Kid Smokes Weed For The First Time and Freaks Out

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Corey Petroskey : Call me subzero cause im freezing nigas

Adam Stewart : These aren't friends.

• U͞ᴋɴᴏᴡɴ : Take him to weenie hut general 🌭

CircaCoda : Panic attacks caused by weed are no joke. They are terrifying and unbelievably disorienting. You need to be with people who can bring you back down to earth, not yell at you and freak you out even more.

eevonnee : This is horrible u feel so alone and hopeless when u are with the wrong people

mxsmsmike : That’s what anxiety looks like high af. This isn’t even funny man.

Zephyr : shit aint funny, ive had panic attacks from weed like this before, its pretty obvious the dude was not comfortable in his situation and these dudes are ridiculing him in the beginning. not cool dawg

Drew Johnson : That's terrible. The first time I smoked I smoked half a gram and by 30 mins in I had myself convinced it was laced and that I was dying and no one was there to reassure me

Alexis Aguilar : Paralyzed with fear. That's what you called that .once the guy moved his hand,the brain comprehended that he wasn't not physically paralyzed and he it made him freak out due to the fact that he never experienced it.

Gerd Monteny : Its because he is in a room with idiots, and he isnt comfortable

Wyatt Cook : y would u let someone take dabs for their first time.. 🤔😧

Little Lee : This shit happened to me this is so unexplainable it is so scary and crazy it makes me so scared to take one hit out of a joint I never wish this on anybody it is insane.

MINDYWAAAA : these "friends" are so not cool.

Drew Johnson : That dude In the background😂 "I've literally smoked enough weed to kill everyone in this room". But fr tho kids freaking out help him and don't make him feel alone and dying

RP : first time with weed and you choose to dab.....

gavv mate : im so glad my friends aint like this, they would chill me out instead of make fun👆

I-fŌrGöT mY_nÃm3 : This is why it's best to smoke for the first time with people you feel comfortable with. And people who have done this before that you can ask questions. If you feel a little nervous, that's okay. But if you have a ton of anxiety and aren't comfortable in your social situation, it's best not to smoke weed there on your first time

Shlok Gambhir : Don't smoke with wrong people.

marceline ! : today i smoked thc and i had the biggest anxiety attack. only reason i’m chill rn is because my brother was there to reassure me that it’ll be okay. i honestly thought i was going to die and i still don’t feel like i’m fully in reality. it’s been like this for 7 hours. worst day ever. never doing this shit again man i really thought it was the end for me

Belethor : This is how people get depersonalization disorder

Jess Collins : Awww damn I feel so bad for him 😩

TripleBug : That sucks 😂 we all been their at least once

Riding With KC : Bruh this aint no joke tha first time i smoked i freaked myself out so much my heart rate was legit 157bpm and i passed tf out😂

Catcarp8 : This happened to me and all I can say it was actually the scariest experience of my life. I felt so alone and when I laid down, I would see patterns and colors that for some reason terrified me. I got so dizzy that I started throwing up and I got super paranoid , like every small mistake I had ever made in my life would change my life for the worst. Seriously, no joke, some people should not smoke weed - I will never do it again!

marianasucks : he was freaking out. but his friends arent helping. the first time I smoked I smoked with my sister and a good friend. man it was a good trip, because I knew what to expect, from what they told me it feels like to be high

Wibster : You’re with the wrong crowd bro

Abbey Road : Poor dude was stuck in a catatonic state and hand an anxiety attack ): sending good vibes to the dude

Stormeth : "I've literally smoked enough weed to kill everyone in this room." HAHA well if that isn't comforting to hear you're just panicking.

kevin luquin : The people laughing r dicks, like he clearly was having a bad trip and it was his first time so he panicked, but at the same time nibba over reacted

Boondock Taint : Dude hes having a panic attack. Ive seen this happen when someone smokes for the first time. Ive seen it happen to chronic smokers when they overdab. Its rare yet happens. The last thing you want to do is threaten someone when their panicking like that. Man im glad I have solid friends. If one in our pack had something like this happen. Pink Floyd would be turned on and one of us would tell a side chick to go "sit" with him.

The straight A's : I did the same thing except I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and I kept saying I need to go to the hospital 😂

JamesB_ 559 : Why would you give him dabs for his first time

imani drozd : For everyone saying call 911 it’s just weed and it’s obviously not laced. Physically he’s fine he’s just freaking out mentally and needs to calm down. Yeah In the moment it feels like you’re gonna die but you never actually are.

Moth : Lmao he dissociated so hard he thought he was paralyzed. Not gonna lie the first time I got really high I thought I was dead because my eyelids were numb and I forgot how to open them and thought I was blind / didn’t exist hahah.. didn’t freak out like this guy though. Always have a buddy to calm you down and tell you it’s normal 👍🏻

jenna juracka : I just had my first experience being paranoid with weed and this shit is soooo relatable, but low key y’all bogus for laughin that shit is serious.

Sarah Ziemke : Poor kid You can feel like you're going to die! My first time was a freak out experience. Full of nausea and paranoia!

Edward Kenway : cannabis induced panic attack

Lord of Cinder : He's one of the unfortunate ones that can never experience the joy of life.

Weck Weck : Assholes

Ali Hussain : I smoke daily pretty much now but when I usually smoke I feel twitching and tingly in my legs and just can’t stay steady and it feels weird af like I’m so relaxed but so uncomfortable

IZZYBIO 4999 : Call the ambulance Where the amburance *Wee woo wee woo*

Ryan Critchlow : I can only imagine what a nightmare he would be on mushrooms.

SCAR FACE : Call me sub-Zero , cause IM FREZZZIN NIGGAZZZ

Wolfkill3R 719 : I died laughing when he said "let him die"

Samantha Baltodano : And that is called being on sativa

Connor : I can tell this isn't fake, had a similar experience for the beginning of my first time smoking weed

Jaime M : This literally just happened to my friend, and I was looking it up. “Tripping on weed” : and this video is the exact representation of her

Saint Levy : He got some cornyass friends

Matthew Kearney : People with certain mental disorders like anxiety should not do drugs, other than mushrooms since they have been found to help with a variety of disorders. If you really want to smoke weed, then smoke a little for your first time and build from there.

Go Pro Yuma and Mina The Rottweilers : I don't think it's funny at all