Macho Man's not talking

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This is a promo done by Sting & Macho Man Randy Savage before their match with Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers at Superbrawl 5.You were one of a kind Macho R.I.P.

Comments from Youtube

Josh Zee : I miss Savage so damned much.

selfie kroos : Even when he said nothing he was epic.

Michael Chase : IM NOT TALKING!

SuperWarking : You could tell Sting was trying kind of hard not to laugh and how he didn't amazes me. If I saw some dude just randomly pacing back and fourth then picking up a random chair to throw it down on the ground, continued pacing and his plan was not talking, I would have been done. Which is also why I would never be able to cut it as a pro wrestler.

Norm. Panganiban : i have a plan and its I'M NOT TALKING !!! lol

lateefp80 : Damn it he said HE'S NOT TALKING!

Marlene Arroyo : LoL Macho man is Talking no.😂😂😂😜👌

NickInfante1992 : Sting corpsing!? SEND FOR THE MAN!


LIL COBY BADGUY : I'm Not Talkinggggggggg

Miss Jennifer Banks : "I'm not talking!!!" Aww :( I would have loved it if Savage did here. But he's talking. Up there. R.I.P. Macho Man

joe michaels : Anybody have the full match?

KINNIKUMAN215 : I'm not disliking

Techpriest Sparty : I'M NOT REPLYING!

gogotero99 : Well I'm not going to reply


Kelf Ruston : HOT 97! TALKIN' NEW YORK.

mattyfromcali : COLLUSION!

revbertbetbn : Thank you Giant Bomb. Macho Man is a legend.

Matt Jimenez : DROP A BOMB ON IT!

festivalfront : Thank you, GiantBomb.

WaitingtoHit : Sting takes a page from the book of Hogan: "Well, let me tell you something, Mean Gene..."

theoneandonlysarab : He seems ansty walkin around so much

Mistertbones : Don't corpse Sting, or the Macho Man will be sent for you!

Ingobernable : I wonder if that's what Kurt Angle said when he got pulled over for drunk driving "IM NOT TALKING!"

Jeremandre : This was a horrible promo..........very funny.....but macho man in the ring.....great performer...RIP

jihad4realniz : looool that was fucking funny im not talking

JaKeW13 : lo fucking l lolazer

Pediparker : The look on Sting's face. He almost lost it. XD

jonathan boose : I am not commenting

istanbulsakini : what is the name of interviewer?

Wayne Hoxit : why was macho man savage so mad

JohnACorp782 : AAAEEEMMM NOT...talkenn... xD

Jason Amaro : hahhhahhhahh

jonathan boose : not gonna comment

3ngag3 : Mean Gene's not talking anymore :( RIP

jonathan boose : I am not commenting

Robert Hustwick : The cut on Sting's chest was from a house show match with Ric Flair. One of Flair's blades got loose when he was chopping Sting

jonathan boose : I still am not commenting

jonathan boose : pooh still not going to comment