Day 22 of drawing and livestream sometime today

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Sharky Sharklops : I definitely know someone just like Cindy, but they are human and not a guinea pig so can't be the same one 😄. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your livestream! Not sure if you saw my comment yesterday or not but I think the hot chocolate drawing would make an awesome t-shirt!

JustsomeJuan : All aboard the hype train for the livestream!!! 🚂.

Alex Grace Flavelle : Cindy is adorable, I love the little hearts!

Nikko Elliott : That guinea pig sounds like my wife! Haha!

EckhartsLadder : Hey man! I may be away during the livestream, in which case best of luck! If not, I'll see you there. The guinea pig reminds me of hamtaro!

Luke Connelly : So much love and support mate 👍🏻👍🏻 Looking forward to the stream!

Anthony Monico : Awesome drawing buddy!!! Cindy looks like my old Guinea Pig I used to have! Loving your drawings! Already got my notification bell ready. Looking forward to your live stream buddy!

It's Yah Boi : yooo, livestream hype :D can't wait, I'll be there. Also, the guinea pigs eye looks incredibly good!

Bill Collins : Good morning Steven! I hope you’re feeling better today 💕❤️♥️. I really like Cindy the Guinea Pig! So adorable! We’ll see you later 😎👍💕❤️♥️. Love ya Weev!

Tim Van Kleeck : Love these man! Keep em coming and stay strong!

Sanskriti Khandelwal : Cindy looks so cute!

Natalie Dorsey : That looks like my guinea pig Hammy!! So cute! Love it!

y0utuberculosis : I'd love to watch you draw one of your pictures!

Fluffy Reviews : Keep on posting these wonderful videos I love seeing your drawings

Kristi Crozier-Grafton : Looking forward to watching your livestream later! It’s midnight in Australia, so I’ll have to head to bed soon. Keep up the awesome drawings!

Mr. Mugwo : Keep it up man. Drawings getting better and better

TITANSPIRIT : Notifications are on!

Onika : I hope I can catch your live stream! Keep up the great videos, love your art! 🌼

Gvf77x : Cindy is adorable, Guinea pigs make the best pets.

Patrick Gillan : Keep up the great drawings!

Studio Rebirth : Hey Weevster I have to say me and cindy the guinea pig have a lot in common. Has to be my favorite drawing so far. Cant want for the livestream I have the notification bell turned on so I will be there. Keep up the great work bud.

Pumbaa : I discovered him after he had passed, and I don’t know him but he is a pure soul. I’m so sorry for your loss

LAYZE DAZE : Hope I can pop in on your live today bud! Great Guinea :)

Josh Nielson : 12,000 subscribers! So proud of you weev!

Addi Lucas : Great drawing! Can't wait to see tomorrows

K10 : Looks so cool! Gonna try catch the stream!

Elliott Rose : I’m excited I got to see your video so early in the day! It’s a great way to close out my workday.

Taylor Cruse : My moms name is Cindy! We were cracking up when you said she is sarcastic, but she is a great friend and mom. Looking forward to the live stream! Hopefully we’re able to catch it

Matthew Fuller : Cindy looks almost exactly like a Guinea pig I had when I was a kid! His name was Charlie. I love your drawings, keep it up!

Road Rash : Happy Saturday Brother!!!! Cindy the guinea pig has a big butt! Great drawing, you sound and look good today bud. I missed your livestream, but maybe next time. Keep drawing, keep kicking butt and as always much love to you, your mom and your family from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Catiecat 01 : such a cool drawing! btw i love your halloween blanket!

AdamFilmify : Livestream hype!!!!

Dominic Stanley : Cindy is so cute!

Vorin Caz : I have a friend just like Cindy and I love her lol

AJMCNG : That drawing was awesome dude! Looking forward to seeing the livestream my man, hope you enjoyed your movie time yesterday! I’m watching all the way from Ireland and loving the uploads

turdburglar95 : LOVE AND RESPECT your attitude man! Stay strong and keep making the most of the day! Youre actions are transcending you brother! You are a true role model who is changing peoples perspectives for the better! I dont know how this life and death stuff works but if theres more to it you sir will be honored for the way you carry yourself! Much respect!

Sleestack75 : I LOVE sarcastic guinea pigs... Well done! Cant wait for tomorrows! Keep going!

Matt Millah : Woop! Bud light! Gross! Tell Cindy to lay off the sawwwwwce! Can't wait for the live stream!

Cindy Del Vecchio : Wow I LOVE CINDY (wink wink) Cindy Loves Steven !!!!!!XOXOXOXO Amazing Drawing !!!!!

Raymond McVeety : Your drawings are so cute! I love them! Hot chocolate from yesterday I think was my all time favorite (: especially the blushing! Much love <3 you are in my heart and thoughts

Android Games & more : What a cute Guinea pig. Great pictures as always. I love them all

Rohlix : That guinea pig is so cute and reminds me of my first pet from my childhood... thank you for making me feel like a kid gain, Weevster :) Can't wait for the stream!

Jason K : I love Cindy's little toes, great drawing Weevster! Keep them coming 😃

Emily Castanias : I love Cindy so much! I used to paint a lot of animals and pets for people, but I stopped nearly a year ago when life got busy. However, after watching your videos I realized I should always make time to do what I love. Thank you so so much for your inspiration and passion for your art. I'll be thinking of you during all my future paintings. Keep it up! Peace out ✌️

JOEGAMEZ : You Are A Great Lad. Keep Going Strong, And You Will Achieve Your Dreams. Great Drawing

Pedro C : "Drinks a lot.... of beer.... budlight!" Lol you had me laughing with that, that ginuea pig knows how to party then.

John J : I made sure to hit the like subscribe and little bell. Good thing because Cindy the Guinea Pig is someone I would love to have a bud-lite with!

DKP : Actually really impressed with your drawing skills!

Sailor Boy : Cindy the Guinea pig is so cute! I like how you give them all traits and such! I will try to attend the live stream!

Jon L : Looking forward to the live stream! Am a big fan of how your draw eyes.