The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Lauris Beinerts : Check out the new episodes of The Expert: Square Project!

Jake Reason : My heart goes out to all the Andersons of the world. Because of your sacrifice, we get to live comfortable lives. Thank you.

Martin McKee : I was positive the end of the sketch was going to be the creation of the hello kitty logo!

la lo : What exactly stop us from doing this? - Geometry. - Just ignore it. 😂😃😂😂

gavsmith1980 : This is how educated people feel when confronted with evolution deniers and flat earthers.

undercrackers56 : I am sure I was hired and fired by this company. Hired because I know my sh*t and fired because they didn't.

erinpilla : This happens a lot with us. The people above keep making decisions and they don't even know how to do what needs to be done hahaha and when we explain it to them the limitations and what we can achieve, they go like "it's impossible?". I dunno. This video is disturbing for me and kinda triggered some anxiety attacks

Richard Chappell : Where did you hide the cameras in my office?

Cernumospete : He has patience of saint. I would gone postal at triangle.

SuperResistant : 99% of blockchain projects

sqrlmonger : I can actually meet all of these requirements as stated. First, all lines will be a projection of 8-dimensional space into 2-dimensions satisfying the perpendicularity requirement (the reason for 8-dimensions and not 7 is stated later). Second, any red line that needs to be drawn with green ink will simply be drawn with green ink and then have a filter applied shifting perception of it to red. Third, any red line that needs to be drawn with "transparent" ink will simply be drawn with invisible ink with some method (heat or lemon juice, etc...) of being made visible for testing/QA purposes. When made visible it would be be red. Fourth, one of the lines will exist entirely in the 2 dimensions the drawing is to be projected on so that it will take the form of a "kitten". Since no part of the requirements indicated that the lines had to be straight we can draw a kitten with a single line in 2-dimensions and since all of the other 6 lines are projections from 6 other dimensions they will be drawn as strictly perpendicular as required. Fifth, in regards to colorblind people the project requirements merely state the objective color required and the ink they require to be used to meet that objective. As such as long as the wavelength of the light coming from these lines is in the 620-750 nm range I will have satisfied the requirements as they are stated. PS - I am a software developer. I deal with these people every day. I stopped fighting it a long time ago. Now I just give them my quote and let them decide if they want to waste their money on stupid crap. PPS - The only part of this I am unsure about is the filter for the green -> red. My green -> red filter expert was out today though, so I just assumed it was possible and I'll let him figure that shit out tomorrow.

TBK : Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

eric yu : 4:42 "So, what is stopping us from doing this?" "Geometry" "Just ignore it" *Say what?*

wildtill9 : I din't laugh at it, just sat there with my mouth kinda hanging open thinking - these people are real - arn't they?

temporarysanity : The lines need to identify as red and perpendicular. They don't actually have to be just as long as they feel like they are. And as for saying that a triangle doesn't have seven lines and isn't perpendicular, well, that's just hate speech and linophobia.

TheEpongeMan : This video actually infuriates me. I did a project for a client and had almost no direction, only a vague idea, i asked them for review of the features, and what they did instead was criticise the look of the UI (colors and placement), telling me i didn't knew how to do my job.

ArgentOrangeOK : As an engineer, I eventually learned to just agree with them and then did whatever actually needed to be done- knowing they'd never even know the difference.

inscrutablewut : Not even joking, the next time this is relevant at work this is going on the projector.

Some one : So what exactly is stopping us from doing it? Geometry. Just ignore it. Well, thats what I did in the exam. Didn't seem to work out......

d m : This might as well have been written by Monty Python

Valicroix : After spending 45 years as an engineer interfacing with marketing, sales and the military, I can attest to the fact that this hits the nail on the head. People ask for ridiculous things while insisting that the cost and time frame for completion remain the same. In the meantime managers only want to hear "yes" regardless of how impossible the requests may be.

Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec : This is not comedy, this is corporate life.

Abram Thiessen : I feel for that expert. Of course, you can do 7 perpendicular lines if you allow 7 dimensions. And if you allow the lines to be located in a non-euclidian space (such as a hyperbolic space) then you certainly can make 7 lines perpendicular to each other at certain points, they will simply appear to not be straight in most projections onto our measly euclidian geometries.

