The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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ArgentOrangeOK : As an engineer, I eventually learned to just agree with them and then did whatever actually needed to be done- knowing they'd never even know the difference.

Sergius Master : Please, fix title - it is not sketch, it is documentary

Jimmy Murray : So what exactly is stopping us from doing this? Geometry. Just ignore it.

gghelis : "I don't know anything about this, you're a specialist. Please tell me how it is done" "It is done like this" "I disagree"

The Sage's Apprentice : A room full of overpaid and useless idiots with only one intelligent man in the room constantly arguing common sense solutions. Sounds like an executive meeting...

mission liao : After the end, everyone gets promoted, except the Expert.

lioshenka : It's not realistic, because the meeting took only 7 minutes. It needs to be a 2 hours meeting during a time when the expert is super busy.

Happy Magane : I think they should make this film longer, but in a form of a kitten.

SomeRandomIdiot : I literally just had a meeting like this TODAY, me and a CAD guy struggled to explain that 2D line drawings of a product can not be rotated for a 3D view to the general manager of the company. I swear these people, these meetings, they exist, they happen, they STILL happen, and this video should be mandatory viewing for everyone everywhere in the entire world.

CapitalCheese : This video just raised my blood pressure. Thumbs up for the realism!

TBK : Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

Stefan Kaitschick : The best part: when the second lady starts to faintly grasp that perpendicularity has nothing to do with color, the other morons hold her back.

AriaCass :

Noah McArthur : This is the point where the expert should ask, "Why do you want it this way?" Then the client usually gives an answer that tells the expert what they really want and then he can help them achieve their real goal instead of putting tons of resourses into something the client only thought they wanted. Here's an example, "Why do you want some of the lines to be drawn with green and some with transparent ink?" "Well, because we've found that our customers like things that are green and transparent." "Drawing red lines with green and transparent ink would be really difficult and we would waste a lot of resources trying to achieve such a goal. Might I recommend having all of the red lines drawn with red ink and then add some green lines to be drawn with green ink and some transparent lines to be drawn with transparent ink." "Ok, that sound sounds perfectly reasonable." Asking, "Why," doesn't always work out like this, but when it does it saves a lot of stress and resourses

Zamolxes77 : I learned long time ago, to just nod my head, appear enthusiastic and agree that I will do it, then do something that makes sense, they won't be able to tell the difference anyway. I tried the honest approach, my boss told me I'm full of negativism and lack optimism. It went kinda like this: "I'm sorry boss, you can't fit a tractor that's 6 feet wide on a 5 foot wide door, we'll have to remove a gate post or get a smaller tractor !" - "You're so negative ! We'll get a smaller tractor". "Job will take 3 days longer boss, smaller tractor has a smaller bucket, it will take us 2 trips to move same amount of material !" "You're so negative, we will get 2 tractors instead of one !" "But boss, that will nearly double the expense, the rental difference between the tractors is only 10 dollars ! You would pay more than twice, considering the price of diesel for two tractors, to do the same job with a bigger tractor !" "It doesn't matter, we will do it, we won't touch that post !" <3 days later> "The wooden post that holds the gate is kinda rotten, I promised the client we'll remove it and install a new one !" Me: Next job: "I bid this job to the client for $1800 dollars, what do you think ?" "So we go in, clear one side of the retention pond with one crew for a day, that sounds good Boss" "No ... we clear all the pond, all 4 sides plus the bottom" "Boss that's 5 days of work for one crew, we charge 1000 dollars per crew per day. Not to mention we have to dump the debris." "You're so negative, we'll get 2 more crews in here to finish today". "Yes boss, but those crews won't be able to finish their work for today, and will still take them about 2 days to finish " "You're so negative, that's not how man hours work." "We would still lose 3200 dollars on this job Boss, we won't be able to cover our costs" "It won't be so much debris anyway, I bid 20 cubic yards." "That's for one side only, the debris for the whole pond will be 5 to 6 times more, 130 cubic yards to be on the safe side" "You're so negative, we'll compact it in the dump trailer so it will fit more" "Boss our trailers hold 4 cubic yards, these are branches, young trees which are very elastic, even with compaction, we will have to take about 20 trips to the dump yard. Each round trip takes two hours. May I suggest getting a chipper in here, so we could chip these stuff so it fits better ?" "No, that's stupid, it will cost more to get a chipper !" "Its only 60 bucks per day, we are already paying 3200 dollars out of our pockets, chipper will cut the dump yard trips to 5, not 20 !" "No, you're so negative, we don't spend more ! Take the debris to our yard, we'll dump it there" <3 days later> "Our yard is getting full, go rent a chipper, take it to the yard, chip the debris, then take them to the dump". Me

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : This is not comedy, this is corporate life.

