VRChat is getting too spooky for you

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Daily Dose Of Internet : doot doot

R.I.P XXX : Pizza skeletons are the next Uganda knuckles mark my words

Skull Crusher115 : whats scary is.... Getting a BONER infront your crush

Ethan Clarke : 5:08 Top 10 Trumpet solos in the history of the world.

Zed : You know what scares me... News Reporters

Exotic Narcotics : *Are those people really sleeping...?*

Micah Smith : I hated those spider references. I can't put my legs under my desk now. I have super bad arachnophobia so everytime my cats rubs against me I kick them thinking it's a freakin' spider...

Circé Bonacchi : 5:59 Isn't that story from Avatar The Last Airbender ?

Dat Boi : 5:53 that story is from avatar the last airbender

Koharu Izumi : Yeah there was an actual spider under my desk, thanks drumsy.

Cayde-6 : there was a BDSM spider-clown under my desk. so glad you warned me drumsy. i owe you my life.

Diego Revius : How many times do you have to be dropped on your head as a kid to come up with the idea of sleeping with a vr headset on. Give it to me, you don't know how to use it.

Cooler : No VRchat is just being invaded by the most powerful beings in the whole xenoverse:the doots

noob noob : BREAKING NEWS! I'm AFRAID there is no breaking news today.

Peridoxペリドクス : What scares me the most. People with anime profile pictures. Don’t trust them.

ZEUS SHADERS _15 : You know what scares me? Fanfics & Furries

Firejd 32 : 6:50 isn’t that from like... Avatar the last air Bender?

LittleBear's Dumb Channel / madotspooki : i need that melancholic rin avatar

VRGodzYT : Spooky bois I want u to know I have a really big Love for Jesus Christ who will protect me from the spooks can I get an amen

rAiNbOw'o mEtEr : My worst nightmare internet providers


NUKEBOY 44 : 4:15 how and where can I find that doom doot

Marius Melum : I dunno why. But drumsy u always tuch my heart with those pep talks in the end, they are actually very inspiring for me. Have been trough hard times right now but watching ur videos have been calming and making me think. Thanks for helping out and being a so awsome dude keep up with it all cuz i love it and it really helps me with everything

official gamer pro : I know the pizza song but what's the remix

42 Shini : What scares me the most? The child ghosts of my abortions.

Chase Gardner Gardner : No, no I dont feel a spider crawling up my leg.

Lone Wolf : i really checked below my desk.... i thought there was a big spider

Duck : Drumsy this is too sp00ky.(edit) Drumsy got small PP power lIkE iF u AGrEe

Eviatar Fuchs : Hahahahaha... Am Jewish *death empty stare *


Yashe Hak : Whats the song at the beginning?

Mexican Weiss Schnee : if it isnt Ugandan Knuckles its Italian Skeleton Chefs

SuperCatDash : You owe me a game on vrchat. You know what you said to me on twitch!

Sam Smith : Did anyone else actually check under their desk?

UNTALANx671 : I’m gonna have nightmares

Crazyfun 205 : i can't find the spider

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Great Idea! Vr games in an incompleted skyscraper!

That1 Pleb : Moxi told an Avatar The Last Airbender story smh Edit:woah so many likes xd

Kenz : And this was how a spooktober meme was born

CoolMoon : Who tf sleeps while in VR?

Ric Reyes : You know what scares me? Ads + buffers

Stellar Onion : Hiding in the comments... too spooky

VRGodzYT : Ya I do fell something running up my leg that shoots out white and is sticky and that is The Bible

Alexis Rincon : What the song is in 4:17

I Love Chicken : The story about Nini is from Avatar the last airbender

Random Scroller : Speaking of which WHere is DAD?????

Noobiest Noob : I know every YouTubers nightmare, The big yellow button... *the demonetized button*

Meme Biologist : Imma have to visit this place

Game Stuff : Why are you posting so late 😔😔😔