Psychologie-lernen .de : Sad but true..

Yahya Ibraheem : I can't have enough of this video. It's really amazing 😂😂😂

Daniel Ambrose : The ending was sad to me. if you understand why, upvote this

mission liao : After the end, everyone gets promoted, except the Expert.

mahonar : Congrats to the Expert for being an extra in Star wars Last Jedi!

Todd Rainer : And this is what it feels like to be a scheduler for a major oilfield services company. Client: Can we build that product in four weeks. Scheduler (Me, Todd): No, it will take six weeks to procure the materials alone, then we need two weeks for welding, a few days for radiographic testing, at least four for coating and dryi.... Project Manager: Hold on, Todd - I think we CAN do it in Six weeks. Scheduler (Me, Todd): I haven't even talked about engineering, Chad (The PM) (*imagining what PM would look like at in the iron sights of my M-203 from my MP days and exploding when the frag grenade hit*) PM: Don't worry about it, I'm sure engineering can use a legacy design (THEY NEVER DO! NEVER! EVER! EVER!!!) Client: EXCELLENT!!!! Here's a check! (The only thing the PM really cares about as it justifies his existence) Two weeks later: Client: We need to change the product completely but we need it at the same time. PM: OF COURSE! Scheduler (Me, Todd): *Adjusting dates in Primavera ignoring our own policy that's in the contract that says that any changes restarts the clock - Imagining what both the PM and the Client would look like tied up to a chair and being interrogated by myself and Sgt. Armstrong (That's not good cop, bad cop - that's Bad Cop, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY cop - I was the second one with all the knives and dental tools). *(and we had a client do that seven times before they decided on their design..... and still needed it on the same date. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL??)

Niko Nyrhila : This is pure gold, everybody should watch it at least once a year.

John A : That's my boss!!! L O L ! ! !

modex20 : i am a developer and this sketch triggers me

Ali Mahdi : It's funny because it's true.

James : As soon as that lady figures something out. "That's it now you've confused everyone"

shauldren75 : This is how I feel in all of our corporate meetings. Except, I lack Anderson's patience. I usually get mad and walk out of the meeting before we all agree on nothing.

Kalvin One : awesome how did you know that almost all my meetings look like such a waste of time ?? amazing...

Jombo : This video was frustrating to watch. All too real.

Softwine Market : The Expert's transformation into someone who believes in his own power is more frightening than any transition of a human to a zombie.

IronSmith : This is what happens when you hire a "businessman" and "managers" to accomplish the production of anything. Just because you can manage people doesn't mean you can produce anthing.

Andrew Wilson : How many times have I been there! Anderson I share your pain!, just tell them it's not a problem and you will get it done directly. All you got to do is make them feel listened to, important and leave with a warm fuzzy feeling inside!. Job done,take rest of day off!

Shawn X : Technically you can have seven lines all perpendicular among each other in a 7d dimension

MrOboema : "Whats stopping us from doing this?" "-Geometry" "Just ignore it!" xD

Ao Chen : 5:11 perfect solution😂 The answer to idiotic requests from ignorant superiors: use their ignorance to trick them.

Kyon : this happened to me almost literally. I'm a photographer and one client was requesting a picture of 320x320 that would print out at 8.5x11 inches and wanted it to be 300 dpi (dots per inch). I tried explaining her that she was asking the impossible from me. I tried with a lot of patience and in the end, she wouldn't understand. I fortunately lost the sale, I can't imagine the headache that she was going to cause me down the line if she was this retarted.

Kenneth Obikwelu : The project manager had me in tears.... As a developer, this is closer to home than you think. The phrase "IT is here to solve business problems"

Avinash Francis : A true engineer understands that idiots exist and just comply to it though understanding all the specs.

Joe Black : 5:12 -What is he doing? -He's beginning to believe.

TheoreticallyDan : how an asian feels in America

George Taylor : This sounds just like my previous employer Tecomet.

Gh0sT : I've been on a such business trip