Cameron Christensen : Dang, this video stressed me out.

Luqman Hakim : Happened to me and in the end I was forced to leave the company. The reason ; not being a "team player". Now you know why the world is such a mess. People who do not know anything occupy the position of authority.

Gerben Wijnja : "I don't have a red pen with me", so unprepared for the meeting....

I'm the captain now : Basically they dont know what theyre doing and depend on people that know what theyre doing to just say yes otherwise eveyrone loses their jobs. Too many middlemen nowadays that leech from the worker.

Syed Aqeel : I faced extremely similar scenario. Project Manager: "Show random responses, in a proper sequence" Me: "random doesn't have any sequence" Project Manager: "well they should be in a sequence" Me: "then what about random-ness" Project Manager: "Well they should be in a sequence, but every time the sequence changes" Me: "Oh ok. Got you"

Andrew Lim : One expert solving the problem at one fifth the salary of people who just parrot problems and make things worse. Sounds about right.

Nigel Guest : I now have a much clearer picture of the design process used for the Boeing 737 Max' anti-stall software.

nodlimax : A conversation I recently had with my manager: me (from tech department): Could we talk to the sales people so they send us better information on what needs to be done? The contracts they provide are cryptic. Manager: They speak a different language then us (tech vs business) Me: Well, but they still must understand what they are selling and tell us that information so we can implement it Manager: If they knew what they were selling, they wouldn't be able to sell it anymore Me: How can anyone do business like that? End of story was pretty much "it just works"

dgimpossibleman : Pretty accurate, if you realize this is an exceptional expert in two ways: he is trying to be agreeable, and he is good at communicating. This does not happen a lot when you are in IT circles!

Justin : This sketch is Comedy Gold for anyone that has been in a similar situation.

Jimmy Jimroy : Sweet jesus............ this speaks to me... it is everything I hate about the "professional" world. I've had to deal with so many people like this, they want something, but they don't really know or understand what they want, but they will never admit it. They just want impossible results, and think that by calling you the "expert" and stroking your ego, they can convince you to do it. Makes me wonder how the fuck they got the job they're occupying when there are more qualified people out there.

Christian Stachl : "THAT's the problem, you tried to draw it with blue ink." omg :D

Sylvia Else : The expert's salary is the lowest of any in the meeting.

Евгений Вагапов : To draw 7 perpendicular lines you should get 7 dimensional world. When cross them in one point. To draw 7 red lines with green and transparent ink we can use several artificial languages in which green and transparent mean red in english.

Naofumi Iwatani : this is like a live action version of Dilbert also known as my weekday.

OldPossum : @ 3:43 when she says _"How about this"_ I would have said "Perfect, if that's what you want we can definitely do that." Meeting over, I get paid. You don't get any points for being "technically correct".

wolfzai : Wow that guy is like me. It actually happened!!! Wtfff

modex20 : i am a developer and this sketch triggers me

Pavel Slavětínský : So far 4,7k managers have seen this.

My Name is Gladiator : This is what a meeting with Ocasio-Cortez and her band of liberal geniuses would be like.

darkora : Eugh, I've been in too many conversations like this before *shudders*

moreno franco : I, as the Anderson" character have walked off projects where this sort of thing has ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

MrOboema : "Whats stopping us from doing this?" "-Geometry" "Just ignore it!" xD

Potato : 2018....I watch this after every meeting, if there wasn't for this video I would kill myself long time ago

SNOUPS4 : Ross brought me here If one uses an ink that later changes colour to red (it exists) with the air, then it's possible!

Aussie Valiant : This is almost too painful to watch. It is funny, but it is also a little too close to reality. So many highly paid f#$%wits out there doing just this.

Erwin Hun : I'm an economist, and this is exactly how some meetings go. They also think I can see into the future, do calculations without numbers, and pull a unicorn out of my hat.

la lo : What exactly stop us from doing this? - Geometry. - Just ignore it. 😂😃😂😂

Dude Chillz : The Expert : "I got the Idea, but its impossible to draw a line in the form of a CatTen" Justin Design Specialist : "What about a bird" The Expert : "..........................." This one got me laughing off my chair lol

ZuRriX : Damn, this was frustrating to watch.

Abhinav Aggarwal : This is literally what happened to me on my first job.. my senior would not understand that what he was asking me to do was impossible..

Simon Potter : Hello darkness my old friend.......How many times have I attended meetings like that with people who think the laws of physics are somehow malleable.

Asanka Amarasinghe : this sums up my job 95% of the time. this is not comedy, this is real life for me. I don't know whether to laugh or cry to this.