goes "FAB" in this "Ooooh get you" tone of voice. lol

C3PO StarWars : Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson were brilliant!

Actarus Fleed : Nothing beats the original series. It's all heart & soul. Supermarionation is a lost art. The people behind them were the absolute masters.

Cool James : I'd hate to be Gordon during the pod's freefall from TB2 into the water...

Roger Breton : I love the music Barry Gray has created for this series. Without the music and all the other rich sound effects, the visual experience would not be the same.

robert pearce : scott and alan changed places on the chair on the way down to TB3.. then back again when they went up into it....

Ferruccio Guicciardi : I was watching this every Saturday morning thru SCN Panama AFRTS TV station during the 80s.

eikcid : I have a big LOVE for the thunderbirds :-) The music is "FAB" ;-)

BGum : Whoever disliked this should go die in a hole

光極堂 : 今見てても、サンダーバードの細部にわたって細かい設定とか大したものだな〜!と、感心してしまう。 日本のロボットアニメは、皆、このサンダーバードを手本にして制作されていたと言っても過言ではないと思う!

Tracy Gibson : tis is a great use of human skill for the more wholesome entertainment of all our youth.

biggles4441 : at last nasa realeasing some real footage

吉田源氏 : 5:30のシーンが一番大好きです。BGMも最高。

roblex63 : Engines by Volkswagen.....

Paul Baranofsky : part of this shows appeal was those they saved never got to meet them in person.This way International rescue could stay secret and carry out its great work

Curtis Biel : MAN! That is one awkward silence on the couch.

Patrick Taylor : I loved this show as a kid in the `60s. (along with all the other Gerry Anderson shows) I love the design of the Roundhouse. It appears to be heavily influenced by both architect John Lautner's 'Chemosphere' as well as the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Anderson design team did some amazing work! If I ever win the lottery, I'll build a house like that. (minus the launchpad)

harryd bennett : For those of us over 60 we tend to remember the original Thunderbirds;  just might have been what motivated our generation into space...