VRChat is getting too spooky for you

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Zed : You know what scares me... News Reporters

Koharu Izumi : Yeah there was an actual spider under my desk, thanks drumsy.

Duck : Drumsy this is too sp00ky.(edit) Drumsy got small PP power lIkE iF u AGrEe

Peridoxペリドクス : What scares me the most. People with anime profile pictures. Don’t trust them.

That1 Pleb : Moxi told an Avatar The Last Airbender story smh

SuperCatDash : You owe me a game on vrchat. You know what you said to me on twitch!

Noobiest Noob : I know every YouTubers nightmare, The big yellow button... *the demonetized button*

kremit the frog : *insert 2spoopy5me comment here*

Micah Smith : I hated those spider references. I can't put my legs under my desk now. I have super bad arachnophobia so everytime my cats rubs against me I kick them thinking it's a freakin' spider...

Circé Bonacchi : 5:59 Isn't that story from Avatar The Last Airbender ?

Leon Younger : 0 views wow but there's comments

R.I.P XXX : Pizza skeletons are the next Uganda knuckles mark my words

Sanod : 5:52 history from the legend of avatar XD

Marruther : The side effect of watching this is getting high

Skull Crusher115 : whats scary is.... Getting a BONER infront your crush

Cupcake Fun : Pizza pie the heavy metal song?

Norsk Taco : Spooktober

Alex Smith : I was playing sea of thieves now I’m having nightmares 3:09

Duddridge1 : My back's against the wall and kept hearing honking noises from behind. I think my house is infested with clowns.

Exotic Narcotics : *Are those people really sleeping...?*

Megamane : I have aids

Aleksandra Komarova : when that boy said about loosing people I thought about French guy. You just left him dead. u soooo cruel (joke)

Defective Battle Droid : The story about nini isnt that from avatar?

drunkpriest666 : Wow the youtube notification thing actually works for once! I usually get the notification like a day later.

Diego Revius : How many times do you have to be dropped on your head as a kid to come up with the idea of sleeping with a vr headset on. Give it to me, you don't know how to use it.

Brook 15 : During the spooky stories did that one dude's story it sound like he completely told the spooky story Katara told in Avatar book 3 about her mom or was it just me?

MooperWooper : ❤Man, I've been subbed to you for who knows how long and stopped watching a long time ago and I come back and man oh man you're doing so good and I'm happy knowing how good your vids still are and also how you've improved in the best of ways and I've literally been on a watching spree and just cant stop watching your vids. I hope the best for you GotDrums. Or Drumsy as you're known now as. Just I hope the best for you.❤

noob noob : BREAKING NEWS! I'm AFRAID there is no breaking news today.

JOSUL : Watch out guys, viewer discretion is advised 😭😭😭

Diabetes Boy : Drumsy ft. Jameskii 2:24

mannyy : It’s real spooky hours

NatureToTheMax : Spiders are adorable 😍😍

Dancing in the 80s : This is the best first video to watch on your channel. (Edit): Subscribed

Nicolas Voir : What is that song in the beginning

Jpa5551 : I wish I had time to go watch drumsy live on twitch on a Sunday. if you do have time unlike me go and enjoy yourself.

Help Me : Good morning...

LilCarKrash : YESSSS DOOM!!!

LittleBear's Dumb Channel / madotspooki : i need that melancholic rin avatar

Tanya Hernandez : *Spooky*

MLGSans : 7/10 no spider under my table wasn't hungry anyways ;-;

Arne Reidar Haugen : i can't find the spider

Summer the animator : I fear no man.... but that thing..... that thing scares me....

rAiNbOw'o mEtEr : My worst nightmare internet providers

Qwonk : This is hot daddy 😍😍😍😍

Party Guy : Jesus Christ

Ola Ola : Yeet

Molten Wendigo : Yo Bois pizza pie

Meme Biologist : Imma have to visit this place

Nojatha : Stop talking about spiders crawling up my leg! It don’t feel right, man!