Drunk guy makes a fool of himself at the pool

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Comments from Youtube

SoundTech04 : You are mistaken, he made a fool of everyone else. #alphamale

CheezE Supreme : Raw sexual energy on display here

Marvel Time : Richard Nixons got some moves on him.

Assman Blastman : Love the lifeguard trying not to laugh

Alison deNu : He's not wearing a bathing suit, that's just a pair of tighty-whities.

Mark W : Somebody slipped grandpa some X.

ryan : Sometimes you can just tell when a new dance has been choreographed by a baby.

Major Kong : I have the hardest erection right now. It could cut glass.

alexander hale : Its like a 2008 Gmod video

Joe Cat : The walk off after his display got me lolol

UnleashTheBlob : Wild women wild women the rippin and the tearing the rippin and the tearin

Conman : I thought he was having trouble getting out at first! ROFL

Twain Driver : If Turtles had a mating dance, this is probably the closest we'll get to it.

reeper147 : plot twist: he wasnt drunk

Kenni Raine : Please man I don't wanna see any balls today

The Legend Of Boggle : the man we all wish we could be

Nattwenny : He is in better shape than me.

Allan B. Covarrubias : Is that Wendy Peffercorn on duty?

Tryh. M : Meh...La rutina de fino cada vez que va a la piscina. Pd: Fino Maricón!

storerestore : russian old rich guys outside russia

Edward Carnby : Hey, Mr. Libido finally made it out of Kamurocho! He looks great!

nova2wl : ✌️ I am not a crook! ✌️

RapidReader4 : Ah he is just adjusting his back lol

wildhabs87 : Slow it down to see some excellent dong flapping. 10/10.

Moozle Yak : Even the damn lifeguard couln't keep it together LOL I want to go to round table pizza with that guy!

James Summers : they let this man in the pool but they kick out POC for just being there. :|

JESUS IS FREEDOM : I wonder what he thinks he looks like dancing 😂😂😂 that alcohol gave him waaaayy too much confidence.

MegaYangman : "YO GUYS I'M DOING THE GYRO DANCE!!!" Lol!!!

Biscuit89 : Mr. Lahey, the liquor has taken over.

Keith Hickson : Magic Mike 3: Retired Gigalo

Jarrett Fayer : Lifeguard is cracking up


TheYutzman : This #FortniteBoogieDown submission should have won

Robert Polanco : Sad this guy cuts hair here in local Los Angeles barber shop! Couldn’t believe my eyes.

JonnyUnderrated : Sometimes its just good to be alive...!

Kirill G. : He's having a great time. Props to him.

BevvyIsTheBest : Anyone know what the song in the background is?

Brice S. : I sure hope nobody video tapes me having a stroke.......

iNSANiTY : Almost at 200k 😂

Laura Stehle : He should have been asked to leave... effing pervert.

NoProtect : Help that man hes having a stroke

John Spence : its like hes having a seizure.

BroTheDude : It moved a little

halle mendenhall : Oh god he has white on😂

DrZilla1 : The rippin and the tearin

M SS : spain or turkey?

JohnnyDemarco : I see nothing wrong with this.

Patrycja Oleksy : How did I got here again?

Sarahi Pena Arreola : Yoooo this guy is a regular customer at the restaurant I work at lmfaooo I can’t 😂 he’s a hair stylist from down the st 💀