VRChat is getting too spooky for you
VRChat is getting too spooky for you

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Drumsy enters virtual reality for some October spooks. VRChat will never be the same. Come join me live - https://www.twitch.tv/drumsy Send me beautiful tweets - https://twitter.com/gotdrumsy Moxi - https://www.twitch.tv/moxification Outro song by French Press - https://soundcloud.com/frenchpresscatto/cigarette Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/drumsy Stock Video provided by - https://www.videoblocks.com/drumsy Music provided by - https://www.audioblocks.com/drumsy


Daily Dose Of Internet : doot doot

Chris Hansen : Pizza skeletons are the next Uganda knuckles mark my words

Skull Crusher115 : whats scary is.... Getting a BONER infront your crush

eclarke 53 : 5:08 Top 10 Trumpet solos in the history of the world.

Zed : You know what scares me... News Reporters

Dat Boi : 5:53 that story is from avatar the last airbender


Micah Smith : I hated those spider references. I can't put my legs under my desk now. I have super bad arachnophobia so everytime my cats rubs against me I kick them thinking it's a freakin' spider...

Lt. Spectra : there was a BDSM spider-clown under my desk. so glad you warned me drumsy. i owe you my life.

Peridoxペリドクス : What scares me the most. People with anime profile pictures. Don’t trust them.

Firejd 32 : 6:50 isn’t that from like... Avatar the last air Bender?

Many adventure of some guy doing vlogs : No VRchat is just being invaded by the most powerful beings in the whole xenoverse:the doots

VRGodzYT : Spooky bois I want u to know I have a really big Love for Jesus Christ who will protect me from the spooks can I get an amen

rAiNbOw'o mEtEr : My worst nightmare internet providers

Koharu Izumi : Yeah there was an actual spider under my desk, thanks drumsy.

Iron Eagle : That clown bit legit disturbed me. I'm about to cry. Shaggy, please help me

Oh yeah yeah : You know what scares me? Fanfics & Furries

NUKEBOY 44 : 4:15 how and where can I find that doom doot

VRGodzYT : Ya I do fell something running up my leg that shoots out white and is sticky and that is The Bible

Crab eradicator720 : You know what scares me Belt

its daddyboy : The catacombs look different than last time i played dark souls

Dancing in the 80s : This is the best first video to watch on your channel. (Edit): Subscribed

XX PUNISHER XX : I know the pizza song but what's the remix

sally back and thicker then ever! : This was done on the 7th so in 3 more days it would be my birthday XD (my birthday is oct.10)

Chicken Nuggets : I was laying down when you said that there was a clown behind me so it didn’t really make sense

Jackson Bormann : I KNEW I RECOGNIZED THE NINI STORY. It's the one Katara told to the gang before meeting the bloodbender in avatar.

Tech Draws : 1:14 I legit just got chills when he said that- no joke

Michael Gallagher : When Moxi “Avatar the last Airbender and her spooky story but not Word for Word but pretty much Word for Word it was hilarious that line is literally in the Halloween episode of avatar the last Airbender well there is no real Halloween episode but it supposed to be the spooky episode


Oh, HowVeryUnfortunate : You know what scares me? Ads + buffers

BlueTopaz : Hey should we wake up the other dude? No no no let him sleep *DID YOU JUST SAY WAKE HIM UP?*

Mexican Weiss Schnee : if it isnt Ugandan Knuckles its Italian Skeleton Chefs


Ryan Moore999 : Skeleton soldier: GENERAL WE RAN OUT OF MILK Skeleton soldier:WE ARE TOO BRITTLE WE CAN'T FIGHT (skeleton general gets him arm shot off) skeleton soldier: GENERAL YOU OK MEDIC medical skeleton:IM COMING HERE I FOUND A GOLDEN SKELETON ARM (Arm gets replaced) General skeleton: RETREAT MEN WE CAN'T FIGHT NOT TODAY

MLGSans : 7/10 no spider under my table wasn't hungry anyways ;-;

Ordinarygaming : Beautiful content beautiful FOCKIN CONTENT

iioxly : 2:28 *u thought u were slick tokoyami, I saw you*

Matthew Bower : That story that the guy told was from avatar the last air bender

Sammy89695 : That story that the guy tells at like 6:40 seconds is from avatar the last Airbender

SuperCatDash : You owe me a game on vrchat. You know what you said to me on twitch!

Kortakpen12 : 1:10 Top 10 saddest anime story's

Tomha : You want a spooky story? Fallout 76 was coming. Everyone hated it but I said "Give it a chance. " and preordered it. I played it but PSN refused to refund me because I already downloaded it...

Boof : Great Idea! Vr games in an incompleted skyscraper!

MRwoop : Death may be scary, but when you die, *YOU CAN STILL LOOK FORWARD TO SKELETON WAR!!*

That1 Pleb : Moxi told an Avatar The Last Airbender story smh Edit:woah so many likes xd

Anonymous Studios : 5:07 LEAVE DEKU ALONE!!!

NightMajesty : That sleep Room VR Got me 😂😂

iAnnie : There's *NOTHING* scarier than a Shrek Skeleton-boi with 'a'pizza. Whenever I get spooked, I shout, "MAMA MIA!!!" OwO

George Xer0 : Chuckles the BDSM clown.. XD