The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Lauris Beinerts : I can do absolutely anything!

ytrycchhh : Behind the curtains: Anderson is fired for failing the project "cause he didn't understand the task"

la lo : What exactly stop us from doing this? - Geometry. - Just ignore it. 😂😃😂😂

Cernumospete : He has patience of saint. I would gone postal at triangle.

Yahya Ibraheem : I can't have enough of this video. It's really amazing 😂😂😂

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Debra Thomas : Ignorance is bliss! The expert out smart them all!

John Ding : When the expert try to speak out his "expert "advise, the others began to question or stop him just because they need THE ANSWER "YES" more than anything else even the truth...

Avatar Jillian Dawes : What a scrub. Can't even draw lines in 7 dimensions!

Tom Bombadil : Baaah! This is not comedy. This video is a re-enactment of congress in session.

Jake Reason : My heart goes out to all the Andersons of the world. Because of your sacrifice, we get to live comfortable lives. Thank you.

eric yu : 4:42 "So, what is stopping us from doing this?" "Geometry" "Just ignore it" *Say what?*

wildtill9 : I din't laugh at it, just sat there with my mouth kinda hanging open thinking - these people are real - arn't they?

Daniele Messina : You just need 7 dimensions, but the drawing part would still be tricky, I guess you could project them in 3 dimensions? And the colors part remains unsolved, unless you use changing ink that is green or transparent when you draw the lines and becomes red when it dries. There's another fact though, nobody said anything about the lines having to be straight lines, they could even be in form of a kitten and perpendicular where they cross... REPLY

P V : its not 20 its just 7!!!

modex20 : i am a developer and this sketch triggers me

Tweegyblink : Who asked you to film my life?

mahonar : Congrats to the Expert for being an extra in Star wars Last Jedi!

AmNeenja : this video is infuriating. 10/10

temporarysanity : The lines need to identify as red and perpendicular. They don't actually have to be just as long as they feel like they are. And as for saying that a triangle doesn't have seven lines and isn't perpendicular, well, that's just hate speech and linophobia.

Shounak Katyayan : Wow! I wanna show this to so many people. This is great work. I can feel this...

Some one : So what exactly is stopping us from doing it? Geometry. Just ignore it. Well, thats what I did in the exam. Didn't seem to work out......

studentofsmith : I think part of the problem is that when an expert tells somebody it can't be done they have a hard time telling if the expert is being truthful or just lazy and unimaginative. For example, my parents wanted to build an extension on their house and a contractor told them it couldn't be done the way they wanted. It turned out that it could (and was) done the way they wanted because their home is two stories instead of one. The contractor was just giving a reflexive answer rather than really thinking about the problem. So while it can be useful to push experts in terms of what's possible you also need to give them time and space to apply their knowledge to the situation. You can't expect them to come up with creative and unorthodox solutions on the spot when you're asking for something that's outside the realm of what can ordinarily be done.

gavsmith1980 : This is how educated people feel when confronted with evolution deniers and flat earthers.

Richard Chappell : Where did you hide the cameras in my office?

erinpilla : This happens a lot with us. The people above keep making decisions and they don't even know how to do what needs to be done hahaha and when we explain it to them the limitations and what we can achieve, they go like "it's impossible?". I dunno. This video is disturbing for me and kinda triggered some anxiety attacks

Hana Melinda : Hey! I saw the asian guy on The Last Jedi !!

Choudry Arif : felt every part of the video, even though they call him expert, no one is ready to listen to him XD "WHY DONT YOU JUST MAE IT WORK"

shauldren75 : This is how I feel in all of our corporate meetings. Except, I lack Anderson's patience. I usually get mad and walk out of the meeting before we all agree on nothing.

weepingserpentsong singswithjoy : Yo so sur-sued to see you in Star Wars.

Thịt Bò Gaming : Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

undercrackers56 : I am sure I was hired and fired by this company. Hired because I know my sh*t and fired because they didn't.

Daniel Kim : RIP to the Expert who was murdered on the dreadnaught. #starwars

Mahesh M : Geometry.. Just ignore it. Lol

AlphaOmega YinYang : good sketch, typical disconnect between what customer wants, what the customer thinks they want, and the customers lack of specific requirements, vs, your top management, vs middle management and actual people that know whats going on and doing the work, oh and lets not forget customers marketing team thats already sold the "pie" in the sky to others pre-design, development and production phase/s.

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : This is not comedy, this is corporate life.

Cernumospete : Now imagine this as a real-live audit for a job. Y'know, just to see where he cracks, snaps and giggles.

Chris P. Bacon : As a software engineer, this video is both hysterical and infuriating.

Daniel Ambrose : The ending was sad to me. if you understand why, upvote this

inscrutablewut : Not even joking, the next time this is relevant at work this is going on the projector.

ArgentOrangeOK : As an engineer, I eventually learned to just agree with them and then did whatever actually needed to be done- knowing they'd never even know the difference.

sqrlmonger : I can actually meet all of these requirements as stated. First, all lines will be a projection of 8-dimensional space into 2-dimensions satisfying the perpendicularity requirement (the reason for 8-dimensions and not 7 is stated later). Second, any red line that needs to be drawn with green ink will simply be drawn with green ink and then have a filter applied shifting perception of it to red. Third, any red line that needs to be drawn with "transparent" ink will simply be drawn with invisible ink with some method (heat or lemon juice, etc...) of being made visible for testing/QA purposes. When made visible it would be be red. Fourth, one of the lines will exist entirely in the 2 dimensions the drawing is to be projected on so that it will take the form of a "kitten". Since no part of the requirements indicated that the lines had to be straight we can draw a kitten with a single line in 2-dimensions and since all of the other 6 lines are projections from 6 other dimensions they will be drawn as strictly perpendicular as required. Fifth, in regards to colorblind people the project requirements merely state the objective color required and the ink they require to be used to meet that objective. As such as long as the wavelength of the light coming from these lines is in the 620-750 nm range I will have satisfied the requirements as they are stated. PS - I am a software developer. I deal with these people every day. I stopped fighting it a long time ago. Now I just give them my quote and let them decide if they want to waste their money on stupid crap. PPS - The only part of this I am unsure about is the filter for the green -> red. My green -> red filter expert was out today though, so I just assumed it was possible and I'll let him figure that shit out tomorrow.


Chris Kepert : absolute gold. such a fantastic translation to terms that a slightly larger minority will understand. "I hope I don't need to explain to you...". I'm sure all the transparent red lines live in the cloud.

TheEpongeMan : This video actually infuriates me. I did a project for a client and had almost no direction, only a vague idea, i asked them for review of the features, and what they did instead was criticise the look of the UI (colors and placement), telling me i didn't knew how to do my job.

mission liao : After the end, everyone gets promoted, except the Expert.

Chris Breemer : Ahahah this is so funny :D

CzechRiot : I'm glad I almost accidentally clicked on this. It does reflect a lot how I perceive many social dynamics in this current times.

Chris Watts : Such frustration