Drunk guy makes a fool of himself at the pool

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ViewPoint : Since y’all here follow my photography page on Ig @vibezwhite

SoundTech04 : You are mistaken, he made a fool of everyone else. #alphamale

CheezE Supreme : Raw sexual energy on display here

Marvel Time : Richard Nixons got some moves on him.

Alison deNu : He's not wearing a bathing suit, that's just a pair of tighty-whities.

Assman Blastman : Love the lifeguard trying not to laugh

ryan : Sometimes you can just tell when a new dance has been choreographed by a baby.

Major Kong : I have the hardest erection right now. It could cut glass.

alexander hale : Its like a 2008 Gmod video

Mark W : Somebody slipped grandpa some X.

reeper147 : plot twist: he wasnt drunk

UnleashTheBlob : Wild women wild women the rippin and the tearing the rippin and the tearin

Twain Driver : If Turtles had a mating dance, this is probably the closest we'll get to it.

Kenni Raine : Please man I don't wanna see any balls today

Nattwenny : He is in better shape than me.

Conman : I thought he was having trouble getting out at first! ROFL

Allan B. Covarrubias : Is that Wendy Peffercorn on duty?

Ironsights : Other than the freak that place looks lame.

storerestore : russian old rich guys outside russia

TheYutzman : This #FortniteBoogieDown submission should have won

RapidReader4 : Ah he is just adjusting his back lol

Joe Cat : The walk off after his display got me lolol

Sarahi Pena Arreola : Yoooo this guy is a regular customer at the restaurant I work at lmfaooo I can’t 😂 he’s a hair stylist from down the st 💀

bmac177 : Dad?

Patrycja Oleksy : How did I got here again?

nova2wl : ✌️ I am not a crook! ✌️

The Legend Of Boggle : the man we all wish we could be

BroTheDude : It moved a little

Nataly RAW : dont drugs

Andulamb : Men, please don't wear tighty whities to the pool.

Teresa Smith : Grown men should not drink that much they where white undies he thought because he was so drunk his moves looked good well wait to he sobbers up and show him😅😅😅😅😅

BevvyIsTheBest : Anyone know what the song in the background is?

TC CC : Hmmm... no one called the police on him???

Brice S. : I sure hope nobody video tapes me having a stroke.......

Tryh. M : Meh...La rutina de fino cada vez que va a la piscina. Pd: Fino Maricón!

Gerardo Aguilar : lolololololol

PoisonJellybean : Is...is that Mister Libido!?

NoProtect : Help that man hes having a stroke

Moozle Yak : Even the damn lifeguard couln't keep it together LOL I want to go to round table pizza with that guy!

MegaYangman : "YO GUYS I'M DOING THE GYRO DANCE!!!" Lol!!!

Grzegorz brzęczyszczykiewicz : murica

Zeke Boxington : You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

NextDoorRapist : the wild women, the wild women, the rippin and the tearing

Mike D. : Has to be South America.

halle mendenhall : Oh god he has white on😂

Diogo Carvalho : bad drugs

Viennery : Legend

Tehran Magazine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7ZyIw9cnIg

Daniel : lmfaoooooooooooo

mark adams : So this is what happened to the old Chippendale dancers after they retire.